It’s Christmas week! Are you ready? I’ve got all my Christmas shopping and crafting done at this point, and hopefully you do too! I’m sure you’re totally Christmas crafted out and the glue gun is put away for the season, but I’m really excited to show you this project today anyway! If you’re in need of a super last-minute hostess or neighbor gift idea, I’ve got just the thing for you! (We made these adorable and oh-so-festive Mini Monogram Wreaths for Henry’s teachers. You’ve probably given your teacher’s gifts already, so bookmark this one for end-of-year gifts or next year!)

Mini Monogram Wreaths-001

These were really simple and honestly, were really fun to put together! Here’s what you need:

  1. Yarn – the thicker and woolier the better! I bought mine at Michaels using a coupon.
  2. 8″ Wreath Forms – You can find these at the Dollar Store. I always have a bunch in stock for projects/gifts like these!
  3. Glue Gun & Hot Glue – lots and lots of hot glue 😉
  4. Scissors
  5. Cardboard Letters – (optional) – These are punched out a of a pack of die cut cardboard letters I bought at Michaels, also with a coupon.
  6. Mini Ornaments and Embellishments – I snagged these little boxes of ornaments at Target for $3 a box and separated out the colors for each wreath. I didn’t end up using the stars, but did embellish with other sparkly embellishments (not pictured below) from Michaels. I was making wreaths for four teachers, so I l really liked the monochromatic theme, but you can mix and match as you like!
  7. Glitter & Glue – to glitter the monograms.

Mini Monogram Wreaths-002

The most time intensive part of this project is wrapping the wreaths with yarn. To save time, you could wrap the wreath forms with fabric or ribbon first and then just do a single layer of yarn. I had plenty of yarn (and time), so I just went ahead and did two rounds of yarn to cover the wreath form completely. I also find it’s easiest to cut the yarn into 5 yard lengths and wrap and secure the ends to the back of the wreath form as you go (rather than passing the ball of yarn through the small wreath form over and over).

Mini Monogram Wreaths-003

I just love that comfy-cozy look of the yarn, don’t you?!? So the wreath can be easily hung, I added a simple ribbon tab to the back with hot glue.

Mini Monogram Wreaths-004

Once my wreaths were all wrapped, I turned my attention to the embellishments. I started by glittering my letters in my four colors. Although I planned to use glue (pictured above), I found the spray adhesive gave better coverage for the glitter.

Mini Monogram Wreaths-005

Next, just play and fiddle around with your embellishments until you get a look you like, and then secure all the different balls and bulbs with liberal amounts of hot glue. I found I really liked the combination of one glittery flower and a few balls on one side of the monogram, and then a small ornament cluster on the other side. I just love all the glittery, shinny, hard and soft textures mixed together!

Mini Monogram Wreaths-006

Mini Monogram Wreaths-007

Here’s how my four wreaths turned out. All a little different, but also put together in a very similar fashion!

Mini Monogram Wreaths-008

Mini Monogram Wreaths-009

As I mentioned above, we used these mini wreaths as teachers’ gifts. I made these wreaths 100% by myself but I really wanted to get Henry in on the gifts too so I let him color the gift bags for each teacher. I bought some white gift bags at Michaels, and then one bag at a time, set out out same-color crayons, markers and colored pencils and let him go to town!

Mini Monogram Wreaths-010

Mini Monogram Wreaths-011

While he colored, I worked on the gift tags. I found this set of glittered cards at Michaels as well. I was so excited that the colors matched our wreaths perfectly. Instead of just writing cards, I used the Cricut to cut out initial tags for each bag!

Mini Monogram Wreaths-012

Mini Monogram Wreaths-013

I also used color-coordinating tissue paper to complete the monochromatic scheme! Here they are all wrapped up!

Mini Monogram Wreaths-014

Mini Monogram Wreaths-015

These were so much fun to make, and I am so excited about the end result. I really hope his teachers enjoyed them! While they do take a bit of time (well, at least wrapping the wreaths does!), they are a pretty inexpensive gift, coming in at about $5 each! Like I said before, pin these now for next year!!

Mini Monogram Wreaths-016

I’m off wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas. While I’ll be spending most of the next few weeks with family, pop in every now and then because I do have some more projects to share!


See You Soon!