When I first learned about and got to use the Cricut Joy, one of my very first impressions was “professional organizers are going to love this!” Why? Because for the first time ever, it was possible to make custom labels for client’s homes, on the spot, in a matter of minutes. But despite the Cricut Joy’s ease of use (hello mat-free cutting!), there was still one time-consuming hurdle: Cricut Design Space. As any Cricut user can attest, the software required to use a Cricut machine can have a steep learning curve, making even the simplest projects a bit tedious. But then Cricut released the brand-new Cricut Joy App, and all that has changed! More than ever before, creating vinyl labels (or any labels for that matter!) is pretty much as quick as using a label maker, and the options are essentially limitless! Today I want to show you how to make labels with the Cricut Joy App so you can get labeling aaaalll the things in the quickest, easiest way possible!

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

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I am super efficient and not-at-all scared of working in Cricut Design Space. But sometimes having aaaaalll the options can lead you down an unnecessary rabbit hole, turning what was supposed to be a simple project into a big ol’ production. #guilty Recently, I wanted to make some quick labels for Henry’s room makeover. The emphasis here being on quick, I figured it was a good time to try out the new Cricut Joy App.

For a while now, there has been a dedicated Cricut Design Space App, which gives you a lot of the functionality of the desktop software. But this new app is specifically designed for use with Cricut Joy. As a reminder, the Joy was designed to be compact, transportable, easy, and quick…so eliminating the need for a computer and complicated software simply paired intuitive, quick technology with the already-efficient machine.

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

Admittedly, when I first opened and started playing with the Cricut Joy App, I was a bit frustrated. It was actually so basic that I couldn’t do a lot of the “specialty” design functions I’m used to doing in Cricut Design Space. But then it occurred to me that that is the beauty of it. When you don’t want to fuss, agonize or take on a huge project, the Cricut Joy App allows you to make smart, stylish, easy-to-read labels and decals with total ease! Let me walk you through it!

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How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

Instead of boring you with loads of screenshots, I figured it was best and easiest to show you the Cricut Joy App in action. Here’s my exact screencast as I made a bunch of labels for Henry’s room. NOTE: If you can’t see the video, disable your ad blocker and it should show up!

If you can’t or don’t want to watch the video…here are some “Cliff Notes.”

The app includes options for more than just labels. You can also create quick vinyl decals, iron-on designs and paper crafts too!

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy AppI’m cutting out basic vinyl word labels for this project, but there are also options for drawn labels that you can make combining the Smart Label and Cricut Joy pens.

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

After selecting your label design, you can customize the dimensions to anything that fits onto the Cricut Joy. By setting the size at the start, you’ll end up with a set of labels all the same size/design.

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy AppThere’s no need to fuss with text boxes, sizing, spacing etc. Simply type your labels into the quick “text add”  feature…

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App…and the app perfectly populates each label for you! (Best thing ever!)

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy AppAnd best of all for newbies…once you create your design and click the green “Make It” button, the Cricut Joy App provides you with very visual, step-by-step instructions. This means you don’t need to remember what comes next or refer back to my blog posts for what to do. Just follow the in-app screen prompts for loading tools into the housing, feeding material into the machine…

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

…cut progress, and more!

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

The Cricut Joy App allows you to select any compatible materials and cutting specifications, just like you would in Cricut Design Space. So if you don’t have any Smart vinyls on hand, cutting vinyl labels on a mat is (almost) just as quick and easy! After designing your labels, just select “Premium Vinyl” as your material choice (rather than Smart Vinyl), and the app will automatically prompt you to cut vinyl a specific size (based on your project), load it on a mat, and proceed with mat-specific cutting instructions:

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

Finishing Your Labels

Finally, once the machine is done cutting, the Cricut Joy App will provide you with detailed instructions for applying your finished labels to your projects. These steps include weeding the labels with a weeding tool

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

…using transfer tape to pick up the vinyl labels…

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

…and placing your finished designs onto whatever it is your labeling!

How to Make Labels with the Cricut Joy App

I am GA GA over these “new” memory boxes for the boys’ closets! I can’t wait to show you how I made them next week!

Playing with the new Cricut Joy app was a really interesting “exercise” for me. At first, I was super frustrated that I couldn’t really make anything “fancy,” and I set it aside for a few weeks. Then, when I just needed some labeling projects done and off my To Do List, I gave it another go and was beyond smitten with the smooth, simple functionality of this cute little app. I was reminded that easy and done is often better than tedious and time-consuming. And the very next day I even used it again to whip up quick decals for all of Sam’s back-to-school items…no computer or complex software needed. If you are a professional organizer, teacher, or just love using your Cricut Joy on the go, be sure to give the new Cricut Joy App a try because it’s a serious time saver!


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