In my home and here on the blog, I try to do original and unique projects. Even when I see something I love on Pinterest, I often challenge myself to tweak the concept just enough to call it my own. Well friends, this is not one of those times. The fact of the matter is that sometimes I come across something that is just so awesome (that I can’t stop thinking about it and relentlessly search my home for a blank wall to do the same thing to!), that there’s no use trying to re-invent the wheel or put my own spin on it. That is the case with my DIY Gold Polka Dot Wall. Somebody else has done it (well, actually, a lot of people have done it). It is awesome, and I really wanted to do it too. So I did. And it makes me SO SO SO happy! Let me show you how easy this is!

I first fell in love with the idea of a DIY Gold Polka Dot Wall when I came across this amazing coral dresser and its gold-polka-dotted backdrop (bottom left). Then, when I saw this room makeover (bottom right), the deal was done and I was immediately ordering some metallic gold contact paper.

I’ve shown you a few sneak peaks of the wall already over the course of the last week…here with our new stools

…and here with our new office/craft storage towers!


But today, I want to show you the whole thing, including how I did it, and explain why it was the best 1-hour project I think I’ve ever done!

Materials Needed

For this project, you will need:

How To DIY a Gold Polka Dot Wall

I’m honestly not sure which came first: my desire to do something with this blank wall at the far end of our office/craft room or my desire to do a dotted wall treatment somewhere in my house. Either way, it was the perfect solution for adding some “wow” to this space!

I am not a good stenciler, and since we’re “renting” this house, anything we do to the walls must be un-done. As such, some sort of vinyl/stick-on option was my preference. I found this beautiful metallic gold contact paper on Amazon for $15 (it’s no longer available but this is a good alternative).

To start, cut your vinyl or contact paper into 2″ circles with a Cricut machine or other e-cutter (I used about 3/4 of the 9′ roll.)  If you don’t have an e-cutter, you could also cut these out with a circle punch; but then this might be more of a 90 minute project versus a 1 hour project 😉

Once the first batch is cut, start applying the dots to the wall in a random fashion. You can place them in any layout or pattern you like. I just placed my dots more concentrated at the top and then less concentrated as I moved down the wall. As needed, load up your machine with more vinyl and let it cut while you continue to place circles on the wall. The main reason this project was so quick is because there is no measuring involved, but I do recommend stepping back every so often to see where more or less dots are needed. When cut from vinyl or contact paper, the dots should be easy to remove and re-position as needed!

 I kid you not, within an hour, I was done!


 This paper shimmers and shines in the light, bringing a life and vibrancy to this side of the room. It was such a simple and inexpensive project that has major impact!


  Here’s a shot of the entire wall from as far back as I can get…


 And the final before and after shot:


Sometimes going along with a trend isn’t such a bad thing if it makes you so happy. For so long, this office/craft room felt dull and in-cohesive. With the addition of some simple gold dots, it’s a happy and energetic place to work! This DIY Gold Polka-Dot Wall really helped pull together other elements in this room, and it’s finally starting to look finished! There’s lots more to show you so stay tuned!

 I hope you all have a great weekend! See you back here next week!Megan


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