Last week, I showed you our made-over printer nook. While a cheap desk and tailored-made table skirt concealed the printer and filing cabinet underneath, I was then left with a bare surface to decorate and style up top. Although I originally made over this cork board for the other side of the room, I couldn’t help but feel it was really better placed in this nook. I could reach it better, and it filled this wall oh-so-perfectly.

The problem? The flowered fabric was no longer working with some of the more recent decor choices I had made in this space (i.e., gold polka dots, gold lamps, and striped curtains!). My solution? A 30 minute makeover that made a world of difference!

Gold-Striped Cork Board 1

For those of you relatively new here, I found this over-sized framed cork board from HomeGoods last year.

Gold-Striped Cork Board 2

The color of the frame wasn’t quite right, so I gave it a pretty white paint job. To give it a bit more pizzazz, I also covered the cork board with flowered fabric. You can read all the details of this makeover HERE.

Gold-Striped Cork Board 3

Gold-Striped Cork Board 4

As I said before, the flowered fabric wasn’t quite working for me anymore. Fortunately, a gentle tug and the fabric (applied with spray adhesive) pulled right off the cork! I then taped off some 2″ stripes across the width of the cork board.

Gold-Striped Cork Board 5

Using the gold paint I had on hand from this project, I gave the stripes two coats of paint with a 2″ angled brush (and used a smaller brush for the edges close to the frame). This paint dries super fast, so I was able to re-coat within 20 minutes or so!

Gold-Striped Cork Board 6

After the second coat, I pulled off the tape to reveal perfectly clean stripes. I was a little worried I would get a lot of jagged edges with the porousness of the cork, but my lines ended up nice and tidy (phew, because I didn’t have a back-up plan!).

Gold-Striped Cork Board 7

Within an hour, the paint was dry and I could pin up my inspiration images, fabrics for my recent project, and other clippings I don’t want to loose site of!

Gold-Striped Cork Board 8

The flowers were fun, but the metallic stripes were exactly the graphic pop this nook needed!

Gold-Striped Cork Board 9

I love simple updates that don’t require a ton of work and can be done start-to-finish during naptime! Such a small project with big impact!

Gold-Striped Cork Board 10

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I’m taking the rest of the week off to spend time with family. See you next week with the start of some holiday decorating 🙂

See You Soon!