Of all the printables I’ve created over the years (and I’ve made a lot of printables), some of the ones I use the most are these printable blank monthly calendar pages. From hashing out family schedules and organizing project timelines to planning meals, to dos, vacations, and more, having blank calendars (that aren’t bound to a specific, “permanent” planner) can be a great tool for planning, de-conflicting, and organizing your time. These printable blank calendars are both simple and stylish; and best of all, they can be printed from your home printer whenever you need them!

Black and white printable blank monthly calendar pages

Uses For Printable Blank Monthly Calendars

Black and white printable blank monthly calendar pages on a hot pink folder

If you are a lover and user of a traditional (pre-printed and bound) monthly planner for your time management needs, you might be wondering why you’d need or how you’d use printable blank versions.

Although I use my normal planner regularly, I’ve found there are lots of things in life that need to be planned, scheduled, de-conflicted, or figured out long before they are ever placed…”for real”…into the family planner.

Blank colorful monthly calendar pages shown with a family notebook.

There are so many times I need to see a period of time, at-a-glance, so I can figure out how certain events, to dos, or other tasks best fit together. Sometimes this calendar is temporary and I then transfer the final plan into our (permanent) family calendar. Or sometimes I place this focused schedule into a notebook or on the fridge to reference as needed.

Here are some other creative uses for this set of cute printable monthly calendars:

  • Figure out vacation timeline or schedule
  • Plan out a renovation timeline
  • Plan out a project timeline
  • Plan out the days/weeks leading up to a special event (e.g., wedding, graduation, etc)
  • Create a custom school calendar to track assignments, projects, etc.
  • Create a content calendar for blog posts, social media
  • De-conflict family activities (after school or on busy weekends)
  • Create a monthly meal plan
  • Create a cleaning schedule or chore chart
  • Create your own custom calendar with important dates using the same PDF files year after year

Colorful printable blank monthly calendars loaded into binders

About The Blank Calendar Templates

These blank calendar pages are both super simple and supremely useful. There is plenty of white, open space to write down any and all information you need to plan, but also have enough design detail to make them fun to use.

Black and white printable blank monthly calendar pages on a light blue folder.

Here are some other important features of these PDF calendars:

  • 2 layouts included
    • 1 month/page in landscape orientation
    • 1 month/2 pages in portrait orientation
  • All 12 months come in both color and black-and-white
  • Sunday start
  • Completely undated, so they can be used over and over again for any calendar year
  • Fully editable using Adobe Acrobat Reader, so you can write OR type into the blank year, date, and calendar blocks.

1-Page Blank Monthly Calendars

All 12 months of the 1-page blank monthly calendars have the same layout: a large script monthly title with 5 rows of blocks, each with a smaller block for the date.

The black-and-white versions are great for saving printer ink, using your own pens/markers, or even printing onto colored paper to match your planner, decor, or even color-code by family member, etc.

Black and white printable blank monthly calendar pages on an orange notebook

The colored versions feature a different color for every month, January through December. These 12 colors match with the coordinating weekly layouts, planner covers, and tabs, as well as The Family HUB printables.

Colorful printable blank monthly calendar pages

I mostly use these 1-month spreads when I need to plan out something very specific like a product launch, house project, or vacation. These single pages are perfect for tucking into planners, notebooks, and purses, or even pinned up on the fridge or bulletin board where you can see it just while you need it. When you’ve met your goal, finished your project, or are done with your planning, simply discard the calendar and print another whenever you need it!

Blank October monthly calendar inside a notebook pocket

2-Page Blank Monthly Calendars

While there is immense convenience in the 1-page blank monthly calendars, there may be times when the small blocks don’t provide quite enough writing space. In these instances, the 2-page spread offers the same, quick, customizable experience but with more room for planning!

Two-page blank monthly calendar spread in a colorful binder

The 2-page layouts have the same features as the 1-page versions (i.e., editable, color and black-and-white, etc). The main differences are:

  • A layout that spans 2 pages instead of 1
  • Nice big day blocks down a 5-week grid
  • A large Notes column on the right-hand side of the spread

Two-page blank monthly calendar spread in a colorful binder

The dates and year can be easily swapped out via the editable text boxes in the PDF files. However, no dates are preloaded; so if you’d prefer to print-and-go, these details can also be written in by hand.

Two-page blank monthly calendar spread in a colorful binder

How to Make a Large Calendar with These Printable Pages

Tucking the 2-page spreads into a planner or other binder system is an obvious way to use these pages. However, if you need a large calendar up on the wall or on a desk, check out this clever hack for these printable calendar pages.

  1. Print out both pages of a 2-page calendar spread for any particular month (February shown below).
  2. Slice off the right-side margin of the left page.
  3. Tape the left side on top of the right page, lining up the printed lines of the calendar.

Two-page blank monthly calendar spread assembly with tape and scissors.

Two-page blank monthly calendar spread assembled with tape and scissors.

This nice big version is great for big-picture planning sessions or for taping up on the refrigerator each month so the whole family can track plans, meals, trips, and more…all in one spot!

Printable blank monthly calendars shown in single and double-page formats.

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I am so excited to have these functional and easy-to-use printable blank monthly calendars ready for you to download. Even if you are devoted to a specific planner, I just know these pages will come in handy for meal planning, party planning, trip preparations, project timelines, and more! Download them now and keep the file(s) bookmarked on your desktop so you can print out whichever month(s) you need, whenever you need them!

Blank printable monthly calendar shown with a light-blue notebook.

Blank printable monthly calendars shown on a light-blue notebook.

See You Soon!