For a few years, Henry has had a mini Christmas tree in his room. He always loves getting it out and decorating it himself, and we all love the soft glow it gives the room the whole season long. This year, Sammy is finally old enough to have a tree too, so we went off to Target for him to pick out his own. While we found plenty of tree options, we were a little underwhelmed with the mini Christmas tree skirt choices…the sequin+fur combo just wasn’t what we had in mind. Thankfully, tree skirts are super easy to make and I knew whipping up a mini version was something I could easily fit into the baby’s (too-short) naptime! If you’re looking for a fun way to personalize and customize a mini tree in your home, this 15-minute, no-sew version is just the ticket!

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

One of the really fun things about making your own mini Christmas tree skirt is that you can customize it by picking out any fabric you like! The navy blue star fabric I picked for Sam’s room nor the black arrow fabric I picked for Henry’s don’t exactly scream “Christmas,” yet they are still very festive while matching their bedroom scheme’s perfectly!

The key to keeping this project easy and no-sew is to pick fabric that doesn’t fray or need hemming. I chose two festive minky patterns, but felt, flannel and fleece would also work great! This time of year, all these cozy fabrics are frequently on sale, and when you combine them with a coupon, it makes for a very budget-friendly project as well!

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

To me, nothing says “Christmas” more than pom-pom trim, and a single spool is just enough to edge the mini tree skirt while providing some holiday charm!

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

With less than a yard of fabric and about 15-minutes, you can whip up a customized mini Christmas tree skirt to match any room in your home! Let me show you how easy this comes together!

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

Supplies Needed

For a mini Christmas tree skirt, you will need:

Cutting the Fabric

I don’t know about you, but cutting a perfect circle by hand is not something I find easy. So to ensure you end up with a perfect circle for your tree skirt, I suggest making a simple template using a piece of cardstock. Before you do so, first decide how big you want your mini Christmas tree skirt to be. Most off-the-shelf versions are 18″, but if you have a slightly bigger tree, you may want to adjust your measurements.

Using a ruler or a pencil on a string, create a quarter circle with a radius of either:

  • 9″ = 18″ tree skirt
  • 10″ = 20″ tree skirt
  • 11″ = 22″ tree skirt

TIP! Do you have a Cricut or other e-cutter machine? Simply cut a perfect quarter circle in the measurements you want!

Once you have your perfect quarter circle, cut it out of the cardstock to serve as your pattern!

To cut out a circle from your fabric using the pattern, follow these steps:

  1. First, fold your fabric in half (length-wise) and then in half again (width-wise) so that you have a folded point with folds on two sides.
  2. Line up the point of the template with the corner of your folded fabric.
  3. Use a fabric pen or chalk roller to trace the template onto the fabric.
  4. Cut along the drawn line.
  5. Before unfolding your tree skirt circle, use a smaller object (a glass, spool, vase all work great) to trace a smaller quarter circle at the pointed tip of the triangle.
  6. Cut this smaller quarter circle out as well.


Once you un-fold the fabric, you will be left with a perfect circle with a smaller circle cut out of the center!

Next, use a scissors to slice up one side of the tree skirt. Keep this in mind:

  • If you want your tree skirt to be really full, just make a single cut.
  • If you want your tree skirt to lay perfectly flat around your tree, remove a wedge of fabric that is approximately 2″ wide.

Don’t overthink your cuts here, just slice up the side of the skirt!

Finish the Skirt

If you’re really in a hurry, you can stop there. Simply toss the skirt around the base of any mini tree. However, with just a few more minutes, you can give your skirt a more finished and festive edge.

Using a hot glue gun, secure the pom-pom trim to the edge of the underside of the skirt with the pom-poms extended out over the edge, as shown below. Take your time…working with hot glue in a detailed way like this can be a little messy and frustrating. Thankfully, all the ugly glue will be on the underside of the skirt!

If you make your skirt to be 22″ like I did, a single roll of pom-pom trim will be just enough to go up one slice of the skirt. This doesn’t bother me since the two flaps will overlap (thereby concealing the raw edge on one side), but if you want your pom-poms to cover all your edges, you will need a second roll.

With the pom-pom trim glued on all the way around (and all the annoying glue strings removed), there is one final (optional) step. If you want your tree skirt to close, hot glue some tabs of Velcro along the flaps, as shown below. You’ll want one side of the Velcro secured to the top of one panel and the other half of the Velcro glued the underside of the other panel (preferably the one with the pom-pom trim)…

…so when you close the skirt, the pom-pom edge overlaps and covers the non-pom-pom edge! If you don’t like the Velcro option (or don’t have any on hand), you can also hot-glue small ribbons to either flap and tie the mini Christmas tree skirt shut. You also don’t need to do anything to close it up…since it’s such a full circle, you can overlap the panels in the back and it likely won’t pull apart!

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

With that, you can secure the mini skirt around any mini tree to give it a more festive and polished appearance!

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

Although I didn’t set off to find these darker, metallic fabrics, when I came across them, I had a hunch they would look so so good in the boys’ rooms! The edginess of them actually feels so fun and fresh, and we all adore them! And I love that they now have their own unique tree and set of accessories that they can pull out each year to help celebrate the holidays!

P.S. Do you need a bigger skirt for your tree? My XL version is pretty much just as easy and also really budget-friendly!


See You Soon!