When I first laid my eyes on Cricut Joy, as part of the launch team back in the beginning of this year, my very first thought was: “There are SO many people who could use this!” And my next thought was: “This a such great gift for college students, organizers…SO many people!!!” Today, I want to chat a bit about why Cricut Joy makes the perfect holiday gift, as well as 10 different types of people who’d be ecstatic to find it under the tree. If you’re stumped about what to give some people on your list, consider giving the gift of Cricut crafting this year!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Cricut Joy Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

Why the Cricut Joy Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

The Cricut Joy makes a great holiday gift for so many reasons!

To start, the Joy’s compact size makes it easy to fit into a wide variety of households and lifestyles. It’s not a huge machine that people will have to find space for. It fits in cubbies, baskets, and on bookshelves so even the smallest spaces can accommodate it. And the compatible smaller materials mean you can assemble an entire “craft room” in just a single basket!

The Joy’s lower price-point fits into many holiday budgets. Cricut runs their best sales on machines and materials from Thanksgiving through New Years (RIGHT NOW!)…so this really is the time to go for it (for yourself or someone on your list).

Finally, the Joy’s intuitive functionality makes it ideal for craft experts and novices alike. Current Cricut users will find the Joy familiar and fun to use; while the Cricut Joy App will allow people who have never fired up a Cricut before to get going right away. No matter a person’s interest in crafts, many will find the Joy fun and addicting once they get going!

How to Make Labels with Cricut Joy

What Can You Make With a Cricut Joy?

Just because Cricut Joy is the smallest and most affordable Cricut machine available, doesn’t mean it lacks serious crafting power. In fact, more and more, the Cricut Joy is the machine I pull out for quick labels, wall decals, iron-on designs, and cards!

10 Types of People Who’d Love to Receive a Cricut Joy

Can’t think of anyone who would enjoy having a Cricut Joy? Think again! Here are 10 different kinds of people who are ideal for the small, simple, budget-friendly nature of Cricut Joy!

Professional Organizers – Making gorgeous, on-the-spot, custom labels for clients has never been easier thanks to the Joy’s portability and quick-use app.

College Kids – From school projects and decorating dorm rooms to club/sorority crafts and party decor, the Cricut Joy is great for crafty college kids who want to put their own touch on things.

Kids & Tweens – If your kiddo loves to make things with your big Cricut machine, consider getting them their own, smaller version. Tech-savvy kids will also love using the app to make their own school projects, cards, spirit wear, and decals.

Craft Show Vendors – Do you know a crafter who often customizes their products on site at shows, festivals, or workshops? Again, the portability of Cricut Joy combined with the smaller materials can make this task quicker and easier.

Grammas – Older ladies often want to get into the Cricut world but feel intimidated by the bigger Explore and Maker models. The Joy is definitely easier-to-learn and is a great way to encourage older family members and friends to stay safe-at-home with a fun new hobby!

Teachers – Cricut Joy is the perfect machine for the classroom. Beyond its small and portable size, the matless feature allows teachers to cut LOTs of names, decals, letters, and other designs at one time.

Busy Parents – Perhaps you know someone who LOVES to make hand-made things but never has the time. From teacher and hostess gifts to handmade cards and fun decals, the Cricut Joy will allow your Busy Bee to make all her/his craft dreams come true in the time she/he has!

Apartment/Small Space Dwellers – I don’t mean to sound redundant, but the Cricut Joy is THE Cricut machine for anyone short on space (e.g., apartments, condos, tiny homes, RVs, dorm rooms, etc). As I show above, you can fit everything you need (machine + mats + tools + materials) into a small basket that can be tucked away and pulled out only when needed.

Snowbirds – Do you have a family member who tends to spend part of the year away from their beloved craft space or other Cricut machines? The Cricut Joy is a great way to bring crafting capability to a second home.

Current Cricut Users – Believe it or not, even as an owner of both a Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker, I LOVE having my Cricut Joy. Sure there are times when I need the big, strong power of my Maker; but more often than not, I pull out the Joy for quick and easy projects. If you have a loved one who already has one of the bigger Cricut machines, they will love this new little addition to their collection!

Assemble the Perfect Holiday Gift with Cricut Joy



If you’re assembling a gift for someone who doesn’t yet own anything Cricut, consider buying all the essentials they’ll need to get crafting right away. Here are my picks for the best Cricut Joy essentials for brand new Cricut users:



If you want to go above and beyond the basics, here are some “fancier” things I’d also include for new Cricut users if the budget allows!



If your gift recipient already has a Cricut machine (along with a craft room full of supplies and tools), here is what I recommend gifting so he/she can use the unique features of the Cricut Joy most effectively!


I hope this post gives you some great ideas on how to assemble a great Cricut Joy-themed gift (as well for whom!) If you have any questions about anything I have here, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you. Otherwise, get over to Cricut.com because their holiday sales are AMAZING!

See You Soon!