A holiday season unlike any other is upon us! And while we may not be throwing big parties this year, you might be looking for fun and simple projects that can make your at-home celebrations a little more festive. No matter who or how many you’re hosting around your holiday table, drink charms are always a fun way to help guests keep track of their beverages. And with just a few off-the-shelf supplies from the craft store, you can create a festive set in just an afternoon. These sparkly DIY Snowflake Wine Charms are perfect for the winter holiday season and into the New Year, and couldn’t be easier to make. Let me show you how!

Wine Charms

These drink charms are made out of small die-cut wooden snowflake ornaments from the craft store. I bought mine ages ago from Michaels, but they are still easy to find in all sorts of holiday shapes and designs.  When paired with different colors of glitter and basic earring hoops, the simple ornaments become a very cheery way to keep track of your wine glass!

Wine Charms

Supplies Needed

Here is what you need to make these DIY Snowflake Wine Charms:

Paint & Glitter the Ornaments

To give the drink charms a really saturated look, you’ll pair craft paint with matching glitter. So select which colors you want for your drink charms and match up some glitter to go with each one.

Next, paint each ornament a different color using a small sponge brush. Allow them to dry, and then repeat on the other side. You won’t need much paint, and they dry very quickly.

Once both sides of all the ornaments are painted and dry, coat them with a layer of Mod Podge and douse them in coordinating glitter. A glitter tray helps keep this step quick and mess-free.

Once the layer of glitter/glue is dry, coat each ornament with another layer of Mod Podge. This protects and seals in the glitter, preventing messes on your guests and holiday table!

Assemble the Wine Charms

The last step is to hook the glittered ornaments onto the earring rings to make them into wine charms.

Start by threading the snowflake onto the ring…

Then, using a needle-nose or jewelry pliers, bend the loop already on the ring backwards so that it stands up perpendicular to the hoop.

Next, bend the other end of the ring into a ‘U’ shape so that it hooks into the loop on the other end.

To close the wine charm, simply hook the U-shape into the bent up loop. Then just repeat with the remaining ornaments and hooks to complete your set of wine charms!

Wine Charms

These DIY Snowflake Wine Charms hook onto glass stems really easily and stay put while bringing a dose of sparkle to whatever you’re serving! Have them ready-to-go on glasses on your drink table or keep them in a bowl for guests to grab as needed.

Wine Charms

Wine Charms

These adorable charms don’t only have to go on wine glasses. Depending on the shape of your cups, they are also perfect for mugs at a hot chocolate party or winter brunch.

Wine Charms

These festive wine charms are a fun, easy, and oh-so-adorable addition to any winter soiree. They sparkle and shine, bring a great dose of color to any tablescape, and are super useful in keeping the right drinks in the right hands.

With so many little wooden ornaments available these days, you can easily make a set to match your party. Or, considering pairing a set with a bottle of wine to make a complete hostess gift. Six years later, we still have ours and bring them out every winter. I hope you give them a try too!

Wine Charms

See You Soon!