Phew! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and survived the shopping weekend! Now that the holiday season is officially in full swing, I’m ready to start rolling out some fun festive projects for you! To kick off the month, I’m sharing the latest printable kit to be uploaded to The Organization Toolbox: Printable Holiday Gift Tags! This gorgeous and versatile set of printable tags will ensure you never run out (especailly at the last minute!) Plus, they couldn’t be cuter to wrap with or easier to use! Let me show you!

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

This 21 page printable kit is filled with all sorts of festive tags for you to print and use in a variety of ways!

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Some tags are perfect for tying onto treats for the neighbors…

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

For special gifts under the tree…

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Or even your holiday mail!

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Whether you print them in color or in black-and-white, on printer paper or off-the-shelf labels, they are sure to give your holiday gifts a little something special!

What’s Included in the Printable Holiday Tags Kit

This kit includes gift tags in three different shapes: tags, squares and circles. They are available in a cheery, festive palette, as well as black-and-white (for more traditional wrapping or if you want to pick your paper color!) The kit also includes a few pattern sheets that you can use on the backs of tags or as additional decorations.

All of the gift tag designs in this kit are formatted to fit off-the-shelf AVERY products: pre-cut tags, labels and stickers. And by pairing my printable gift tags with these ready-to-go products, making your pretty tags really is quick and easy…even if it is Christmas Eve!

The Tags

The tag shape design fits AVERY 22802 tags. Simply run off any of my tag pages onto this paper and then perforate along the edges to have tags ready in minutes!

TIP! After printing your gift tags on one side, flip the paper over and run it through the printer again so that one of the cute (included) patterns prints on the back! It will give a more finished and festive look to your DIY tags!

Printable Holiday Gift Tags Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Available in 6 different colors and 3 different designs, you’ll be sure to find just the right ones for any bag or box you’re wrapping!

The Circles and Squares

The circle and square gift tags are both sized 2″ x 2″, which means they will work with a wide variety of AVERY products including Glossy White, Silver Foil, Gold Foil, and Kraft Paper labels! By using my templates with these products, you are able to create a plethora of holiday stickers that are ready to go onto anything! With all these options, you will be sure to find a look that works with your packages.

Printable Holiday Gift Tags Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Cutting the Labels By Hand

I am admittedly an office supply geek and don’t mind stocking up on various label and sticker sheets for all my project needs. However, I realize you may not want to use these pricer products or you may not have them in a pinch. As such, I’ve made it super easy to cut your labels by hand thanks to some printer-ready templates!

By using these templates in conjunction with any of the holiday gift tag pages, you will have guidelines to help you cut out your tags perfectly!

Here’s How It Works:

  • First print off the gift tags you want to use onto the paper of your choice.
  • Then, re-load your already-printed paper into your printer exactly as you did the first time. TIP! You may want to make a little mark on the paper so you know which way it should be oriented.
  • Finally, print off the matching template (found at the end of the Printable Gift Tag Kit) on the same side as your first print.

This process will give you light outlines on any page you want to use so that you can cut out the tags by hand!

For the tag-shaped designs, I recommend a paper trimmer to get nice clean edges.

2″ punches (circle, square) work great for the other designs. The squares can also be easily cut with scissors or a paper trimmer!

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

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Whether you print these Printable Gift Tags onto cardstock, sticker paper, scrapbook paper, or the AVERY templates, they are a fun, quick and easy way to address and decorate your holiday packages and mail! I hope you enjoy them!

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

See You Soon!