Our house no longer looks like Scrooge lives here!  I finally got all my wreaths made, decorated, and up on the windows today!  In keeping with my whimsical holiday scheme, I used a variety of turquoise, green, and red materials to liven up my otherwise plain wreaths!
The fanciest of the group is the wreath on my front window by the front door (above).  I was pretty excited to make this wreath after seeing this tutorial.  Although this tutorial uses fake branches, I went ahead and used up some of my live holiday garland we bought with our tree.  The wreath “form” was from the Dollar Store!  
It was super simple to wrap the garland around the wreath (I did so three times to make it nice and full), winding florist wire tightly as I went.  I was pretty excited with the result!
To dress her up, I used these FABULOUS bead thing-a-ma-bobs from Target.  I plucked a few “strands” out of each bunch; then I tucked and wired them into my greens for a little glimmer.

To finish her up, I made a puuurty bow using some fabulous wired ribbon I got half off! (I cannot resist pretty ribbon!)
Here she is all hung up outside our front door! Ain’t she a beauty?
Lastly, our house has four cute little windows across the front – perfect for wreaths – and I have been anxiously awaiting to holidays to hang some up!  I bought wreaths for these windows and attached some red and turquoise bows with a little glittery ivy tucked in. I didn’t use my fancy ribbon since these will likely get rained/snowed on, but I just love the pop of blue, don’t you?
Little by little, we are getting into the spirit of the holidays around here!
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