Last year, when I was assembling our Christmas Countdown Chain activities, I wanted to come up with some things we could do with our long-distance family. Bingo seemed like a great option for both young kids and adults alike; but when I went looking for free printable Christmas Bingo cards, I came up empty handed for the style and number I needed. So I did what any decent DIY blogger would do and made my own! Today I am sharing my adorable free printable Christmas Bingo cards, as well as how I made them and my best tips for running a friendly-family game!

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Hershey Kisses

Get the Free Christmas Bingo Cards

If you’re just here for my Printable Christmas Bingo Cards, I won’t make you wait ! Simply click below to get your free set of Bingo boards and everything else you need to pull of a quick, easy, and oh-so-festive game!

About the Christmas Bingo Cards

My set of Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards has some fun features that will make this a family favorite for years to come!

  • 25 Count – I’ve included 25 unique cards; whether you’re a small group or big gathering, you’ll have enough to play!
  • Pictures Only – These Bingo cards include 54 unique Christmas-themed, easily-identifiable images so even non-reading kiddos can play along!
  • Call List Included – No need to keep track of what has been called and when. I’ve included cut-apart cards to make it easy to call each item just once!
  • Game Length – If all 25 cards are used, it will take on average about 17 calls for someone to get a Bingo.

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Hershey Kisses

How to Play Christmas Bingo

Supplies Needed

Here is what you need to play Christmas Bingo:

  • Christmas Bingo Cards – at least one for each player
  • Call List – included with the printable Bingo cards
  • Bingo Markers – you can use anything you have around the house including poker/game/bingo chips, daubers, pennies, Goldfish, Cheez-Its, etc. We like to use Hershey Kisses!
  • Tools: Home Printer | Scissors | Laminator (if you want to keep these cards year after year)

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Hershey Kisses

Step 1: Print Out the Christmas Bingo Boards

The first step is to download my Free Christmas Bingo Cards PDF. Then print them out on white paper or cardstock with your home printer. If you don’t need all 25 cards, consider printing the cards double-sided to give players variety for multiple games!

TIP! Don’t want to use up colored printer ink? These can be printed greyscale as well!

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Step 2: Prep the Call List

Next, print out the included Call List and use a scissors or paper trimmer to cut the individual calling cards apart. Load the paper cards into a bag or bowl for game play.

Call List for Christmas Bingo Calling Cards for Christmas Bingo Calling Cards for Christmas Bingo

Step 3: Play Christmas Bingo!

The final step is to play Christmas Bingo with your friends and family!

  • The caller randomly pulls a call slip from the bowl.
  • The caller reads aloud both the Letter and the Image…for example: B – Fireplace (TIP! Including the color can also help new players become familiar with the different images.)
  • Players check their Bingo cards for the image by looking down the called column. If they have it on their card, they place a marker on top.
  • The first person to get 5 markers in a row screams BINGO!

Continue to play by swapping cards or working toward different patterns (Blackout, diagonals, X, box, four corners, etc).

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Hershey Kisses

Step 4: Award Winners

If you’re using these Christmas Bingo cards as one of your party games or in the classroom, it might be fun to include some simple prizes for each game’s winner. Things like candy canes, Christmas pencils, or goodie bags of Christmas candy are all quick, easy and inexpensive!

How to Play Christmas Bingo Virtually

One of the greatest things about Bingo is that it’s a really easy game to play virtually. Players simply need to print out their own Bingo cards, use their own markers, and they can join in the fun from wherever they are! Here are some tips for making this happen as smoothly as possible:

  • Send out when you’re going to play “Christmas Bingo” ahead of time so people can plan on it and join on time.
  • The night before the game, email out the Printable Christmas Bingo Cards as an attachment.
    • There’s no need to split apart the PDF (unless you really want to). Simply assign each player a card number (or numbers) via email and ask them to print/use their assigned cards. (Numbers are printed on the bottom of each card.)
  • Send out a reminder 15 minutes before the call to remind players to print their cards and prep their markers.
  • Once logged in to your virtual meeting/hangout, begin playing just as outlined above. To make sure everyone understands what is being called, I highly recommend holding up each call slip to the camera so everyone can see for themselves!

We played Christmas Bingo with about 12+ people last year in 4 different locations. It went really smoothly, and it was definitely one of the highlights of our entire series of fun Christmas activities! I highly recommend finding a time to do this sometime during the months of November or December!

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Calling Cards

How to Design Your Own Christmas Bingo Cards

Finally, I want to quickly mention how I made these adorable Printable Christmas Bingo Cards, should you want to make a set yourself!

Last year, I stumbled upon this incredible tool called Friends…it is always such a relief when an app/program does exactly what you need it to in a super quick, easy, and efficient manner. I honestly can’t recommend this site more, and I even wrote to the developer to tell him how impressed I was with both the simplicity and functionality of his Bingo Card Maker!

If you like the idea of making your own Bingo cards for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special event, here is how you do it:

  • Visit and create an account.
  • Add items to your Bingo cards:
    • For Text: Simply use the included tools to type anything you want into each square. You can even change the colors of text/backgrounds, etc.
    • For Images: If you want to use pictures on your Bingo cards, I highly recommend visiting to find free images to use.
      • Simply type anything you want into the Search bar, and save the PNG version of each image to your computer.
      • With the images saved to your computer, simply drag and drop them directly into the Bingo Baker tool.
    • You don’t need to randomize your text/images or put them in any particular order. Simply place items onto each block and load in lots of extras to vary the game boards.
  • Once you’ve loaded in all your text/images, you can select how many cards you want and click “Generate.” The cards can either be shared online or downloaded in PDF format, with the Call List included! All the randomization is done for you; and you’re ready to print and play!

Making your own Bingo cards really couldn’t be easier, and I highly encourage you to take a look at and give it a go! (By the way: This is not sponsored at all! I was just really impressed with this tool!)

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Hershey Kisses

Since this is our second year using these Christmas Bingo cards, I am laminating our set so we can save them from year to year! I can’t tell you how much we adore this fun family activity, and I really hope you give it a try this holiday season. Be sure to let me know how the cards work out if you do!

See You Soon!