If there is one thing I chat about here on the blog a lot, it’s kitchen organization. Having lived with no less than 8 different rental kitchen layouts since getting married, I feel like I have encountered practically every kitchen situation there is (although, I’m sure more conundrums await!) Truth be told, getting our kitchens organized is always a challenge I eagerly take on…I just love finding the perfect solution for each and every food item and kitchen gadget. Today, I’m sharing all the smart and effective kitchen organization ideas we’ve implemented over the years. Whether you want to re-organize your kitchen from top-to-bottom or just need a better solution for one area in particular, I’ve got you covered!

Smart kitchen organization solutions

Learn How to Organize Your Kitchen

This post is going to be full of very specific kitchen organization ideas (e.g., for the drawers, for the pantry, for counter space, etc). But if you’re kitchen has a lot of clutter and/or you have no idea how to even get started dealing with the mess, start with my Conquer Your Kitchen Clutter Workbook!

This 50-page, self-guided workbook dives deep into every kitchen area, and will teach you exactly how to declutter every inch without getting overwhelmed. It is one of my most popular downloads ever, and I just know the systematic and streamlined process I teach in this guide will motivate you and keep you on task until your kitchen looks and functions just right!

Conquer Your Kitchen Clutter Workbook

Conquer Your Kitchen Clutter Workbook

Organizing Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers can require very different solutions based on their size, shape, location, and function. We’ve used drawers to hold common items like silverware, kitchen gadgets, oven mitts, and pot holders, as well as uncommon things like spices, baking staples, snacks, and coffee supplies. While most drawers will benefit from well-fitting drawer dividers, there are other clever ways to use these spaces too (e.g., drawer spice rack, bins, etc). Click the posts below to see each of these kitchen organization ideas in more detail!

How to (Perfectly) Organize Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawer organized with white dividers

How to Use Deep Drawers for Food Storage 

Organize Pantry Drawers

Custom Drawer Dividers for Kitchen Gadgets

How to Organize the Junk Drawer

Drawer Organizers with Cardboard Boxes

How to Organize Ziplock Bags (With or Without a Drawer!)

Hanging Ziplock bag organizer inside a pantry

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

There is no way to write the perfect “how to organize kitchen cabinets” post, because (like drawers), the solution you need will depend so much on where the cabinet is located, how big (or small) it is, and what you need to put in that particular storage space. I’ve troubleshooted a lot of unique cabinet situations over the years, so click below to read each solution in more detail and see the specific organizing products I used each time!

How to Organize Coffee Mugs in a Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet with organized coffee mugs and supplies

Organize the Cabinet Under the Kitchen Sink

A perfectly organized cabinet under the kitchen sink.

What to Put in Cabinets Above the Refrigerator

Cabinets Above the Refrigerator

How to Organize Corner Kitchen Cabinets

How to Organize Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Creating a Cleaning Cabinet

Anyone else tired of piles of dirty dish towels? Check out this easy trick to keeping them all corralled until wash day!

How to Use Tiny Upper Cabinets

Tiny upper cabinets above a sink with blue and green baskets

What to Do with Dirty Dish Towels

Anyone else tired of piles of dirty dish towels? Check out this easy trick to keeping them all corralled until wash day!

Create Extra Storage Behind Cabinet Doors

Cleaning supplies on over-the-door organizer.

How to Organize Baking Pans in a Kitchen Cabinet

Bakeware stored in a lower kitchen cabinet

The Easiest Way to Organize Food Storage Containers

Hand pulling out blue basket filled with food storage containers

How to Store Small Appliances Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Various small kitchen appliances lined up inside lower kitchen cabinets under a kitchen island.

Organizing the Pantry

In 8 different homes, we haven’t had a single pantry like another. From homes with no pantries and too-skinny layouts to shallow shelves and even open shelving, I’ve had to make lots of different arrangements function perfectly for our family. Take a tour of each pantry below to find great storage solutions for the one in your home!

How to Organize a Pantry | Step-by-Step

Organized pantry with black doors and white bins and baskets

A Traditional Pantry

Take a tour of a perfectly organized pantry with all sorts of unique and smart food storage solutions!

The Skinny Pantry

A skinny pantry organized with blue baskets and white containers

Kitchen Cupboards as a Pantry

Kitchen Cabinets as a Pantry

The “Wire Rack” Pantry

A wire shelf used as a pantry

How & Why to Decant Your Pantry Staples

How to Label Food Storage Containers

White food storage containers with black labels

Where & How to Store Coffee K-Cups (In Any Kitchen Layout!)

K-Cups organized in a clear plastic caddy

Organizing Spices

Years ago, I stumbled upon the idea of storing our spices in a basket. It worked so well, for so many years, that I swore I’d never do anything different. Sure enough, new kitchen layouts forced me to try different spice storage options, proving yet again that how your kitchen is laid out will dictate what kind of organizers work best! Here are some great spice storage options to consider:

Organizing Spices in a Basket

Teal basket holding a variety of spices

Using Magnetic Spice Jars

Magnetic spice jars on a blue board

Organizing Spices in a Drawer

Organize Pantry Drawers

How to Label Spice Jars

White labels on the tops of spice jars loaded into a white basket

Recipe Organization & Meal Planning

Organizing my recipes is one of the very first projects I ever shared here on the blog! And sure enough, how I organized them all those years ago is still how I do it today. My Recipe Binder is one of my all-time, tried-and-true organizing projects; and if you just can’t find a great way to sort and store your recipes, give this project a try!

How to Make a Recipe Binder

A recipe binder open to Poultry recipes

The Magnetic Menu Board

Save time and stress by planning out your monthly meal plan with The Ultimate Magnetic Menu Board Printable Kit - it includes everything you need to plan your meal and organize your recipes!

Meal Planning 101 | How to Create a Habit That Sticks

Megan from The Homes I Have Made doing her weekly meal planning

How to Store Pots & Pans

Because of their size (and awkward handles and lids!), pots and pans can be tricky to store. More often than not, we have them loaded into a cabinet near the stove, but a few kitchen layouts forced us to utilize some creative solutions for these kitchen staples.

Storing Pots & Pans in a Lazy Susan Cabinet

How to Organize Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Hanging Pots & Pans on Hooks

Copper pots hanging on kitchen hooks

Keeping Countertops Tidy

I have two main strategies for keeping our kitchen counters looking tidy:L

  1. Limit what is kept on the kitchen counter.
  2. Utilize decorative storage solutions whenever possible.

We (almost) always hide away small appliances (including the mixer and attachments) in cabinets or nearby shelving, and only store utensils, soap dispensers, paper towels, and our coffee pot on countertops.

Decorative Tray for Oils & Seasonings

A kitchen counter with a blue tray holding cooking oil, salt, and pepper

Painted Utensil Jars

Jars for Cooking Utensils

Blue and white flowered utensil jars on a granite countertop

How to Set Up a Functional Kitchen Coffee Station

Kitchen coffee station setup in a small corner of a white rental kitchen

Organizing the Fridge & Freezer

Gasp – can you believe that in 10 years and 8 homes, I have not once documented how to organize your refrigerator or freezer?!? That clearly needs to be remedied; but in the meantime, here are some incredibly helpful posts you can check out for ideas:

If there is one thing I hope this post of kitchen organization ideas illustrates is that  so much depends on how your kitchen is laid out and how you need to use it. The “right solution” for any particular drawer, pantry, or cabinet is the one that best takes advantage of the available space and provides you easy and effortless access to the kitchen items contained within. I hope the kitchen storage solutions I’ve shared here today get your wheels turning on how best to organize different areas of your kitchen so you can easily and efficiently prepare entertain, gather, and prepare meals for you and your family!

See You Soon!