Organize This: Laundry Supplies

Happy Friday, friends! Sorry for the delay in today’s post – we have company coming for the holiday weekend and I’ve been (of course) scrambling to make some last minute projects and plans! Before I take off to enjoy the final few moments of summer, I thought I would finish out this week with another peek into our laundry room progress. Today, I’m sharing how we are organizing our laundry supplies in my next installment of my Organize This series!

Organize This: Laundry Supplies

Our laundry room is a good size. There is plenty of space for our two machines, and we  have the (somewhat typical) long shelf above our machines high on the wall for added storage. However, we find the shelf is a bit too high and awkward for things we use on a regular basis. We got really spoiled by the counter in our last laundry room, and I was in need of some place to coral all of our laundry supplies (including the fun items I recently received from GlobeIn!) A shelf mounted at counter height, similar to what I did for our command center, was my initial solution. I don’t typically shy away from putting holes in our rental walls (we don’t mind patching), but as we move forward into our one year here, I really am trying to reduce how much “damage” we do to each and every room in this house. As such, I was left looking for an alternative solution to a counter…something that could organize our laundry supplies, keep the top of the machines clear and free, AND not put holes in the wall. It was a tall order, but when I saw this rolling toy cart at Target, I knew I had my solution! The cart’s size was big enough to hold a lot of supplies, and the dimensions were perfect for sliding in right next to our machines. Since it was on wheels, I’d be able to roll it out during laundry time, and then put it back when we were through.

The grey color was a bit plain for me, so I decided to give it a (temporary) makeover with some tapes! I started by assembling the cart according to the instructions and then picking some Duck tapes that would match our “wallpaper.”

Rolling Laundry Cart Supplies

I toyed around with a lot of different pattern ideas, but ultimately landed on some simple stripes (shocking, no?!?) After measuring to find center, I drew a light line in pencil and then lined up my tapes along the marks. I worked form the center out, adding colors as they looked right… The best part of this project is if you don’t like it, you can pull it off and try something new!

Making a Rolling Laundry Cart

I loved the racing-stripe look so much that I carried them right up and over the top and across the middle!

Duck Tape

On the bottom shelf, I added a piece of flamingo wrapping paper (from TJMaxx) covered with glossy, water-resistant contact paper to hold it in place and protect it from damage.

Paper Liner on Cart

The final step was to add a handle to one side to make for easy pulling in and out. The handle was a leftover one we had on hand from IKEA.

Handle on Cart

In just about 30 minutes, my plain-Jane rolling toy cart was a snappy and sweet laundry cart. I couldn’t wait to get it loaded up with all of our laundry supplies that have been cluttering up the tops of our machines.

Rolling Laundry Cart

We now have a place for everything from our detergents and dryer sheets to machine cleaner, close pins, iron, and other random tools and supplies we keep in the laundry room. I even attached our Dustbuster to the back of the cart…again, to keep it off the walls! Once I had it all loaded up, I simply slid it right into a perfectly-fitted spot between the machine and wall!

Rolling Laundry Cart

We typically only do laundry once per week, so on laundry days we can pull out the cart and have handy access to everything we need…

Rolling Laundry Cart

It fits nicely on the wall, allowing us to work around the small space as we need to, but slides right back into place to conceal everything when laundry day is done!

Rolling Laundry Cart

I’m pretty smitten with our little cart. It’s turned out to be a quite functional and totally renter-friendly storage solution for our laundry space. And since it is only decorated with tape, I can easily customize it for other purposes and needs in other homes down the road!

My Organize This Series is all about quick and easy solutions for small, everyday household problems. These aren’t large organizational makeovers, but quick and simple ideas you can tackle in just an hour or so. Check out my other Organize This projects here:

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If you’re hankering to do some organizing or house updates this holiday weekend, perhaps make a laundry cart for your own home! I can think of so many fun uses for this little cart…what kind of storage could you use it for?

Rolling Laundry Cart

I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend! I am going to take Monday off to spend time with family, but will be back to regular posting on Wednesday! See you back here then!

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My Creative Motto (and how it might help you get decorating your own home!)

Earlier this year, our NC Craft Room/Home Office was thiiiiis close to being featured in a small shelter magazine. The pictures were provided, the interview was conducted, and even the 6-page layout (!!!!) was finalized before the whole magazine (not just my feature) got pulled in the days before printing. It was a major, major bummer for me, to say the least…and while I can’t share the full interview and spread (there is still hope it might get picked up again), there was one particular question they asked me that I loved answering and thought you guys might find useful as you try to move in, settle in, find your style, and/or decorate whatever home you’re in right now!

North Carolina Home Office

The question: What Is Your Creative Motto?

My answer: “Just try it!”

Modern Grey French Provincial Dresser

I didn’t even have to pause and think for a second before answering the question because it is a phrase I use all.the.time. It is the phrase I say to myself when I am staring at a pile of supplies but am too worried about failure to get started. It is the phrase I say when I can’t make up my mind between paint colors, wallpapers, furniture makeover plans, etc. It is the phrase I say when I’m standing in the store and can’t decide if I found THE right curtains. It is the phrase I tell friends, family and clients who are stuck, unmotivated or lost with what to do first (or next!) in their home. These three words are my key to moving past paralysis and actually getting things done in our home(s) time and time again.

Grasscloth Covered Trunk

Partly due to my perfectionist personality but more so because of this blog, I feel a pressure for every project to turn out perfect and totally Pinterest-worthy. There are times when the fear of a DIY failure or not creating the ultimate “wow” moment keeps me from making decisions and moving forward. I also hate to waste my precious child-free hours and my hard-earned money on something that isn’t going to work out. But most times, after overanalyzing, sketching, playing with colors/fabrics/patterns/ideas and procrastinating, it ultimately comes down to a chat with myself that ends with “Megan, you will just have to try it and see.” Sometimes I score a home run, and other times I strike out. But at least I’m playing, right?

Home office Temporary Wallpaper Installation

Admittedly, because we are perpetual renters and move every few years gives, I have the freedom to be bold and carefree in my color and design choices. Knowing that I get a different home every few years to start over or try new things is incredibly freeing, and that alone has given me the courage to try some bold and crazy ideas. However, even if you’re not a renter or moving anytime soon, you still don’t need to be fearful or paralyzed by your decor decisions. Most changes or projects you’ll likely take on yourself aren’t anything major (right!?!), and most aren’t permanent. Bad paint colors CAN be repainted, seams CAN be ripped out, fabric CAN be re-bought and re-cut, and those seemingly perfect curtains CAN be returned. Yes it’s frustrating when things go wrong – boy, do I know a lot about that! – and it can feel wasteful (both in time and money) to re-do things, but I have learned that just trying out my ideas to see how they look ultimately gets a lot more done than not trying at all!

Bright Green Color-Blocked Credenza

I’m sharing my creative motto with you guys today to not only put a little more pep in your DIY step, but also to remind myself to “JUST TRY IT, MEGAN!!!” I’m not sure if it’s that pressure I talked about above OR because we are only here for a year, but lately I have been over-analyzing and second-guessing every single project and design choice I’m making. I know I don’t have the luxury of time to re-do things I don’t like here, so I am feeling the need to knock each project out of the park on the first try (are we sick of the baseball metaphors yet? 😉 I’ve accomplished so much in this house already because I have shaken off the doubt and moved forward with ideas, but I feel myself stalling out lately. While I can’t and shouldn’t be reckless in my decisions, I also don’t want the months to slip away with projects undone because I am too scared of failure to simply get started. So today is all about telling you all AND myself….”just go try it!”

Lemon Lime Console Table-002

I am such a visual person. I need to see things come together in real life to figure out if it’s right or I like it or not. What works in my head (quite often!) doesn’t translate into real life. But I can never see what I like/don’t like or learn from my mistakes if I don’t try them out first. Some (maybe even most?) of my best projects have truly been a “well, let’s just try it and see where it goes!” experience… In fact, all of the pictures in this post were complete and total “just try it” projects. Whether I was unsure of the paint color, makeover plan, how things would hold up, or look when completed, in each one I ultimately just decided to try it (knowing I could always change it if I didn’t like it) and ended up with something truly spectacular. To really make my point, I probably should have filled this post with the projects that didn’t go right despite my “just try it” attitude, but I thought we could all use a little “pretty” motivation on this Wednesday, am I right?!?

GlobeIn Laundry-15

Whether it’s a wall you’ve been dying to paint, a fabric you’ve been yearning to bring into your home, or a Pinterest project you’ve been eager to try, just go try it (within reason, of course!). Even if it turns out a complete failure, you have learned more about what you like/don’t like, enjoy/don’t enjoy, have/don’t have the skills for, etc! And isn’t that…the process…just as much a part of making a beautiful, personal home as the final, pretty end result?!?

What do you guys think? What’s your method for getting past design/project/housework paralysis and moving forward again? I’d love to hear your tricks!

Happy Wednesday, friends! See you back here Friday with a closer look at our laundry room!

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Feel Good Laundry (with GlobeIn!)

Do I have a treat for you guys today?!?! Not only are you getting your first glimpse into our laundry room, but I am sharing another wonderful Artisan Box from my friends over at GlobeIn. Some of you may recall I sampled GlobeIn’s “Entertain” box a month or so ago. I LOVED trying, styling, and using all the goodies in the box; so when they offered me to try the “Laundry” box, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. Not only was the box packed to the brim with wonderful and wholesome laundry products and supplies, but it provided just the motivation I needed to get our laundry room under control and looking pretty!

Feel Good Laundry with GlobeIn

Before I dive in and show you all the goodies in the “Laundry” Artisan Box, let me first explain who GlobeIn is and what they do! GlobeIn is a small San Francisco-based startup with a mission of supporting artisans and farmers around the globe. They reach out to women in the far reaches of the earth who are enhancing and improving their lives through craft, and bring their goods, products, and foods right to your door through a monthly Artisan Box subscription. All of the products contained in the boxes are fair-trade, carefully curated, and a true treat to open and use. Last time, I was treated to textiles from Mexico, India, and Ghana and foods from Palestine. This time, my box was packed with more wonderful goodies:

  • Wool Dryer Balls from Kyrgyzstan
  • Organic Cotton Bag from India
  • Upcycled Laundry Bag from Cambodia
  • Soap Nuts from Nepal
  • Palm Leaf Basket from Mexico

GlobeIn Laundry Artisan Box

There is just so much I love about these boxes. Not only are they packed with products that are supporting women, families and communities in good, fair and healthy ways, but the items are curated such a manner that using and learning about new items, cultures and crafts is easy, fun, and inspiring. In fact, I was so enamored with the specific items in my “Laundry” Artisan Box, they served as the jumping-off inspiration for everything else in the space!

Feel Good Laundry with GlobeIn

Fair Trade Laundry Supplies from GlobeIn

The little palm leaf baskets from Mexico are a great size and quite sturdy. I am finding uses for the two I now have all over the house. From holding small plants and office supplies to corralling our clothes pins, the baskets make for stylish accessories in any space!

Palm Leaf Basket from Mexico

The wool dryer balls are one of my favorite elements in the box. Not only do they look fantastic as a laundry room accessory, I have thoroughly enjoyed using them in place of dryer sheets. They are made by a co-op in a remote shepherding village in Kyrgyzstan that employs over 1,000 women and serves as one of the only income opportunities available in the area. They are so solid and earthy, and there is just something so wonderful about using items that are all-natural.

Wool Dryer Balls from Kyrgyzstan Feel Good Laundry Supplies from GlobeIn

Wool Dryer Balls from Kyrgyzstan

The green organic cotton sack from India was made using fair and environmentally-friendly methods. It’s one of the softest things I’ve ever touched and is wonderful for corralling the dryer balls and washing delicate and small items.

The soap nuts included in this box were completely new and fascinating to me. These nuts fall from the Ritha Trees in Nepal and when put in water, the shells release saponin, a natural sudsing detergent. Clothes are left clean and smelling fresh without harsh chemicals. I keep the washing bag and instructions close by for quick and easy washing.

Soap Nuts from Nepal

Soap Nuts from Nepal

My other favorite element in the box is this HUGE laundry bag made from recycled cement bags by ladies in Cambodia. It arrived in the box all tucked up, and I was shocked when I saw how big it was once unfolded. Here, I have 4 large bath towels and 4 hand towels with room to spare! The vibrant colors, sturdy construction, and generous size make this a fun and functional item for anywhere in the house!

Upcycled Laundry Bag from Cambodia

Laundry Bag from Cambodia

Over the past few weeks, I have so thoroughly enjoyed seeing and trying these new-to-me items. Unique items with interesting and feel-good stories can make doing mundane tasks (like the laundry!) a bit more special and enjoyable!

Feel Good Laundry Supplies from GlobeIn

Our laundry room is tucked pretty far back in a somewhat inconvenient location in our house. Thanks to the items in this box, I was encouraged to make this nook a little more cheery, and boy have I been having some fun. Now, I don’t mind swapping out the laundry so much…and yes! Those are flamingos on the wall. I’ll share the details on them soon!

Flamingo "Wallpaper"

This being my second Artisan Box, I thought I knew what to expect. But when the box arrived on my doorstep, opening it was like Christmas in August. Everything was unexpected, new, special, and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed pausing my day to open and read about each item. None of the things were items I would have necessarily picked out for myself while out shopping, yet all of them are neat and wonderful items to have around the home and make daily life a little more special. While the “Laundry” Artisan Box is no longer available, you can buy some of the items individually. I am sure the next box in the subscription cue will be equally as exciting as this one.

Laundry Room Sneak Peek

Artisan Baskets are a really neat way to experience unique and special items from around the globe while supporting fair and worthy businesses and craftswomen who are bettering their communities and the world. A single Artisan Box is just $50, but a three-month subscription brings each box price down to $33/box! A subscription would make such a lovely housewarming, bridal shower, wedding, birthday, or anniversary gift! If you’re interested in trying out and supporting the GlobeIn artists and farmers, now’s the time! GlobeIn is offering a coupon to The Homes I Have Made Readers! Just enter THIHM at checkout to save 25% off your first month’s box with the purchase of 3+month subscription!!!! 

Laundry Artisan Box from GlobeIn

And if you missed the “Entertain” box and want to learn more about items in the boxes, you can catch up here!

Feel Good Entertaining with GlobeIn

Putting these posts together is such a treat for me. Not only do I get to play with and photograph some gorgeous and unique items, but I get to share with you a great company doing great things. I do hope you will check out GlobeIn and find a way to bring these unique and special items in your (or someone you know’s!) home! Be sure to check back at the end of the week for a full look at this laundry room. I have lots of organizational and charming details to share with you, and you won’t want to miss it!  See you then!

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I did not receive compensation for this blog post; however GlobeIn did provide the “Laundry” Artisan Box for me to use and review. Please remember that I only work with brands and products I fully support and that make sense for my home, my family, and this blog. All opinions are 100% my own!

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THIHM Around the Web #10

THIHM Around the Web Volume 10

August is quickly coming to a close, so I thought I would pop in today with a quick round-up of my posts and projects featured elsewhere on the web. I know I did THIHM Around the Web #9 just a few weeks ago, but I want to get back on my end-of-the-month schedule. PLUS, I had some great articles go live in recent weeks and wanted to you all to get a chance to read them! Let’s get to it!

THIHM for ForRent

Over on the blog, we’ve really been focusing our articles on moving and rental topics (as you might expect!). This month, I had two great articles geared specifically for renters go live: 4 ways for adding color without paint and 4 renter-friendly ways to hang things on the walls. If you’re looking to create a home in your current space without a lot of “damage,” both of these posts are great resources. Also, after years of watching professional movers pack our things, I’ve picked up a trick or two and am sharing all the good stuff. If you’ve got a move coming up, check out my tips for moving breakables safely! (Click on each picture to take you right to the article!)

4 Ways to Add Color Without Paint

4 Ways For Renters to Hang Things on the Wall

Tips & Tricks for Moving Fragile Items

THIHM for The Good Stuff

Over on The Good Stuff blog, I’ve really focused my efforts on some well-timed topics, including creating inspiring study spaces for kids and creating emergency kits for the entire family. Since we now live in tornado country, I need to follow my own advice and get one put together here soon! Lots of great information at the links below (again, click the picture to go to the article).

22 Study Spaces for Kids

(image via 5 Minutes for Mom)

How to Create an Emergency Kit

(image via A Bowl Full of Lemons)

I have our weekend jam-packed with LOTS of fun DIY projects, and I’m super excited about (Greg probably not so much 😉 With Labor Day on the horizon, I am laser focused on getting our outside spaces finally whipped into shape, and I am planning to have some laundry room solutions up here for you next week! Lots of fun ahead, folks! See you back here Monday!

Megan SignatureP.S. Did you see my office update on Wednesday?!? Be sure to check it out if you’re new or catching up! I’m in LOOOVE!

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Renter-Friendly Wallpaper Installation – Yes, You Can Install Wallpaper!

Some of you might recall earlier this year I partnered with Walls Republic on a few wallpaper projects: some modern wall art and a grasscloth-covered trunk. During our conversations months ago, I told them that I really wanted to come up with a renter-friendly way to hang traditional wallpaper. While peel-and-stick removable wallpaper is now available in more and more patterns, I find it is quite costly, only one-time use, and a bit temperamental to work with for a large installation. Traditional wallpaper on the other hand, is much more budget-friendly and more widely available in a variety of patterns, textures and price points. Well friends! After lots of brainstorming and trial and error, I think I finally figured out to hang wallpaper in a completely removable way. Picture me literally jumping in my chair with excitement over here…I cannot wait to show you!

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

As most of you know, I am a pattern-loving girl, and I am LOVING the recent trend of fun and funky wallpapers in stores, spaces and projects. I view a powerful wall treatment as a relatively quick and easy way to add MAJOR impact to a space without having to buy lots of new furniture or accessories. The walls in both our new office and playroom are cut in half with an 8″ ledge in the middle (you can see the before pictures here). I’ve committed to not painting…and as much as I tried to come up with another alternative, I knew these walls were ideal candidates for a wallpaper installation. And boy, was I right! Take a look at my office now:

Home office Temporary Wallpaper Installation

Some of you might be scratching your heads thinking, “Wait a minute, I thought we were going pink in the office?” And for a little while, that was the plan. But I couldn’t shake the idea of the bright cobalt blue that I miss from our old dining room so much; and a sweet reader also suggested that blue would flow better with the rest of our house. After weeks of trying different fabric and wrapping paper ideas, I came across this blue and white metallic wallpaper from Walls Republic and switched my plan instantly! (By the way, this paper is also available in 5 different colorways!)

Cobalt & White Studio Office

I realize some of you may not even entertain the idea of wallpaper in your home, especially a rental. But I want you to consider what the wallpaper is doing in this room. Everything in here is plain: white table, white counter, white cabinets, light-colored carpeting, white trim, neutral walls. The room went from a boring white box to a designer-like room in just a few hours thanks to the addition of the wallpaper. I’m telling you: you get a lot of bang for your buck with wallpaper. So if you don’t want to change up everything in a space, but the room is calling out for some major personality…give wallpaper a try!

Simple Sewing Station with Temporary Wallpaper

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to give it a try! Are you ready to learn my renter-friendly secret? This wallpaper feature is done with real wallpaper and one other product: liquid starch! I recently tried the age-old trick of applying fabric to the walls using liquid starch (more on that in another post). I’ve read over and over again that it goes up easily, and the fabric literally peels right off the walls when it’s time to go. After seeing the fabric+liquid starch work with my own eyes, it occurred to me: why wouldn’t it work with wallpaper too?!? So I cut off a scrap piece of wallpaper, and secured it to the wall with some liquid starch and smoothed it flat with my craft brayer.

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

The paper adhered to the wall perfectly, and I let it stay up for 48 hours. During that time, the paper hadn’t lifted from the walls or wrinkled a bit, so I gave it the ultimate test: how does it come off? With NO effort and leaving NO residue behind, the paper peeled off in a single, perfect strip. Seriously. You guys: I had my renter-friendly solution at last!

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

Throughout this post, I have been intentionally using the words “quickly” and “easily.” I know I’m a passionate DIYer who is up for almost any amount of work to get the “right look,” but believe me when I say this paper truly went up quickly and easily! I think these two walls took me about 3 hours from start to finish, and I did it all in my “nice” cloths. It’s not messy or complicated, and I’m going to walk you through the whole thing!

Here’s what you need:

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation Supplies

  1. Wallpaper. There is one critical factor you need to know when selecting your wallpaper. It MUST be the NON-PASTED kind! DO NOT buy/use pre-pasted wallpaper for this project. ONLY USE NON-PASTED WALLPAPER FOR A TEMPORARY INSTALLATION. I really can’t emphasize that part enough. Thankfully, Walls Republic carries ONLY non-pasted wallpapers, making them ideal for this kind of installation as well as other craft projects.
  2. Paint tray and roller. The size and texture of the roller don’t really matter, just use what you have!
  3. Rag. To soak up excess liquid starch as you smooth the paper down.
  4. Brayer. I used a craft brayer because that’s what I had on hand. I’m sure any type of squeegee or smoother would be fine!
  5. Cutting tools. I used both a rotary cutter and an X-acto knife for this installation.
  6. Measuring tape.
  7. Liquid starch. I bought this gallon at Walmart for $3.59 and used about 1/4 of it.
  8. Straight edge (not pictured). I used a clear 6×24″ ruler.

Start by measuring your walls to determine how many rolls of wallpaper you will need. Take into account pattern repeat and matching. For my two half walls, I used about 1.5 rolls.

Next, determine where you want your pattern to start, and trim away the excess with a straight edge. I chose for each strip of wallpaper to start at the two scrolls (bottom left). For each new sheet of paper I cut, I always trimmed down to that part of the pattern. Next, measure the length of your wall (mine was 48″) and add a 1″ for wiggle room…I cut each sheet down to 49″ long.

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

The installation is pretty straight forward and surprisingly mess-free! Start by soaking the roller in the liquid starch and rolling off the excess using the tray (you do NOT need a lot of starch to get the paper to stick). Next, roll the starch onto the wall for just the single section of paper you’re installing. The roller is a bit bulky, so use a brush to “cut in” with the starch along the top and bottom edges of the wall.

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

Next, take your measured and cut sheet of wallpaper and “loosely” attached it at the very top. Before pressing/smoothing, take care to match up the vertical seems.

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

Then working from the middle of the sheet, smooth upwards, downwards, and to the left with a  brayer, working out all the bubbles and excess starch.

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

At the bottom, use a straight edge to crease the paper, and then trim away the excess paper with an X-acto knife. And with that, a single stretch of paper is installed!

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

Keep working one sheet at a time following the same steps over and over:

  • Trim the paper to the beginning of the pattern repeat.
  • Trim the sheet to your required length.
  • Apply a light layer of liquid starch to the walls using a roller.
  • Attach the sheet of paper to the wall, matching up the vertical seems and smoothing all bubbles using a brayer.
  • Trim away the excess paper along the bottom using a sharp knife.

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

I kid you not…what I thought was going to be a full weekend project, was done in three hours, all by myself. And the transformation is truly jaw-dropping! The blue color is gorgeous, it has a thick, 3D texture, and what you can’t really tell from the photos is that the white has a pearly iridescence to it, so it REALLY lightened and brightened this entire room.

Home Studio Office

While we’re here, I thought I would give you a quick tour of my office setup so far! On the long wall with the window is my craft counter. I still love standing to do a lot of my projects, and the storage these cabinets provide is fantastic, so the counter setup was definitely going to be carried over from my last office space. You may notice however, that I (finally!!!!) was able to swap out the dark countertop for a white one from IKEA (that switch has been on the wish list for three years now!). Taking tutorial photos just got a whole lot easier! The blue cornice is our old cornice covered in extra fabric I had on hand (it helps to hoard things in a consistent color palette!)

Renter-Friendly Wallpaper in Home Office

Another big change from my last craft space is almost all of my supplies are concealed. You may recall that I was really disliking the visual clutter of all the fabric and ribbons and notions out on open shelves, so I really wanted everything to be put away this time around. A few fun and functional items did get to stay out!

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

I just found this brass boot this weekend at a local antique mall for $12! I’m pretty sure my girlfriends thought I was NUTS for buying it, but I think it makes the coolest little planter!

Home Office Accessories

The countertop is a bit longer than my old one, so I get a little more workspace. I loaded up some caddies from IKEA (that used to be in our bathroom) with some of my more-used supplies.

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

The brass trash can is still working hard holding all my rolls of paper, but it’s starting to get full! #timetopurgethepaper

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

One of the biggest lessons learned in our last house is that I don’t like to sew at a counter-height station. I much prefer to sit at a traditional-height table or desk. After playing with the arrangement a bit, I am LOVING the desk floating out into the middle of the room like this. Not only can I face the window when I sew, but I am often able to move the sewing machine and use this table as a cutting table or photography station. What started as a temporary arrangement to take some pictures has turned into my ideal layout!

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

Simple Sewing Station

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

My office/studio space had me a bit down the last few months. It was pretty much a big white box full of white furniture that just felt so style-less and boring. I really wasn’t sure what to do to make it a space I wanted to work and create in without a massive makeover (which honestly, I just wasn’t up for!) and a ton of new stuff (which we don’t need). With a three-hour installation of some pretty phenomenal paper, this room instantly had energy, personality and style. I feel like this space is now so reflective of me, my taste, and my brand, and I LOVE walking in here to work each day!

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation in Blue and White Office Space

I will be sure to do a follow-up to this post when we move out next Spring. I have already tested a few corners of the paper, and it peels right up without a problem, but I will be sure to report back how the paper holds up throughout the year (especially through the winter with the heat on!), how the un-installation goes, and what our walls look like after it all comes down. I’m betting now they will look as good as they did the day we moved in! Who is willing to take on my bet? 😉

This is now my third big project working with Walls Republic Wallpapers. I am so taken aback at how truly easy it is to work with the non-pasted wallpapers. From craft projects to furniture transformations and now a traditional installation, this paper is incredibly good quality and can be used in so many ways to give your home a new look. If you’re looking for a reliable source with great prices, customer service, and quality papers for your next home project, look no further!

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

I hope you are all having a fantastic week! On Friday, I’ll be back with my monthly recap of all my writings around the web (how is it the end of the month already!) See you then!

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I did not receive compensation for this blog post; however Walls Republic did provide the wallpaper for me to use and review. Please remember that I only work with brands and products I fully support and that make sense for my home, my family, and this blog. All opinions are 100% my own!

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