DIY State Silhouette Artwork

Happy Friday, friends! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get this project done in time for the weekend, but I am so so so glad I squeezed in the time. Not only am I excited to share this tutorial with you guys today, but this is a project I’ve been wanting/need to knock off my To Do List from (seemingly) the moment we moved in! Today, I’m going to show you the quick, easy, and super inexpensive way I created state silhouette artwork!

DIY State Silhouette Artwork

This project has a little back story. Before moving into our North Carolina house (a little over 3 years ago), I came across these awesome (and free!) state prints by Marci from The Vintage Lemon (sadly, it appears her blog is not up and running anymore). Not only did I love the color scheme of the different states and the grey stripes (of course!), but I fell hard in love with the idea of displaying all the places we’ve lived during our military experience. These prints actually inspired the entire color scheme for our last home, and we proudly displayed them the entire time we lived there. They were one of the very first things we hung all those years ago, and among the very last things we took down before moving this past Spring.

We're We've Lived State Art Prints

Greg and I were often surprised at how much people noticed and asked about the prints, and how frequently they (and the various places we’ve lived) became a conversation piece when visitors came over. We’re very proud of our journey and our story, and knew we wanted do something similar in each house we lived, adding to the collection of places as we go, of course! When we moved in to this home, I hung the frames in the best and most logical spot for them, but their colors and patterns weren’t working as well as they did in our last home. For months, I’ve been staring at them, not quite sure what I wanted to do. Did I want them colored or metallic? Solid or patterned? Several colors or all one color? Printed or cut from paper. I decided to let the project sit until inspiration struck…which it finally did last week at the craft store!

KS Home Tour 3 Months In

My frames are 11×14″, and I really liked their size and dimensions of the states within them. Every time I found patterned paper I loved, they always measured 12×12″ and I couldn’t quite figure out how I could bring my vision to life within those dimensions. Then I stumbled upon this amazing stack of 11×17″ foil/white cardstock at Joanns last week. The pack features three gold/white patterns and two silver/white patterns, all with three sheets in each pattern. I hemmed and hawed at first and ultimately left the store empty handed. Once home, I determined they were “the solution” and bought two packages online while they were 50% off (I bought two packages so I would be sure to have 5 sheets of whichever pattern I decided on!) Thanks to the find of this great paper, my vision came to life quicker and easier than I anticipated!

Silhouette Artwork Supplies

Here’s what you need to create similar artwork:

  • Patterned cardstock in the size and colors of your choice (I used 11×17″ cardstock that could be easily trimmed to 11×14″ to fit my frames)
  • Background paper in the size and color of your choice (I used two of the large 22×25″ sheets of colored paper, found in the art section of most craft stores)
  • E-cutter (not 100% necessary, but it sure makes things quicker and easier!)
  • Tape or vinyl in the color of your choice (for the hearts)
  • Frames

Silhouette Artwork Supplies

The first step is to find and cut out your state/country images. In my case, I used my Cricut Explore and Design Space software to import and cut the images for the five places we have lived. (If you don’t recognize the one island, it’s Okinawa, Japan!). To standardize how much of the frame each state filled, I set the longest length of each image to 10″.

Silhouette Artwork How To

To really make this process easy and efficient, I took time to center the image within an 11×14″ boundary on my cut mat preview BEFORE cutting it…DIY State Silhouette Artwork How To

…so that once the image was cut, all I had to do was trim off the bottom three inches to get the right size for my frames!

DIY State Silhouette Artwork How To

With the image cut out, you are left with both the cut image and the relief/outline centered on the rectangle…

DIY State Silhouette Artwork How To

You can use either one to create artwork – both options look fantastic. I personally had the toughest time deciding which look I liked better and took my struggle to Instagram for opinions. The votes were pretty split, so I ended up framing up both options and looking at them all afternoon up on the wall.

DIY State Silhouette Artwork How To

Both Greg and I ultimately decided on the white/gold background with the blue state. We liked that the images stood out a bit more and the gold/white paper blended with the frames better. I also loved how that gold/white paper shimmers in the sunlight and wanted to see more of it! I did consider alternating backgrounds, colors, and patterns among all five frames, but ultimately decided to keep the same recipe for the whole display.

DIY State Silhouette Artwork How To

Once you decide how to layer your papers, the artwork comes together quite quickly. I used a rotary cutter and ruler to trim down my background paper to 11×14″ and essentially layered the cut cardstock on top of the solid. I didn’t bother glueing anything down since the frame keeps everything together and flat (plus, this allows me to easily swap out the background colors in our next home, should I want/need to!) If you choose to use the cut out version of the image, you will need to glue it in place onto the background paper.

DIY State Silhouette Artwork How To

I then cut some small hearts out of some gold metallic tape I had on hand. Boy, I deliberated like crazy between gold hearts (that fit with the color scheme better) and traditional red hearts (that stand out more), and ultimately went for gold. Honestly, verdict is still out, and you may see red hearts appear on our artwork eventually!

DIY State Silhouette Artwork How To

To finish the artwork, place the hearts in whichever spot holds the right/most meaning for you. Greg criticized that my hearts on our last set weren’t quite geographically correct, so I referenced maps this time around!

DIY State Silhouette Artwork How To

Load the layers into your frame and you’re all done!

DIY State Silhouette Artwork

Repeat for as many places you need! Within an hour, I had all five places (Okinawa, California, Virginia, North Carolina, and Kansas) cut and ready to go on the wall!

DIY State Silhouette Artwork

DIY State Silhouette Artwork

I really couldn’t be more thrilled with how these turned out. Not only am I glad to have our locations finally updated, but the contrast of the white/gold paper with the blue just fits so well with the art itself and the space in which they are hung.

DIY State Silhouette Artwork

From certain angles and in different lights, sometimes you can’t see the gold shimmer at all. But then you will catch a glimpse of it…and it’s just so, so good.

DIY State Silhouette Artwork

I deliberated more than usual over every single step of this project…I think because these frames mean a lot to us, and I wanted to be sure I loved them when all was said and done. It doesn’t get much better than gold and navy in my mind…so I am beyond thrilled with how this one came together!

DIY State Silhouette Artwork

All said and done, these five pieces of art cost me about $20 total ($15 for the two stacks of cardstock and $4 for the large blue paper). If you only count the sheets I used, each one cost about $1.50 – now that’s some bargain art!! I’m so glad I attempted a DIY version of these versus printing them. I love the vibrancy of the blue and the sparkle of the metallic paper…AND that fact that I can easily change them to work in other spaces as necessary is perfect for my design whimsies. With this project crossed off the list, this room is just one or two projects away from being done!

DIY State Silhouette Artwork

I’d love to know what you think of our new state artwork! Do you like my paper/color choices? Do you display where you’ve lived in your home? I love hearing/seeing how other families who move a lot tell their story, so if you do something similar, please share!

Have a great, great weekend friends. I have a ton to share next week, so be sure to come back frequently!

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16 Projects to Organize a Rental Kitchen

One of my all-time favorite things to do in each house we live in is to come up with just the right storage solution for each space. My organizing solutions are often perfectly tailored to whatever we encounter in each home; and as a result, they are usually quick, easy, removable and budget-friendly (since I have to refigure it all out with every move). Last week, when I shared our skinny pantry organization, I looked back through my projects and realized I’ve done quite a few posts over the years on various ways to organize and make the most out of a rental kitchen. Most of the kitchens we’ve had in the last 10 years have been pretty builder basic and included everything from awkward cupboard sizes and inefficient layouts to too-small drawers and limited counter space…but I sure have had fun creating form and function in them all. Today I’m sharing my top 16 projects to organize a rental kitchen. Even if you don’t have the exact layouts or situations in your home, hopefully these out-of-the-box ideas will get you motivated and thinking about the best way to store things in your kitchen!

16 Projects to Organize A Rental Kitchen


One of my all-time popular posts here on THIHM was my simple solution for the little upper cabinets in our NC home. By finding and adding just the right sized baskets for these shelves, this awkward space became uber functional and easy to use.

Storage Ideas for Upper Cabinets


In our current home, we have some wonderful, spacious drawers. At first, I thought they were fantastic, until they became catch-alls for everything and anything in the kitchen. To create some order on the cheap, I fashioned up a perfectly customized and totally removable drawer organizer out of bulsa wood. Now everything has a dedicated home, and putting dishes away is a breeze!

Removable & Customizable Kitchen Drawer Organizer


I thought I’d never be able to get our current skinny pantry to a state where it was not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. With a few simple strategies, we finally have a pantry that works as well as it looks!

Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry


In our NC home, we didn’t have a single cabinet that worked well for a pantry (they were all too high or too small). Our solution? Create a pantry in the neighboring laundry room with a simple wire rack and lots of bins and baskets. Honestly, this was one of the best things we did in that house!

Creating a Pantry When Your Rental Doesn't Have One



It always feels like we don’t have enough kitchen drawers and/or the ones we do have are always overrun with too many utensils. On a whim I fashioned up these painted utensil jars from leftover paint, vinyl, and extra large mason jars. I get so many compliments on these and still use them to this day!

Painted Utensil Jars


Bakeware items can be so challenging to store in tight cabinets because they are can be clunky, oddly shaped, and difficult to stack. I finally broke down and bought some organizers (these are from Marshalls), and they have made a world of difference. Even though this project is from our last home, I essentially have the exact same setup here in our new house!

Organize This: Bakeware


I love to eat healthy, but hate the time and tediousness of preparing salads every night. To make the task easier and more fun, I created a countertop salad bar station in our last home. Complete with everything I need to make homemade dressings and fantastic salads, this is a great idea for any family trying to eat better!

Countertop Salad Bar


This solution goes hand-in-hand with the upper cabinets post listed above. I was having a heck of a time storing our tupperware in our last kitchen, but finally all was right in my tupperware world when I split bottoms and lids into two separate baskets. If you’re having a tough time getting your plasticware controlled, try this easy solution!

Tupperware Storage


I was so tired of my spices falling all over and making a mess of my cabinet shelves so I put them all into a single basket that I can easily take up and down whenever I need anything. My husband (and many of my readers!) thought I was nuts but it honestly has worked so well for us that we are doing the same thing in this house. Sure, labels on the tops of the jars would make finding just the right spice a bit easier and quicker…but rummaging through them has never really bothered me. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? 😉

Spice Storage



Last week, I showed you how we use and love dishwasher-safe labels from Name Bubbles for all of our dry food containers…

Name Bubbles Washable Labels


…but you don’t have to buy fancy labels to keep your contents labeled. I found that dry-erase markers right on the side of the container works just as well!

Label food containers with a dry-erase marker!


Beyond labeling food containers, what about all those important papers, artwork, lists, and meal plans you might have up on the refrigerator? These adorable labeled clip magnets will help you keep everything sorted and organized in style!

Labeled Clip Magnets



Last but not least, any kitchen organization post wouldn’t be complete without a brief mention of meal planning! If you’re looking to streamline and organize an entire month’s worth of meals and groceries, check out my Magnetic Menu Board project (still my most popular project/posts to date!)

Magnetic Menu Board


After years of planning our meals by the month, last year I scaled back to weekly meal planning using a simpler version of the same system. One month or one week at a time, both systems hinge upon the same tried-and-true system for organizing my recipes:

Organize This: Recipes


Yes, I’m married…but my Marine husband has been deployed a lot over the past few years. As a result, I’ve become a pro at planning and cooking meals for one! If you live alone or often cook for just yourself, check out how I plan for and incorporate freezer meals and leftovers so that I’m not tempted to eat cereal for dinner every night!

Meal Planning for One


Finally, I developed a printable grocery list years ago and still use it today. I love having a stack of these printed and hanging in the kitchen so I can add to it throughout the week as we run out of items. You can read more about how I use it HERE and buy your own HERE!

Printable Grocery List


Phew! Do you now have a hankering to go tackle a trouble spot in your kitchen? I know I do…although I think all of our cabinets are in pretty good shape right now! I’d love to know if you have tried any of these solutions or have a good tip or trick to make sense out of a kitchen trouble spot! Please share below!

I have a BUNCH of projects in the works and deadlines looming, so I hope I will see you back here Friday. If not, know that I’m working super hard behind the scenes and be sure to check back next week for some fun project reveals. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes peeks at what’s coming up next!

See you soon!

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No-Sew Ribbon Pillow Tutorial (with PillowCubes!)

I am so excited to share that I have finally made some forward progress in our upstairs family room! Seemingly like in the last house, I was able to make a lot of initial progress in our main living space, and then the room and design kind of stalled out on me. One would think that because we are only in this house for a year, I’d be quick to make decisions and get spaces done. But I’m actually finding the opposite to be true. I know I won’t have the time or interest to fix or re-do things I don’t like while we’re here, so I feel myself being much more deliberate and thoughtful in my project choices. While I don’t like taking forever to make a simple decision, sometimes the wait is worth it!

Blue, green and yellow pillows

With two living rooms in this split-level house, we decided early on that our big blue sectional would go downstairs and ordered the Lakewood Tufted Sofa from Home Decorators to be our upstairs sofa. I immediately threw out the stiff, matching pillows that came with the couch, knowing I would eventually replace them with different inserts and covers. I had been putting off deciding on fabrics and patterns for the couch when one of my favorite past blog partners, PillowCubes, reached back out to me regarding another partnership! Many of you long-time readers may recall that I partnered with PillowCubes earlier this year when I decided to swap all of the poly-filled pillows in our house with feather-filled pillows. At that time, PillowCubes only dealt in bulk-style orders, which was perfect since I needed quite a few pillows all at once. However, PillowCubes recently revealed that they now offer single pillow pricing and ordering (yes!), so all the convenience, quality and great prices are available whether you need 1 pillow or 12!

Pillow Cubes

This new ordering model was perfect for our situation, and I couldn’t wait to jump on board! Our new couch is pretty deep and tall, so I knew I wanted to have a variety of pillow sizes along the back to break up all the white. I started with shopping by size to view and consider all the available options. After lots of measuring, I decided on one 24″, two 22″ and one 20″ pillow (all in their 10/90 Down Feather fill) and ordered them from the comfort of my own home using their easy-to-use online system. Within days, a slender box of pillows arrived and just like before, I really couldn’t be more thrilled with the quality, size variation, and ease of the whole process. Once I slid on their pretty new covers, our whole room came to life!

Pretty floral pillows

So let’s chat about those pretty new pillow covers, shall we?!? In our last house, the patterned walls and window treatments in our family room forced me to pick solid pillows for our big blue sectional. The pattern-loving gal in me was so frustrated, but every time I tried a patterned pillow, there was just too much going on. This room though, has proven to be the opposite. Although there are stripes surrounding the fireplace, the neutral walls, carpet, couch and window treatments left me with a pretty blank slate and a yearning for some color and patterns. I love fabric, and it’s no secret that I tend to hoard great patterns that work within my decor scheme, so the problem was not finding fabrics, but selecting which ones to actually make into pillows!

Pretty Couch Pillows

After playing around for weeks with countless options (seriously), I finally decided on a combination of four different fabrics that I think work really great together. The blue/yellow/green flower matches the curtains in the adjoining dining room (and essentially ties the two spaces together), and the blue polka dot one is made from leftover fabric from our old command center wall. The yellow floral is one I’ve been holding on to for ages and am so giddy to have finally found a place to use it (and I have another project in the works with it too!). My original plan was to stick to all blues and whites in this space, but I am SO loving the pops of kelly green and canary yellow to freshen the whole space up!

The last pillow on the couch is done in a bright kelly green linen. The color was spot on with the other elements in the space, but the solid green stood out a bit too much among all the other patterns. Using some ribbon I had on-hand and Ultrahold Heat’n’Bond, I was able to jazz up my plain green pillow cover in a completely easy and no-sew way! Ready to see how I made this adorably chic ribbon pillow?

No-Sew Ribbon Pillow

Here’s what you need:

  • Fabric (or a pre-made pillow cover!)
  • Ribbon
  • Ultrahold Heat-n-Bond
  • Coordinating thread and zipper (if making the pillow yourself)
  • Tools: Pins, scissors, sewing machine, iron, erasable fabric pen

Ribbon Pillow Supplies

Start by cutting your fabric down into the right dimensions using a rotary cutter/ruler or a scissors. For pillow covers to fit just right, I always make them to be the exact same size as my pillow insert (you can even make them a little smaller to make your pillows appear fuller). Adding 1″ for seam allowances, I cut out two 23″ squares from the green fabric for my 22″ pillow insert. Next, using an erasable pen and ruler, draw a square around the perimeter (on the right side of one of the squares), about 5″ in from each side. This square will serve as your guide for measuring and ironing the ribbon in place.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

To determine how much ribbon you need, simply stretch the ribbon all the way around your drawn square and add about 6″ inches for the mitered corners. Don’t cut the ribbon into sections; you want one long piece that runs the entire way around.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

Using an iron and following package directions, adhere the Heat-n-Bond stripping to the back side of the ribbon…

How To: Ribbon Pillow

…and then remove the paper backing from the Heat-n-Bond side once it’s cool enough to handle.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

(Note: In order for the mitered corners to face outward on the finished pillow cover, TURN THE RIBBON OVER so that the Heat-n-Bond is facing up for all of the following steps. If you don’t want to see the mitered corners, work with the adhesive facing down.)

To miter the corners of the ribbon, pick a place to start (it really doesn’t matter where), and mark where the turn needs to be with your disappearing pen. Fold the ribbon 90 degrees downward (completely perpendicular to the starting line of ribbon), lining the edge of the ribbon up with your pen mark. To complete the mitered corner, fold the ribbon straight up onto the triangle you just made, again lining up the edges. These two folds together create a perfect 90 degree angle in the ribbon.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

Here’s another angle how the ribbon should look once you’ve completed both folds.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

Flip the entire fold over to see your perfectly mitered corner and clip it in place using pins or clips.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

Continue working your way around the circle using the same steps above and the pen-drawn perimeter as your guide.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

Once you get back to where you started, trim the length of ribbon to fit inside the mitered diagonal on the final corner.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

Again using a hot iron, adhere the ribbon to the pillow front, following the pen line and ensuring the ribbon is fully secured all the way around before moving on.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

Because of how the ribbon is folded, there is no adhesive on the underside of the mitered corner so it won’t lay flat. To help the corners lay flat, add some fabric glue and hold the triangle in place until the corners set.

How To: Ribbon Pillow

With the front done, you can add a zipper and the backing to complete the pillow cover! (By the way, in recent months, I have perfected my method for making pillow covers with invisible zippers. I feel like there are a million pillow tutorials out there already, but if you would like to see the simple way I do it, let me know in the comments! If there is interest, I’ll put a tutorial together!)

How To: Ribbon Pillow

With the cover done, I slipped in the 22″ feather/down insert and tossed it on the couch with the others! The ribbon detail completely made the whole display. Even if you don’t want to make a pillow from scratch, this is a great way to add interest to or update a plain pillow cover you already have!

No-Sew Ribbon Pillow

I couldn’t be more thrilled with our new pillows! In our last house, the pillows were always a distracting and frustrating element for me, but in this space, they are the design element now driving the rest of my decisions. With these done, there is new pep in my step for this space and I’m on track to wrap up a few final projects in here!

Pretty and preppy pillows

I know pillows are easily swapped for different looks, but I hate to waste precious fabric so I take my pillow decisions pretty seriously 😉 I’d love to know what you guys think of my pillow choices. See you back here Wednesday with a kitchen storage roundup you won’t want to miss!

No-Sew Ribbon Pillow Tutorial


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I did not receive compensation for this blog post; however PillowCubes did provide the pillow inserts for me to use and review. Please remember that I only work with brands and products I fully support and that make sense for my home, my family, and this blog. All opinions are 100% my own!

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Organize This: Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry

Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry

When we first looked at and moved into this house, my only real concern was the kitchen. Sure I wasn’t wild about all the brown, but it was more the size and amount of cabinets that had me worried. Although our kitchen in our last house was awful, we had more cabinets than we knew what to do with, and I was worried we wouldn’t have enough space in this new house. I was so pleasantly surprised once everything was unpacked and put away that we had plenty of room to store everything we needed (and more!), thanks to fewer but bigger cabinets and drawers! As the weeks/months have progressed, I have actually grown to truly love the functionality and layout in this kitchen. I now know why so many people love islands, and we actually placed things in really logical spots on the first try (we usually end up re-arranging our cupboards about 6 months in once we figure out the kitchen’s flow).

Kitchen Before

Until recently, my one and only headache in this kitchen was our pantry. I was bummed when I first saw it, having been pretty spoiled by our spacious (makeshift) pantry in our last home. I knew how hard these tight pantries were to organize and keep straight; and for the first few months in this house, my initial concerns proved true. The single-cabinet-width pantry with 5 movable shelves is quite deep. I was struggling with my canisters fitting right, boxes and tubs were getting buried in the back, and I felt like I was constantly digging around and emptying the cabinet every time I needed one thing…

Skinny Pantry

Finally, both Greg and I had enough; and this past weekend, I gave our pantry some much-needed attention. By rearranging the shelves to work better with our canisters (and acknowledging that I had to figure out new and different ways to use what we had), we came up with some solutions that finally created some order out of our mess of a pantry.

Take a look!

Skinny Pantry Organization

One of the biggest struggles we were having was that items were getting buried. We have more depth than width, so I really couldn’t avoid placing things in front of others (which in general, I try really hard not to do). But thanks to some good storage solutions, clear labeling, and turning almost everything toward the middle, we have a solution that’s working!

Skinny Pantry Organization

I pretty much shopped our home to puzzle our storage needs together. Admittedly, that’s one of my favorite parts of moving…figuring out the best place for everything in the new home (especially when I have to find a whole new purpose for an item all together!) Although all these bins and baskets were from our last kitchen, they held very different things…boy do I love having them out of the pile in the garage and back into use!

I found these skinny “file folder” tubs in the Target Dollar Spot last year. I grabbed them on a whim and have been amazed at how functional they have been all over the house. We used to keep in the fridge to hold various foods, but they fit so well in this pantry cabinet, allowing us to take advantage of the depth while keeping small snacks accessible.

Snack Organization

Skinny Pantry Organization

I’ve had these Oxo containers for our dry goods for quite a while. I picked up a bunch at HomeGoods and also “inherited” a bunch from my Mom during the great house clean out last year. While I’m not certain they are 100% air tight, I do love their sleek, modern, and stackable design. You can read more about this dishwasher-safe, dry-erase labels on them here!

Food Canisters

I have been getting rid of food packaging and transferring foods to clear containers for a long time. But in this tight pantry, eliminating boxes and bags has really been a huge space and sanity saver. I have now arranged the shelves to hold specific shape/height/amount of containers, so as long as I transfer whatever new foods we buy to empty containers, I can be sure everything will fit and our shelves will stay relatively orderly. When I am making my grocery list, I love that I can see in an instant if something is low…and having a designated amount of containers also ensures our food stash stays in control. While we had been using our clear canisters since moving in, labeling them all and rotating the labels toward the center of each shelf has been the biggest game changer. Instead of stacking everything in front of each other, the center “channel” is free and I can easily see and get out whatever I need!

Skinny Pantry Organization

With the top of the pantry working pretty well, I was still struggling with our liquid bottles and canned goods getting buried low and far back on our bottom two shelves. I spent some time looking at those pull-out drawers..but geesh, are they expensive and they require being screwed into the cabinet itself (did I mention we’re only here for a year? ;)) Back to the garage I went, and gave our sturdy plastic baskets from Target a try.

Baskets for Cooking Liquids

Sure I would love the baskets to be a touch bigger, but having the items corralled into baskets sure is keeping the shelves tidier and those items easier to see and reach. The smaller baskets will also (hopefully) force me to keep our food purchases in check. We had to throw away a TON of staple food items when we moved last Spring, and I know we’ll have to do the same this Spring too if I’m not careful. I’m trying hard to keep the amount of exotic vinegars and ingredients I buy to a minimum!

Skinny Pantry Organization

Admittedly, I wasn’t so sure how this would work, but it’s working great! Because the plastic baskets are so sturdy, I am able to use them like drawers. I can pull them out to find just what I’m looking for and slide them back in with ease! If I need to, I can take the entire basket out and place it on the counter to look for/use a bunch of items at once!

Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry

To the left of the pantry are my meal planning binders, and on the outside of the pantry, I used Command Strips to hang a simple dry-erase/cork board combo to organize our weekly meal plan and grocery list. Now when we run out of things or when I’m meal planning, literally everything I need is in one centralized location!

Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get this pantry to a place where I liked it and was satisfied with the functionality. But like most projects, all it took was an hour of my time, shopping my home, and thinking about new and creative ways to use items we already had! By eliminating packaging, corralling items into designated containers, and adjusting the shelf heights to match the containers just right, we now have a system that works and is easily maintained. Alleluia!

Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry

Next week, I’m going to chat more about creative storage solutions in rental kitchens, but for now…if you’re looking for some other quick organization projects that you can tackle in just an hour or so (knock some out this weekend!), check out the other projects in my Organize This series! None of these are complicated or large organizational overhauls, but rather simple projects that can make a big different in how you live day to day in your home!

Small Toy Storage Bags
Tiny Toys
Organize This Recipes
Organize This: Bakeware
Organize This: Wrapping Paper
Wrapping Paper
Organize This Printer Station
Printer Supplies
Organize This: Recycling
Organize This: Laundry Supplies
Laundry Supplies
Organize This: Thread
























I hope you all enjoyed getting a look inside our pantry, and hopefully I gave you some motivation or ideas to try in your own kitchen with these storage solutions for a skinny pantry! I’d love to know if you have a similar pantry situation and how you have dealt with it! Are there any ideas here you think might work in your own home? Do you have any ideas I should try to make our system even better? I’d love to hear from you!

Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I am spending a good portion of this weekend doing some much needed thrifting and sewing, and I really cannot wait! See you back here Monday with an update in our family room!

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Love for Labeling! (with Name Bubbles)

Thanks to this little blog of mine, I’ve been able to connect with some awesome companies, brands and sites. While I try not to fill all of my content with sponsored or review posts, I really do love to share with you guys the companies and products that we love and use in our own home to make our life easier and spaces prettier. Name Bubbles is a company that I have been so lucky to be partnered with for several years now. Not only do I share a monthly project on their blog, My Daily Bubble, but I have LOVED getting to try out several of their items. I’ve shared about their products a few times before (read about their write-on labels here and their awesome new line of removable wall monograms here). I just recently added to my Name Bubbles stash (I can’t get enough of them!) and thought it would be fun to share all the ways we use these awesome dishwasher- and laundry-safe labels in our home!


Years ago, Henry was entering “school” for the very first time, I needed to label all of his cups, clothes, and other items he’d take into the classroom. I Googled “dishwasher safe labels” and stumbled onto the Name Bubbles site. I was immediately smitten with their vibrant color schemes, adorable images, and great prices. I ordered the Preschool Labels Pack and have added them to everything he’s taken to school over the last few years. Years later, the labels are still attached and going strong, despite daily washes! Each and every time we start a new activity or buy a new water bottle/lunchbox etc, I immediately turn to my pack of labels to quickly add his name. No hunting around for markers or tape and figuring out how to attach his name in a way that will stick. I LOVE having pre-made, high-quality tags ready to go at a moments notice!

Preschool Labels Pack from Name Bubbles


Many of you know that I’m a total sucker for pretty labels and will label just about anything…whether it’s necessary or not. A year or so ago, I really wanted to label all of our dry food canisters, not only so they looked good but so we could easily tell the difference between flour, sugar, and pancake mix, as well as other similar-looking items. I really wanted labels that could be changed as the contents were swapped but would also hold up to frequent washings. Name Bubbles write-on labels are the best.things.ever. They come in a variety of sizes, and the numbers included in the sets are super generous! They come with very clear instructions, as well as two writing utensils. The “pencil” is completely removable yet dark enough to easily tell what is written. The marker is more permanent but can still be removed with rubbing alcohol. I labeled our canisters that rarely change with the marker (sugar, flour, etc)…and our more-likely-to-change canisters are labeled with the pencil. These labels are honestly one of my favorite labeling supplies of all time!

Write-On Labels from Name Bubbles

In fact, since moving in, I hadn’t had a chance to update the labels on all of our canisters. Our pantry is super tight, and both Greg and I were getting frustrated trying to find the right things. This last weekend I grabbed my sets of write-on labels and added labels to the few unlabeled canisters and got everything labeled correctly. I can’t tell you the difference it makes being able to easily find things in the depth of our shelves. (I hope to have a full pantry organization update for you on Friday!)

Write-On Labels on pantry containers


The latest items I just added to our Name Bubbles arsenal were the Share Labels Pack. Like the preschool pack, you get labels in a variety of shapes and sizes (all in their laundry- and dishwasher-safe formula), but instead of each label having the same name, I could split the pack into several names. Not only did I want to add some more “Henry” labels to our stash (as he gets older, we have more and more things to label), but I also thought it would be really helpful to have some labels with just our last name. Whether it’s coolers, potluck dishes or other items we take to gatherings and outings, I have found myself reaching for waterproof labels but didn’t want to use Henry’s school labels. These are the perfect solution for labeling anything for anyone in the family! This pack can be split into 6 different names, so if you have a big family, this is a great value set!

Share Labels Pack from Name Bubbles

I love finding good and reliable products for our family. Time and time again, I find myself reaching for these labels and am often hopping onto their site to check out their latest offerings and packages. I just know that when Henry gets older, these Varsity Sports Labels will come in handy. I love that they have a more mature look for older kids and include the child’s number so you can label everything and anything you need for that sport! (By the way, their site is just too fun to play around on…have you tried it? The patterns/fonts/colors/images are all changeable and you can preview your selections in real time. It’s so fun for a label-loving gal like myself to just play around!)

With the school year and Fall sports in full swing, this is the perfect time to stock up on labels for the whole family! Right now, Name Bubbles has a mini Fall promotion going! With each purchase, you can get a mini Fall wall decal with any order!

FALL in love with our FREE mini wall decal, included with each purchase- while supplies last!



As is often the case with me, the chance to pullout and use some of my favorite products is the push I need to get some things done…like finally organizing our pantry. I’ll show you how we made our awkward pantry work well for us back here on Friday! See you then!

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I did not receive compensation for this blog post; however Name Bubbles did provide several label sets for me to use and review. Please remember that I only work with brands and products I fully support and that make sense for my home, my family, and this blog. All opinions are 100% my own!

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