Hi, I’m Megan! Among lots of other things, I am most importantly a Mom to two little boys and a proud wife to a US Marine. As a military family, we find ourselves in all sorts of living situations. Some are once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities (hello, Japan!), some are not (ahem, Camp Lejeune, NC). Some places top our wish lists, while others are places we don’t ever want to go or go back to. Sometimes the world outside the door is wonderful and exciting; yet other times it is scary and overwhelming. More often than not, we end up living far away from our families, the places we we know, our friends, and our roots. And as soon as we’re fully settled into a new life, it’s usually time to pick up and move again. There are certainly seasons of life when I’m up for the adventure, and others when I’m not...

Having a home…not just a shell of a house…but a real home…allows me and my family a safe, real, personal, comfortable, happy space to weather this crazy ride. While some see our nomadic lifestyle as a deterrent to creating a home, I see it the other way around. When we are far away from family, completely out of our element, don’t know our way around or a soul to share a coffee with, coming home to a space that is familiar, just the way we want it, and our own personal brand of lovely makes dealing with all the hard and uncomfortable parts of military life so much easier. I pour my heart into creating a real home with each move because it is my sanctuary when this lifestyle gets to be too much.


The Homes I Have Made is where I chronicle my journey of creating home after home, move after move. I share smart, affordable, outside-the-box decor and organization solutions that can be used in any home and on any budget. I prioritize feasibility and function over excess and clutter, and utilize intuitive systems and layouts to create spaces that work and live as well as they look. Whether you’ve lived in your home for 20 months or 20 years, are moving tomorrow or haven’t moved in decades, you’ll love my practical, functional, and approachable ideas for creating a home you love.

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