With under a year left in this 5th house of our’s, I have a lot of full room reveals to tackle in the coming months for you guys (everything is mostly done, I just need to get snapping!). While I tend to blog in “real time” as projects and spaces are completed, I also like to do one final post that shows the full evolution of a room, captures all my favorite photos, and contains all the links for every project from the space in one single post! (You can find other full room reveals HERE.) I know I’ve totally saturated you with posts and updates of our Office/Craft Room (ummm…25 of them to be exact – eek!), but it was a long and tough space to get right. So for old readers who have been here every step of the way: I promise this is the last one (but there is even a new update, so keep your eye out for it!) And for new readers, this is your one-stop shop for catching up on this room! So without further delay, here it is: our FULL reveal of our Office and Craft Room, fully documented in one tidy spot!

When we first moved into this three-bedroom house, I knew right away that we were going to be sacrificing a guest room/spare bedroom for a combined Office/Craft Room space. This duty station guaranteed a lot of travel for my husband and I was really getting into this crafting/DIYing/blogging thing, so it was very important for me to have a dedicated and closed-off space I could create and work as my time and energy permitted! The room is a big one, measuring 10×15′ with a single window and pretty big closet. Here’s the room the day we got the keys: 

Craft Room Office Reveal-001

Before our stuffed arrived, we painted the room with Martha Stewart’s Cumulus Cloud. I LOVE this color – in some lights/times of day, it reads pale blue; and in others, it reads very light grey. It’s a crisp and neutral background that provides just enough color without being too strong!

Craft Room Office Reveal-002

Before getting this room to where it is now, I took quite a few wrong turns, including lots of less-than-ideal storage solutions and a color a palette that wasn’t quite right. Last summer, I emptied everything out (literally) and started from scratch. (Oh – and I have read a few “negative” comments on other sites that these pictures were staged to look like super bad “before” shots. No such thing here. This was the real cluttered deal! And for the record…I don’t stage anything to look any less or more than the way it is in real life – I keep it real around here!) 

Craft Room Office Reveal-003

Craft Room Office Reveal-004

Although I’ve had to re-organize this room a couple times (due to taking on a bunch of new craft supplies from my Mom), the overall design of the space has been pretty set and un-changed for about a year. Lots of white and turquoise, with pops of gold and black make for a fresh, clean and glamorous space – one that I love to be and work in! Let me give you the full tour !!! (Oh, and if you’re looking for links and tutorials for all the projects in these photos, everything is linked down at the bottom for easy reference!)

When you first walk in the door to the room, this is the view that greets you!

Craft Room Office Reveal-005

Our office occupies the corner of the room near the window. A large desk paired with a nearby printer/storage/display station is all we require to keep our household (and this little blog of mine) running!

Craft Room Office Reveal-006

My desk really is my happy place. I just love all the simple details that came together to create this fun and organized work zone. I once hated this large, clunky desk…but over time, I have really come to appreciate how much space I have to work. Not only is there space for our large computer. but there is also plenty of room to work, write, study and craft as necessary!

Craft Room Office Reveal-007

Craft Room Office Reveal-008

Craft Room Office Reveal-009

Craft Room Office Reveal-010

I’ve still yet to find the perfect office chair, so as awkward as it may seem to some, I still sit upon this little stool to do all my work. Links to all projects in this space is included below!

Craft Room Office Reveal-011

On the little wall between the window and closet, I created a storage and display space by pairing a simple white desk over our filing cabinet…and then skirted the whole thing for a dose of color and to conceal our unattractive printer, scanner, and laminator! On top, I have some fun display space and an awesome memo board for keeping track of important items (like Rainbow Bright ;)!

Craft Room Office Reveal-012

Craft Room Office Reveal-013

Craft Room Office Reveal-014

Craft Room Office Reveal-015

Just to the right of the printer station is the closet, which has undergone what feels like a million re-orgs in the 2.5 years we’ve lived here! When you live in a small house, you really have to make each and every inch work super hard and just right. I thought I had this closet done (bottom left), but I just couldn’t get over all that wasted space in between the shelving units. Imagine my excitement a few months back when I realized how easily these white wire racks come down!!!

Craft Room Office Reveal-020

With the white wire rack removed, I now have floor-to-ceiling cube storage that holds craft supplies, my husband’s work and school books, photo boxes, and more…AND we even have some empty cubbies! Major, major happy dance! It took me how long to figure this one out? Sadly, 2 years!

Craft Room Office Reveal-021

As you make a ninety degree turn from the printer station and closet, you’ll be facing the short wall at the end of the room that features my gold polka-dot wall treatment (one of my post popular and pinned projects ever!) and my blue storage towers. These storage towers are still one of my most gratifying furniture makeovers ever!

Craft Room Office Reveal-016

Craft Room Office Reveal-017

These towers hold office supplies, sewing machine parts, and everything in between. With 12 generously-sized drawers, everything in this space has a proper home!

Craft Room Office Reveal-018

Craft Room Office Reveal-019

Now make one more right turn to face the final wall: my craft space!!!!

Craft Room Office Reveal-022

We installed off-the-shelf cabinets and a stock 12′ counter top down the expanse of this wall; and then filled every inch with hard-working and super functional storage solutions. The backsplash is a memo board, the ledges hold art and my most used-supplies, curtain rods hold ribbon, and open shelving supports baskets containing my least-used (but still important!) supplies and notions! The toe kicks were given a herringbone treatment, and I even gave all my boxes, bins, and baskets color-coordinated labels!

Craft Room Office Reveal-023

Craft Room Office Reveal-024

Craft Room Office Reveal-025

Craft Room Office Reveal-026

I think fabrics, ribbons, papers, threads and other notions make the best decor…and I just get so giddy seeing their rainbow hues all on display all over this space!

Craft Room Office Reveal-027

Craft Room Office Reveal-028

Craft Room Office Reveal-029

Craft Room Office Reveal-030

Craft Room Office Reveal-031

Craft Room Office Reveal-032

Putting this room together truly was a LONG journey–it’s a real testiment that rooms don’t always come together in a snap. At one point in time, I felt it would NEVER be finished nor look or function the way I craved. But after a lot of brainstorming, re-doing, stepping back and plowing through all with try-and-try again persistence…this room is truly a place where I can relax, be creative and even work hard when necessary!

I spent A LOT of time making this room into what it is, and it’s so nice to feel like I can finally stop fretting about it and just enjoy it. Because I am me, I will always be tweaking things or thinking about how the space could be improved, but nothing has really changed in here for a while…so I am proclaiming the room done…done done done…no more major updates for this room…I promise!

Room Sources

  • Wall Color: Martha Stewart Cumulus Cloud
  • Stools and Towers color: custom mix
  • Black desk: Ashley’s Furniture with knobs from Home Depot
  • Lamps: old, old, old but shades from Target
  • Floating shelves and brackets: Lowes
  • Cube shelving in closet: purchased in Okinawa, Japan years ago
  • Bulletin board: HomeGoods
  • Turquoise urn: Kirklands
  • Cooper lattice vase: thrifted
  • Letter M: Marshalls
  • White elephant: thrifted
  • Gold contact paper for polka-dots: Amazon
  • Cabinets and countertop: Lowes
  • Filing cabinet: IKEA
  • Desk overtop filing cabinet: Wayfair
  • Towers: West Elm
  • Drawer units inside towers: thrifted
  • Stools: purchased in Okinawa, Japan years ago

Anything you’re curious about, let me know!!!

Phew!!!! 25 posts and 30+ photos later, I think this room is fully documented. (I’m exhausted!) I hope you enjoyed the full tour…and thank you for indulging me as I knock out one final post for this space! What do you think about how it all came together? What’s your favorite part? Mine is still the desk area! That striped wrapping paper on the desk still makes my heart dance!

Craft Room Office Reveal-033

This weekend I’m tackling yet ANOTHER yard sale! Keep your fingers crossed for me that the weather holds out – I need this last bit of junk out!!!! See you next week!

See You Soon!