Over the years, I’ve experimented with lots of different color schemes for our homes…which in turn means I’ve used lots of different color schemes for our holiday decorations! In general, I find my Christmas decor looks a lot more natural and sophisticated (and less cluttered!) when it matches…or at least coordinates with…the color scheme of our year-round decor. One of my favorite colors I’ve used in the past is green! Although red and green are considered the “usual” Christmas colors, pairing green Christmas decorations alongside silver, gold, or white proves to be a super chic alternative. Read on for lots of gorgeous ways to incorporate green into your holiday home!

Black bookcases filled with green Christmas decorations.

Why Use Green In Your Christmas Decor?

Green is…quite obviously…one of the more popular Christmas colors. Not only is it red’s partner on all things decor, cookies, outfits, and more. But since green is also the color of fresh pine, it is a natural and common element in traditional Christmas decor, including trees, garlands, and wreaths!

Black bookcases filled with green Christmas decorations.

But there’s another reason green works so nicely in holiday decor, no matter what colors you already have throughout a space. Because green is the color of nature, items such as plants, branches, and trees all act as the perfect “neutral” in our everyday homes. Their brightness convey a freshness that no other color does, and the green immediately “wakes up” other colors throughout the room.

By using greens in your Christmas decor scheme, it will seamlessly integrate with any existing color scheme while also infusing that same bright freshness you crave during the holiday season! Instead of pairing green with strong colors such as red or blue though, consider making green the “star” of your holiday “show.” Here are some gorgeous ideas for creating a super sophisticated display with just this one color!

Fresh Greens Only

One decoration idea is to use fresh greenery only! Not only do eucalyptus or evergreen branches on stairwells, mantels, and doorways give off a lovely scent, but there is immense beauty in their all-natural simplicity. While you certainly can use floral wire to add tiny ornaments or a bead garland, oftentimes some pinecones and large bows are all that is needed to make these natural elements a little more festive!

I’ve personally never used fresh greens in our homes, but here are a few stunning inspirations that caught my eye and reminded me how great simple greens can look!

Green-on-Green Decor Scheme

Another way to create a rich visual display using just green Christmas decorations is to mix up the hues. Pairing lime green with kelly green and forest green keeps your decor both simple to execute and visually interesting.

Black bookcases filled with green Christmas decorations.

Christmas ornaments, baubles, garland, beads, and ribbon now come in pretty much any shade you can think of, making it easy to create a cohesive look. To keep your decor from looking random and unintentional though, be sure to include a balance of all shades throughout your space.

Mini Ornament Wreaths | Picture Ornaments

Silver, White, & Green Decor Scheme

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to use green throughout your holiday home is to pair it with silver and white. Silver serves as its own sparkly neutral and creates a truly magical display when layered together with white and vibrant green!

Whether you’re adding a fresh wreath above a mantle with satin ribbon…

Black bookcases filled with green Christmas decorations.

…shiny baubles on shelves…

Large green Christmas ornament next to silver bell.

…mini ornaments in a vase as a dining room table centerpiece…

Black table filled with green Christmas decorations.

Hot Chocolate Bar with green and silver decorations.

…sparkly tiny trees for a tabletop display…

…or velvet pillows on your winter bedding…

Green velvet pillows on a bed with a silver mirror above.

…the white, silver, and green combination creates a classic, festive vibe without being too overt or distracting.

Here are a few other gorgeous green, silver and white inspirations I love!

Gold & Green Christmas Decor Scheme

Another combination that is truly charming is pairing kelly or forest green with gold or copper. Although you can use this combination on pine/green trees, it’s especially gorgeous on a silver tree, flocked tree, or white Christmas tree.

Mini Christmas tree with gold, silver, and green ornaments.

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt | Paper Star Ornaments | DIY Mini Gifts

Here is some more gorgeous green and gold Christmas tree inspiration!

Green Christmas Decor Picks

I couldn’t help but poke around to see what fresh new green Christmas decorations are available! Here are some gorgeous finds to add into your holiday home!

Collection of Green Christmas Decorations

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22

I haven’t used green in our holiday decor in quite a few years, but all these inspiration pictures remind me how gorgeous it can look when paired with metallics and neutrals. I just might need to grab a few of these lovely finds and give green a try again…next year!

See You Soon!