We recently helped organize a (very large) Bingo event, held in a huge hall on a pretty tight budget. To bring the event to life, we wanted some large, eye-catching centerpieces; but our search for Bingo theme party decorations came up very empty handed. So I decided to turn some basic white balloons into massive Bingo balls; and they were the hit of the night! If you’re looking for fun, easy, and budget-friendly Bingo-themed table centerpieces, boy do I have an idea for you!

Bingo ball table centerpieces made of black, gold, green, and white balloons

Our Bingo Party Table Centerpieces

As you may (or may not) know, I love putting together themed displays for my kids’ birthdays. In recent years, I’ve been ditching huge number balloons in favor of the 16″ tall versions. And instead of filling them with helium, I like to make these cute little “stands” with three colors of “clover” balloons (below). Not only are these centerpieces cheap, easy, and totally eye-catching, but you can deflate the mylar balloons and use them year after year.

NOTE: I’ve accumulated a nice variety of clover balloon colors so that I can make centerpieces to match any theme my kids pick!

Balloon table centerpiece with a gold #7 on top

When we were trying to find centerpiece ideas for our Bingo event, we couldn’t find anything. All the ideas were either too small to fill our big room or too expensive for our tight budget. Even traditional helium-filled balloons would break our bank.

So when I stumbled upon some large, white, ball-shaped balloons, I knew exactly what we could do!

Bingo ball table centerpieces made of black, gold, green, and white balloons

Measuring about 24″ tall and costing less than $4 each, these Bingo table centerpieces were fun, clever, and the perfect way to bring our entire Bingo theme to life!

Bingo ball table centerpieces made of black, gold, green, and white balloons

When you view just one or two centerpieces, you might not know immediately what they are. But when the room is filled with all the different letters (B-I-N-G-O) and numbers, they are instantly recognizable!

Bingo ball table centerpieces made of black, gold, green, and white balloons

Best of all, these Bingo table centerpieces can be easily customized to your event (just pick different color clover balloons), and even deflated to be used year-after-year (as necessary). Let me show you how they come together!

Supplies Needed

Here are the craft supplies needed to make these adorable Bingo Ball Table Centerpieces:

Supplies needed to make Bingo table centerpieces on a white table

How to Assemble DIY Bingo Table Centerpieces | Step-By-Step

Step 1 – Blow Up Balloons

Start by using a straw to blow up the one ball balloon and three clover balloons needed for each centerpiece.

Three clover balloons and one white ball balloon blown up on a white table

To do this, insert a straw into the balloon valve and carefully press it toward the center of the balloon. When you blow air into the straw, it should start to inflate. If it doesn’t, press the straw in further (sometimes the air tubes are quite long).

Using straw to blow up white ball balloon

Once the balloon is fully inflated, carefully and quickly remove the straw to automatically seal the valve shut.

Step 2 – Secure Ribbon to Ball Balloon

Next, cut a piece of curling ribbon into a length of about 30″. Fold it in half and tie (the folded end) around the base of the white ball balloon. When you tie the ribbon, you need TWO long tails extending from the base of the balloon (as shown below).

NOTE: You can try stringing your ribbon through the balloon’s ribbon hole. But every time we tried, the pressure from assembly caused the ribbon to rip the holes apart. We found knotting the ribbon around the balloon base worked better.

White ribbon tied around the base of a white ball balloon

Step 3 – Thread Clover Balloons Onto Ribbon

Next, you will take the two loose ribbon tales and thread the three clover balloons onto them. Start with the clover balloon you want closest to the white ball (in my case, the black clover).

Ribbons strung through the center of a black clover balloon

Next, string on the middle clover balloon…

Ribbons strung through the center of a green clover balloon

…and finish by stringing on the final (bottom) clover balloon. At this point, all three clover balloons should be threaded onto the two ribbon tails extending from the base of the white ball balloon.

Ribbons strung through the center of a gold clover balloon

Step 4 – Secure Balloon Arrangement

Next, you will need to tighten the ribbon strings underneath the bottom of the final clover balloon to cinch everything up tight and hold the entire arrangement together.

I found the easiest way to do this is to place a popsicle stick in the middle (of the under side) of the bottom clover balloon…

Popsicle stick under stack of clover balloons

…then knot the two ribbon tales around the center of the popsicle stick, pulling the ribbons tight enough to hold all four balloons together (snugly).

NOTE: The “clovers” of each layer should offset each other so they nestle into a tighter arrangement.

Ribbons tied around popsicle stick under a stack of clover balloons

The gold balloon with the wooden popsicle stick is bit difficult to see. Below is a better picture of how the ribbons are tied onto the popsicle stick to secure the entire arrangement.

Ribbons tied around popsicle stick under a stack of clover balloons

Once you trim the ribbon tails and turn the arrangement right-side-up, it should sit solidly on a table/surface.

A stack of three clover balloons with a large white ball balloon on top.

Step 5 – Cut Vinyl Bingo Ball Numbers

If you do not own a Cricut machine, you can use a thick Sharpie marker to draw the Bingo ball numbers directly onto the white ball balloons.

However, cutting the numbers from vinyl with an electric cutting machine (such as a Cricut or Silhouette) will give them a more accurate (and professional) appearance.

I have pre-designed and sized all 75 standard Bingo ball numbers for Cricut Design Space; and you can access my cut file HERE.

TIP! If you have a Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore 3 or Cricut Maker 3, I highly recommend using Smart Vinyl (mat-free) so that you can cut all the numbers at one time without having to load/unload mats over and over.

Black Smart Vinyl loaded into Cricut Maker 3

Step 6 – Add Bingo Numbers to Balloons

Once your Bingo ball numbers are cut from black vinyl (and weeded), there is no need to fuss with transfer tape. Simply peel off the letters and numbers and place them, by hand, onto one side of the large white ball balloons. Typically, the (smaller) number is on top and the coordinating number is on the bottom.

G65 Bingo ball table centerpiece made of black, gold, green, and white balloons

Even if you do not make 75 unique Bingo table centerpieces, be sure to make a variety using all five letters (B-I-N-G-O), so as to give the appearance of randomly-called numbers!

Bingo ball table centerpieces made of black, gold, green, and white balloons

Once ready, place onto party tables to serve as tall, eye-catching, and on-theme centerpieces. Because these are so grand, you really won’t need much more to decorate your Bingo hall!

N37 Bingo ball table centerpieces made of black, gold, green, and white balloons

TIP! Did you know you can deflate mylar balloons and use them again? If your event/party is a regular one, don’t hesitate to repurpose the balloons…even the ball balloons with the vinyl numbers deflated without issue! See how: How to Deflate Mylar Balloons | Step-By-Step

This party idea is a bit of a departure from my usual home decor and organization projects. But since we couldn’t find any great Bingo table centerpiece ideas AND we got so many compliments on them from guests, I wanted to share so others could use the idea too.

(And even if you aren’t decorating for a Bingo event, this budget-friendly balloon centerpiece idea can be adapted to any party theme – just pick a different balloon topper!)

See You Soon!