Well, hey there friends…and Happy Summer! My kids are officially out of school starting today, and I am looking forward to the coming months with equal parts excitement, overwhelm, and (can I be completely honest?!?)…dread. I suspect that combination holds true for many of us! I realize I haven’t been around here for a few weeks, so I’m popping in today with a quick behind-the-blog check-in, including how I’m really feeling about our upcoming move, what you can expect in the coming months, and some answers to your reader questions too. Let’s catch up!

Moving Isn’t Really “Normal,” Is It?

I try not to make it a habit of just disappearing off the blog without any notice; but alas, that’s exactly what happened in May. Quite a few of you reached out asking or assuming that we were mid-move, and I wish I could say that was the case. But in fact, I’m currently writing this in my North Carolina home office…everything in our home is still pretty much in place (except for the decluttering I’ve done), and there isn’t (yet) a moving box in sight.

Megan hanging North Carolina state print on the wall

But I also can’t say that our upcoming move isn’t (a large) part of the reason I haven’t been here. Even though this is our 10th time moving, the mental load of the entire iteration seems to be bigger and heavier than usual. Maybe the novelty of moving is wearing off, or perhaps it’s because we now have three kids and a heck of a lot of stuff, or it could be that I’m just not ready to go yet. Whatever the exact reason, this move is bringing up aaaalllll the feels; and putting together coherent, thoughtful blog posts is requiring more than my over-stuffed brain can seemingly handle.

I imagine most of you reading totally understand and maybe even expect such overwhelm. Moving…after all…is a massive life event that leaves most stressed and reeling. But because we move so frequently, I have a tendency to downplay it or minimize it: “It’s what we do,” “It’s who we are,” “This is the life we live.” So I print off my color-coded checklists and execute the pre-move routines I now know by heart.

But just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s a small, easy thing. And while I’ve been able to steel my psyche against the harder parts of our past moves, this one is catching me extra tired and particularly vulnerable.

Over the years, I can’t tell you how many notes and comments I have received complimenting my grace, energy, and attitude surrounding our frequent moves. But you also know me to be honest to a fault, so I’m gonna be frank for just a minute: I’m not feeling particularly graceful or energetic this time around. Saying goodbye sucks. Restoring this home to its original condition is feeling particularly soul-sucking. And I really don’t feel like extricating my family from our current life to start anew.

Phew! Acknowledging those big ol’ ugly emotions sure feels better than pretending this is all normal and easy and fun.

Don’t you worry. I’ll rally when it comes time to pack the boxes, load the truck, and drive away…because at the end of the day, this is really “what we do.” But for now…I’m trying to show myself that same grace you guys show me and just let myself feel all the feels and brace for impact.

So…What Have I Been Up To? (& What’s Coming Up Next?)

Since I haven’t been able to consistently string together thoughtful, helpful, and inspiring written content because of the aforementioned brain load, I’ve been focusing on wrapping up the final few projects I really wanted to get done in this home. I also spent the better part of two weeks taking tons of final photos and videos, and even did a fun updated shoot with a local photographer. All of this, of course, is in preparation for taking this whole home apart and returning it to its bland and boring original state. Boo.

Speaking of which…of all the questions I get surrounding our frequent moves, MANY are about the “un doing” process, specifically how hard it, how long it takes, and what’s involved. So this time around, I’m going to (try and) intentionally document the break down of this home, so you can see the not-so-fun and not-so-pretty side too.

With summer here and our move shifting into full gear, I’ll be posting all these last projects, room reveals, and final tours as time allows. As usual, make sure you’re on my weekly newsletter list to get updates about fresh posts as they go live!

White baskets on IKEA kallax labeled with wood tags

This quick-and-easy Wood Label DIY will go live next week!

Answering Your Questions!

Kids Rooms on a Budget

A reader asked: What are your tried-and- true ways to redecorate children’s spaces on a budget?

Admittedly, decorating rooms for kids is a lot how I decorate rooms for adults: neutral basics + fun wall(s) + themed accessories. Here’s what I mean!

I learned fairly early on in motherhood that kids’ whims change quickly. As such, committing to a particular room theme can be risky. Just when you put the finishing touches on the ultimate Lightning McQueen display – bam, now they’re into SpiderMan!

Beyond being difficult to quickly swap out, investing heavily in items with commercialized characters, specific color schemes, or overt themes can be expensive and perhaps not as stylish as you’d like.

Having navigated bedroom design with my three kiddos (as well as some family friends), I’ve landed on a combination that seems to make everyone happy:

  • I don’t buy any themed bedding sets, curtains, rugs, lamps, or furniture. These items are all neutral and simple: usually wood bed frames and furniture with white bedspreads and white curtains.
  • I do invest in fun sheets, themed wall art (e.g., wallpaper feature, artwork, or both) and a few character stuffies, figurines, or accent pillows.

I personally find it much easier to swap sheets and a few framed pictures than completely redecorate a room’s entire scheme. By keeping larger investment items neutral and adding in the theme via smaller (easily swappable) accessories, you’ll be able to keep up with your child’s favs without a complete room overhaul every time!

Making Printables

Another reader asked: What software program do you use to develop your printables, like your to-do lists?

Almost all of my printables are designed using Adobe Illustrator – I took a beginner course about 10 years ago, and it’s easily one of the best investments I ever made for my business. In recent years and for certain projects, I’ve also started using Canva…not necessarily because of its ease of use (although it is super simple), but because it’s easy for YOU to use. If a printable or label template requires you to be able to access, edit, and customize it, Canva is usually a more user-friendly option.

Speaking of printables, my idea/request list has been growing for quite some time now; and I’m planning on some new additions to the shop in the coming months!

Ask Megan

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Thanks for catching up with me this month!

See You Soon!