Woo hoo! It’s September 1st! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready and excited to see my calendar flip to September! After a very good but very hectic busy summer, I am so excited to get our family back on a schedule and get some more order and structure to our days. With the kiddo back in school and some re-invigorated “pep” in my crafting/blogging “step,” I feel like I am roaring and ready to go with projects, the blog and some other ideas I have cooking up in my head. Thanks for all your patience this summer as I did a lot of house cleaning, a lot of trips north to see my Dad/family, and some unexpected studying for a professional exam (which I passed, by the way!). Fingers crossed everything around here gets back to normal starting today!!!

As I mentioned last week, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to throw a little shower for a very good friend of mine. The expecting Momma is getting ready to welcome a baby boy and loves ice cream more than anything…so I figured a blue ice-cream-themed party was the perfect way to “sprinkle” her with some love and baby goodies. Little did I realize how much fun ice-cream-themed baby parties can be! Oh friends, this one was just so much fun to pull together, and I am so so smitten with the final results. I have tutorials for some of the craft projects coming up over the next few weeks….but today, I’m just going to show you a bunch of adorable pics!

Ice Cream Baby Shower-001

 I’m still a sucker for traditional paper party invites despite all the wonderful electronic options out there. Not only are invites fun to make, but I really feel like they set the theme and tone for the whole party! Back over the summer, I crafted up these cute invites and sent them out to all the party guests. Full tutorial coming soon!

Ice Cream Baby Shower-002

Ice Cream Baby Shower-003

With the theme set, I hunted Pinterest and Etsy for some cute ice-cream-related crafts. In just a day or so of simple and relatively inexpensive projects, I had a table-scape that I could literally just gobble up it was so darn cute!

Ice Cream Baby Shower-004

All the ice cream sundae decor items are made from baby blankets, burp cloths, and baby hats. Cutest.things.ever. I’ll show you how I made them next week! Placing them all at varying heights really gave the table some visual interest! Blue polka-dotted plates and napkins tied in with the table-skirt and ribbon accents!

Ice Cream Baby Shower-005

Ice Cream Baby Shower-006

Ice Cream Baby Shower-007

I actually have friends having babies right and left right now, and this banner is one of my favorite things to make for showers and gifts. Not only is it super simple and doesn’t use any fancy tools, but it can go home with Momma to go on the nursery door, above the crib, or outside the front door to announce the new baby’s arrival! I have a tutorial for this one too!

Ice Cream Baby Shower-008

These oh-so-sweet party favors were a huge hit!

Ice Cream Baby Shower-009

The menu was relatively light and simple – everything could be made the day before (except for the muffins, which I wanted baked fresh!). A sausage and egg casserole, simple fruit salad and blueberry muffins proved a substantial yet light enough meal to fill up guests before the indulging in an ice cream sundae dessert buffet!

Ice Cream Baby Shower-010

Ice Cream Baby Shower-011

Ice Cream Baby Shower-012

Ice Cream Baby Shower-013

All said and done, this party was such a joy to pull together. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a party with lots of crafts and decor; and after a summer of running around a little crazy…it was just so fun to sit and do some simple crafts for such a special occasion!

Ice Cream Baby Shower-014

As I said, I’ll have a few party-related tutorials coming up for you in the next few weeks so stay tuned! I hope you all had a great end to your summer! Are you ready for Fall and school to start or already pining for lazy summer days?

See You Soon!