A few weeks ago, I showed you the full party reveal of an ice-cream-themed baby shower I recently threw for a friend (you can find the party reveal HERE and the invitation tutorial HERE). Today, I have two quick tutorials to share of my absolute favorite craft projects from this entire party: the ice cream cones and sundaes made out of assorted baby items!

Baby Clothes Sundaes-001

These were SO SO SO fun and simple to make, and really created the most darling backdrop for the food table.

Baby Clothes Sundaes-002

To make all these treats, I picked up a 5-pack of baby hats, a 4-pack of swaddle blankets, and a 4-pack of baby wash cloths…all in a color-coordinated set. I got mine all at Target for about $20. The small tins were from the Target Dollar Spot, and the clear plastic martini glasses were from a local party supply store. I love that the decor essentially doubled as gifts for the Mama and soon-to-be Baby Boy!

Baby Clothes Sundaes-003

Let’s start with the Baby Hat Ice Cream Cones!

Baby Clothes Sundaes-004

These come together super fast! Here’s what you need:

  1. Cotton stuffing
  2. Baby hat
  3. Small tin or cup
  4. Red pom pom

Baby Clothes Sundaes-005

Start by clipping the handles off the tins with a wire cutter. Next, stuff the cotton stuffing into the hat and place the edge of the hat over the rim of the tin. Place a red pom pom on top (you can secure it with a straight pin if necessary)! That’s it! Group them together in various ways to create a darling display!

Baby Clothes Sundaes-006

Baby Clothes Sundaes-007

The Baby Blanket Ice Cream Sundaes have a few more steps, but are still really simple to pull together!

Baby Clothes Sundaes-008

Here’s what you need to make ONE sundae:

  1. Cotton batting cut to the same width as your baby blankets X 5″ tall (optional depending on the thickness of your blankets)
  2. 2 baby wash cloths with knit edging
  3. Coordinating length of ribbon
  4. Rubber band
  5. Red pom pom
  6. 2 baby blankets (if your blankets are nice and think, only one might be necessary!)

Baby Clothes Sundaes-009

Start by folding both of the wash cloths lengthwise with wrong sides together. Pick which color you want to be on top and start rolling that one first. Roll the wash cloth up tightly and rotate your rolling slightly as you go so that the trim starts to form a cone shape. Once the first wash cloth is rolled up, place it on top of the second wash cloth, repeating the process and ensuring the trim from both wash cloths is visible as you roll. Once you have both wash cloths rolled up, set them aside.

Baby Clothes Sundaes-010

Baby Clothes Sundaes-011

The blankets I used were pretty thin, so I needed to bulk them up a bit in order to make a nice round “sundae” shape! I folded one blanket in half and laid it down with the open edges toward the bottom. I then folded another blanket into fourths and placed it in the  middle of the first blanket. The two blankets together sill weren’t quite bulky enough, so I added a strip of batting on top of the second blanket. I then folded the first blanket up and then down on top, essentially encasing the second blanket and batting.

Baby Clothes Sundaes-012

Next, place your rolled up wash cloths on the far left side of the blanket stack, ensuring that the trims of the wash cloths are peeking out above the blankets. Roll the blankets slowly and evenly around the wash cloths. Once everything is rolled up and looking the way you want, place a rubber band around the bundle to keep it secure. Next, tie a stretch of coordinating ribbon overtop the rubber band. To complete the “sundae” look, I stuffed a clear super-sized martini glass with some blue tissue paper and then placed the blanket “sundae” right into the glass. A pom pom on top totally finishes off the look!

Baby Clothes Sundaes-013

Baby Clothes Sundaes-014

These really were quick and inexpensive party decorations that were just SOOO fun to make. and the guests really LOVED them! I had no idea how fun an ice-cream-themed baby shower would be when I started, but making these got me all giddy with excitement! What’s also great about these is they can be fully customized by picking hats and blankets that coordinate with your party colors or the baby’s gender!

Baby Clothes Sundaes-015

I hope you all have a great start to your week! I am plugging away on some “bigger” projects that I hope to finish off this week. Even though the little guy has been in school for a few weeks now, I STILL don’t feel like we have our routine down pat yet. Hopefully, this is the week we find our grove ,and I get some things knocked out! Anyone else feeling the same way?


See You Soon!