Hello everyone! Are you all busily getting ready for Christmas? I am this close to being all done with my shopping…and as for the house? I will say this about being on a holiday home tour – it makes you get your decor up really early so you can actually enjoy it! For the past few weeks, I’ve been able to enjoy all the sparkle and really soak in all that Christmas spirit (which is good since the holiday season is so short this year!)

One of the very first places I decorated in our home this year was our dining room; and I have to say, of all that I’ve done throughout our house this time around, this room is my absolute favorite! I didn’t do anything too fancy in here and didn’t go crazy with too many crafts, which is perhaps why I think it turned out so simply stunning! For this year, I used silvers and greens found in ornaments and simple silhouettes against our cobalt blue walls to make one festive display!

 This is one (rare!) occasion I think I’ll let the photos do most of the talking!

Holiday Dining Room 2013-001

Holiday Dining Room 2013-002

Holiday Dining Room 2013-003

Holiday Dining Room 2013-004

Holiday Dining Room 2013-005

Holiday Dining Room 2013-006

Holiday Dining Room 2013-007

A small tree in a simple bucket brought some fresh green and sparkly lights to this space!

Holiday Dining Room 2013-008

And now over to the other side of the room…just some simple touches to balance out the bookcases.

Holiday Dining Room 2013-009

Holiday Dining Room 2013-010

Our Nativity Scene, which usually finds a new home each year, looks so stunning against our blue walls that I think this will be its home from now on. The silver stars hung from the ceiling call to mind that very first O Holy Night!

Holiday Dining Room 2013-011

In the center of our table, I placed some more ornaments and a candle alongside a vibrant (and oh-so-sweet smelling) rosemary bush!

Holiday Dining Room 2013-012

I had to include just one more glance of this bookcase because it’s my very favorite display this year. I kinda wish I could keep it dolled up like this all year!

Holiday Dining Room 2013-013

And there you have it – a very festive Christmas done in all greens and silvers!

Holiday Dining Room 2013-014

I have some more fun things to show you this week, so check back frequently! I’ve got a lot to squeeze in before Christmas arrives! Next up, I’ll show you how I made some very sparkly pinecones!


See You Soon!