Who doesn’t love a good printable task list? Not only are they a great way to prioritize thoughts, stay motivated on to-dos, and reward yourself upon completion (the best part is crossing items off!), but basic checklists can also be a really effective time management tool when complicated planners, Excel spreadsheets, or color-coded systems are just too much. My collection of printable to do lists is designed to help you stay on top of everything you need to get done in the easiest, prettiest way possible via functional layouts and simple customization. Let me show you!

A multi-color printable to do list on a blue clipboard with smaller to do lists on colored cardstock next to it

Why Use Printable To Do Lists?

While I’ve had periods in my life when I’ve relied on fancy planning systems or daily planners to map out goals, tasks, and big ideas; lately, I find myself needing just a simple, streamlined, fast, and focused checklist to help me accomplish something every day. (Hello, summertime with kids home!)

A multi-color printable to do list on a blue clipboard

Whether it’s making a basic daily plan, a list of errands to run, or a detailed packing list…sure, you can just scratch it all out on a piece of scrap paper.

But having a ready-to-print task list template at your fingertips can help make your planning not just quick, but intentional (and cute) too!

A mini to do list printed onto a blue Post-It Note stuck to a dotted notebook

What’s Included In the Ultimate To Do List Printable Kit?

My Ultimate To Do List Printable Kit features 13 different editable, fillable, and changeable to do lists in a variety of colors and sizes, making it oh-so-simple to print off the exact format you need to tuck into your planner, tape up on your refrigerator, or throw into your purse.

Included Layouts

This 14-page download includes:

  • Single Category Checklist – 6 sizes
  • Multi Category Checklists – 6 full-page layouts
  • Weekly To-Do List Templates
  • Post-It Note Printing Guide

Colors Included

All the various lists shown in this post are available in both full color and black-and-white.

A colorful printable to do list on a blue clipboard with a black and white version next to it

Editable & Fillable

These printable to do lists come in PDF format featuring editable/fillable text boxes with plenty of space for your errands, tasks, groceries, and more! From the list title down to each line item and the check boxes themselves, every single element can be changed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

White printable to do list on a blue and gold clipboard

Print & Digital

Since these PDF files are digitally fillable, you can print them out or use them digitally for a completely paperless option.

A Closer Look at the Printable To-Do List Layouts

Single Category Checklists

The first 6 checklists included in the Ultimate To Do List Printable Kit are single-category lists. With one (changeable) title and no sub-categories, these pages make it quick-and-easy to create a streamlined, focused list for any singular purpose.

Single Category Checklists mockups

Available in various sizes (e.g., full sheet, half sheet, quarter sheet, etc), these pages are great for printing in bulk and then cutting apart to make a stack of quick-use lists.

White printable to do list on an orange notebook

Multi-Category Checklists

If you’re looking for a more detailed option, I’ve also included 6 different categorizable to do lists.

From 1-9 different categories, these pages can be used for a wide variety of list-making needs such as packing lists, grocery lists, errands organizer, project lists, and more.

Multi Category Checklists mockups

Each page not only allows you to customize the overall title, but also the heading banners atop each category. When you have a lot of information you want to quickly organize on a single page, these layouts are ideal!

A 5-column categorized checklist on top of a blue file folder

Weekly To-Do Lists

Finally, there is a 7-section checklist included in this to-do list PDF. This layout lends itself to organizing schedules, activities, or weekly tasks (as shown below); but because every single element on this worksheet is editable, you can use it for anything you can think of (e.g., vacation planner, outfit planner, etc.)

NOTE: Since all the blocks are editable, you can make this either a Sunday or Monday start!

A weekly checklist printed in black and white on a blue clipboard

Editing the Printable To Do Lists

All the pages in the Ultimate To Do List Printable Kit are pre-populated with titles (i.e., “To Do,” “Let’s Do This,” “Get It Done,” etc) with completely blank line items. But if you want to add in your own great title (e.g., “This Week,” “Errands To Run,” “Don’t Forget,” “Books to Read,” “Priorities,” or even specific due dates), you can easily click into the document and type in whatever you want.

A colorful printable to do list on a blue clipboard with a black and white version next to it

To edit the text on the files, open the PDF in the FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can then type into any light blue box (title, headings, list items) or toggle the circles on/off.

NOTE: While you can type anything you wish into the text fields, all fonts and colors are pre-set and cannot be changed. 

Editing the fillable To Do List with Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you like to make lists (and cross items off) by hand, I recommend just customizing the titles/headings and leaving all the action items blank.

If you like to use digital versions, type into each line item and save/edit over and over as needed!

Printing the To Do Lists

White Versus Colored Paper

The colorful to-do lists look the best printed onto plain white printer paper.

A fun way to use the black-and-white checklists is to print them out onto colored paper instead. The different colors of paper can help you stay organized by person, task, topic, etc.

A multi-color printable to do list on a blue clipboard with smaller to do lists on colored cardstock next to it

Print Then Cut

When printing out the smaller checklists, they are pre-formatted to print several per page (e.g., 2/page, 3/page, 4/page, etc). I recommend editing the titles, printing onto full-size paper, then using a paper trimmer to slice the checklists down on the (included) grey lines.

Mini printable to do lists printed onto orange paper

Printing Onto Post-It Notes

One really fun option included in the Ultimate To Do List Printable Kit is the ability to print mini checklists directly onto Post-It Notes!

Both the printing guide and mini checklists themselves are included.

Mockup of mini checklists and Post-It Note printing guide

Start by printing the guide onto plain printer paper.

Post-It Note printing template

Next, stick your Post-It Notes to the paper, on top of the dashed boxes.

Post-It Notes stuck to a printing guide

Following your specific printer’s instructions, load the template (with Post-It Notes attached) back into your printer. This time, select and print (at 100% resolution) just the 6/page checklists from the printable kit (don’t forget to edit the titles as you wish!)

Mini to do lists printed onto Post-It Notes

If you lined up everything correctly, you’ll have a set of personalized, customized Post-It Note checklists ready to use anywhere around the home, classroom, office, etc. What a fun way to make categorized checklists by day or family member!

Mini to do lists printed onto Post-It Notes

Fun Ideas for These Printable To Do Lists

I’ve sprinkled quite a few ideas throughout this post already, but here are just a few ways I love using a blank to-do list template!

  • Daily Tasks/Focus List – Pre-print a stack and use one whenever you need to quickly create a daily to-do list or map out goals for an entire day.
  • Weekly To Dos – Use the weekly layout to plan out your entire week, figuring out exactly when certain things need to get done.
  • Most Important Tasks – Even if you do use a larger, more formal planner to organize your day, using a small simple to-do list taped into your planner can help you focus in on top priorities for the day.
  • Errand List – Use a categorized list, assigning one block to each store; then jot down everything needed at each stop.
  • Project Planner – Use one of the categorized lists to break a big project down into stages.
  • Grocery Lists – Increase your shopping efficiency by organizing your groceries into shop-able categories that match your store layout.
  • Packing Lists – Type each family member into a different section in order to make personalized packing lists for the whole family.
  • Task Lists or Daily Chores Lists for Kids – Need to leave a list of tasks for a child to complete when they come home from school? Make a bunch with each child’s name on them and fill out as needed!
  • Homework Helper – Does your child have a hard time prioritizing/completing their homework assignments? A quick Post-It list on the front of binders or assignment notebooks can help them stay on task. (We do this for my oldest son when he comes home from school feeling overwhelmed with homework.)
  • Party Prep – Have a big event coming up? Use a categorized list to stay on top of food, decor, activities, and more!
Different sizes of to do lists printed onto colored cardstock

Get This Kit!

The entire Ultimate To Do List Printable Kit is now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

Of all the printable pages available in The Organization Toolbox, these to do list printables are among my very favorite as a busy mom. Why? Because they are just so darn useful!

Sure, you can jot your own to-do list down on any ol’ sheet of scrap paper. But with just a tiny a bit of effort, you can have a cute, colorful, and perfectly-customized stack of lists always at the ready!

See You Soon!