As promised, I am back today with our first stop on our Virtual Holiday Home Tour – our entryway, living room and playroom!

A few years ago, I had a holiday decorating epiphany (back when I was trying to make all my red holiday decor work in our orange living room!). After pouring through magazines and looking online at beautiful holiday homes, I realized that a lot of these homes worked with their everyday decor, not against their everyday decor when adding holiday touches. (See the lightbulb going off now?) Ever since, I have approached my holiday decor a bit differently. Instead of grabbing and using every holiday item I see and love, I try to pick items that will either match or compliment my existing decor. I think this approach creates a more seamless transition into the holidays AND keeps your home from having a Christmas-themed identity crisis. This year, I decided to go the full-on “matching” approach, and I have to admit I am just smitten. May I present to you, our Turquoise, Blue, and Silver Christmas!

Holiday Living Room 2013-001

Okay, fair warning. Be prepared for picture overload! I had my lovely friend/neighbor Jessica come over and shoot some photos of our holiday home before the tour on Friday night. Between her shots and mine, there were just too many to choose among, so I included a ton!

This is the view that greets you as you walk into our home! Our tree was round and bushy this year, and I covered it end-to-end with any and all royal, turquoise, silver and white ornaments, beads and garlands I could find in my stash.

Holiday Living Room 2013-002

And yes, your eyes do not deceive you. I sprayed our tree with spray “snow” from Home Depot. I was terrified to try it, fearing a gigantic mess. But it worked wonderfully, the mess was easily cleaned up, and the silvery-white tree worked so much better in our grey and white space!

Holiday Living Room 2013-003

Under the tree went a brand-new extra-large tree skirt (tutorial on Friday!) and some beautifully wrapped presents. I stuck to all white and silver wrapping this year with blue and silver trimmings as accents!

Holiday Living Room 2013-004

And if you’ve been coming around here for a while, you know that our Thomas trains can’t be too far away at any one time. Because the train table went into the garage (just so the tree could go in front of the window), we placed our train track around the tree, and our Sodor Island friends await in a matching bucket!

Holiday Living Room 2013-005

Holiday Living Room 2013-006

Back on the other side of the tree (and behind the front door) is a nook many of you have seen dressed up for various holidays, but this display might be one of my favorites ever!

Holiday Living Room 2013-007

Our bookcase/mantel has gotten into the theme too!

Holiday Living Room 2013-008

I found a bunch of pinecones in a nearby park and gave them a major glitter treatment in coordinating colors! (It’s a super fun project that I’ll show you here soon!) A few other wintery accents combined with some trees make this a clean yet festive display!

Holiday Living Room 2013-010

Holiday Living Room 2013-009

Holiday Living Room 2013-011

The blue tree (above right) was one of my old cone trees just given a new dress. I cut lots and lots of pretty turquoise tulle into 3″ strips and then gathered them (with my sewing machine) into one huge, gathered garland. I then hot glued the garland around a paper mache cone. I love her fluffiness and fullness compared to most of my other trim and slim trees 😉

And then there’s the wreath. This huge ornament and feather wreath. It brings so much WOW to this side of the room, and I love it. I love it so much that I will choose to ignore that it caused me to go back to the store TWICE for more ornaments (bad planning on my part!) and I had to re-arrange my ornaments several times (did you know that a hair dryer will melt hot glue?!?) Folks, I wish I had a pretty little tutorial all tied up with a bow to share with you, but this one was a try, start over, try again, oh-no, un-do, try again sort of project. I’ll see what kind of pictures I have from the journey, and see if I can piece a tutorial together for you. But no promises 😉 But she sure is pretty, isn’t she?!?

Holiday Living Room 2013-012

All together, this mantel ties in my blue and silver theme while feeling cozy and wintery at the same time!

Holiday Living Room 2013-013

On the entryway table, I placed four of my trees from last year with a glittery reindeer. Nothing here is new, I just gave all my old trees new dresses by layering textured fabrics over them. Everything is temporary so I can un-do and re-do as the years go on! That fur tree (the fabric was leftover from my wedding – thanks Mom!) is my favorite! Such great texture in this little space!

Holiday Living Room 2013-014

On the other side of the tree, a bunch of Henry’s toys got put away (just for the season), and I added our cherished Christmas stockings and put a few holiday trinkets on display. The felt snowflakes on the wall were from JoAnns years ago, and I have used them over and over again in different ways each year. These are held on with scotch tape and haven’t budged!

Holiday Living Room 2013-015

I carried our theme right on over to the other side of our great room into our living/tv-watching area.

Holiday Living Room 2013-016

Holiday Living Room 2013-017

Holiday Living Room 2013-018

Holiday Living Room 2013-019

I made these ornament trees using this tutorial (only instead of knitting needles, I used skinny wooden dowels). I love that not a lick of glue is used on these, so I can disassemble them for easy storage! But boy, do they make a statement over on this side of the room, don’t they?!?

Holiday Living Room 2013-020

Onto our couch, I layered all of our regular pillows with the holiday pillows I made last year!

Holiday Living Room 2013-021

Holiday Living Room 2013-022

And on the ottoman in front of the couch, I added more of that furry fabric, a reindeer candelabra, and a votive full of matching candy canes (which my little guy can’t keep his hands off of now that he’s discovered they are not just one of my mom’s decorations but something very tasty indeed!)

Holiday Living Room 2013-023

Here’s a sneak peek many of you haven’t seen yet. I finally added some frames to our great striped wall (but the truth? I haven’t found quite enough things to fill them yet, so two of them are really just empty!) So, I had some quick chalkboard art printed at Staples to fill the frames for the season. This cost me about $12 total and received some of the most comments during our home tour. Best on-the-fly idea ever!

Holiday Living Room 2013-024

It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve given you a glance at this full space. My friend Jessica snapped these photos and I love them. Not only can you get a good sense for how this huge room is laid out, but you can see how all these holiday items work together!

Holiday Living Room 2013-025

Holiday Living Room 2013-026

Phew! Are you exhausted? And that was just the entryway/living room/playroom! We have so much more to cover! On Friday, I am going to show you how easy it was to make that oversized tree skirt, and next week, we’ll continue with the home tour! See you then!


See You Soon!