Of all the labeling projects I’ve shared over the years, by far the most asked about are the pantry labels in our California kitchen. These pantry labels are simple and classic, but are also super easy to make yourself thanks to my editable, printable templates. Today, I’m breaking down exactly how to use my Printable Pantry Labels to make quick, gorgeous custom labels for anything and everything in your kitchen!

White Oxo kitchen canisters with printed Pantry Labels

Oxo Containers | Y-Weave Basket | Gold Bin Clips | Printable Pantry Labels

Why Label Your Pantry?

It Looks Good

Go ahead and admit it. It’s okay! Okay…I’ll admit it first: one of the (main) reasons you might want to label your pantry is because it just looks pretty, right?!?

Yes…I too swoon over perfectly pretty pantries with clean, gorgeous labels on each and every matching canister. And as I’ve talked about over and over again here on the blog…sometimes loving how a space looks can be enough to motivate you to keep it organized.

Printable Pantry Labels on white pantry containers and baskets

Improved Functionality

But beyond looks, making the effort to label your pantry can lead to improved functionality too.

One of my best tricks for keeping an orderly pantry is to take items out of their commercial packing and “decant” them into matching containers. (Read more about why I recommend decanting pantry staples).

Not only does this practice reduce visual clutter; but it also prevents items from going bad and helps you see your on-hand stock more easily. But when you remove commercial packaging, it can be really difficult to keep track of what is flour versus sugar versus pancake mix…at least at a glance. Labels (quite obviously) solve this problem.

Printable Pantry Labels on white pantry containers and baskets

Further, labels help everyone (not just you) easily find what they need; and they encourage you (and everyone else!) to put items back in their designated location. Simply put, pantry labels are key to establishing and maintaining long-term order in your pantry!

Printable Pantry Labels on white pantry containers and baskets

But there are a lot of things in our pantries…so labeling everything can feel like a very overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be thanks to my ready-to-go Printable Pantry Labels!

About These Printable Pantry Label Templates

I designed these Printable Pantry Labels as part of my Conquer Your Kitchen Bundle…a collection of digital files designed to help you declutter your kitchen and label each item in order to ultimately create a more functional (and yes…beautiful!) kitchen space!

What Pantry Labels Are Included?

Printable Pantry Labels on Avery 22822 labels

This collection of Printable Pantry Labels features a modern multi-font, double-line layout. Thanks to their clean, simple design, they can seamlessly be incorporated into in a wide variety of kitchen styles.

64 Pre-Typed Labels

64 of the most common pantry staples are pre-formatted for you, including:

  • Flours (e.g., All-Purpose, Whole Wheat, Bread, Pastry, etc)
  • Sugars (e.g., White, Light Brown, Confectioners, etc)
  • Baking Staples (e.g., Baking Powder, Cocoa Powder, Cream of Tarter, etc)
  • Vinegars (e.g., White, Red, Balsamic, etc)
  • Rices (e.g., Brown, White, Jasmine, etc)
  • Grains (e.g., Pasta, Barley, Oats, etc)
  • Beans & Legumes (e.g., Navy Beans, Red Beans, Pinto Beans, Chickpeas etc)
  • Nuts & Seeds (e.g., Peanuts, Walnuts, Pecans, etc)

Type Your Own

Because I know you’ll likely need to label more than what I’ve provided several options for adding your own text. Editable PDFs and a changeable Canva template can be used to make any label you need, whether it’s for the pantry or somewhere else in the kitchen. (This is exactly how I made the coordinating labels for all our baskets and snack bins!)

Coordinating Printable Spice Jar Labels

Want to label your spice jars too? 98 coordinating Spice Jar labels are also part of this labeling bundle. See more HERE.

Printable Spice Labels on the tops of spice jars

What Files Types Are Included?

Although designed to be “printable” labels, I’ve included all 64 Pantry Labels in 4 easy-to-use formats, so you can pick and choose not just what labels you need, but also how exactly to use them.

  • Printable PDFs – Pre-formatted 8 labels/page for the quickest, easiest ready-to-print option.
  • PNGs – Drag-and-drop individual labels into any label template or design software in order to size and print however you want.
  • SVGs – Upload individual labels to your e-cutter software (such as Cricut Design Space) in order to print or cut from your favorite material (e.g., vinyl, sticker paper).
  • Canva Template – Need additional PNGs or SVGs beyond what’s included? The editable Canva template allows you to create perfectly matching labels in a snap.

How to Edit the Printable Pantry Labels

As much as I tried to include every single pantry staple I could think of, I wanted you to be able to customize these labels as much as possible. While the particular fonts or colors cannot be changed, there are two different methods for typing in your own labels.

Editing the PDF Files

If using the printable version of the Printable Pantry Labels, you can edit the labels using the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (the free version). Once you open the file, light blue boxes indicate where you can type in your own words. Simply click into a blue box and type away!

NOTE! Only the words can be changed. The fonts, size, and colors can not be adjusted within the PDF file.

Once satisfied with your labels, print with your home printer (instructions below) and repeat to make as many labels as needed.

Screenshot of Printable Pantry Labels being edited in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Editing the Canva Template

If you need additional labels in the PNG or SVG formats, you’ll need to create them using the free Canva Template. With this free and intuitive software, you’ll be able to make identical PNG or SVG files to use in your labeling project!

Screenshot of Printable Pantry Labels being edited in Canva Screenshot of Printable Pantry Labels being edited in Canva

How to Print These Pantry Labels

Supplies Needed

Print & Stick

The quickest and easiest way to make your own pantry labels with these files is to use the printable PDF version.

The PDF Pantry Labels are pre-formatted to fit AVERY 22822 label sheets, which are 2×3″ CLEAR glossy printable labels.

After editing the file for your exact foods (if needed), print out the pages/labels you need onto the AVERY labels and then peel-and-stick them directly to your bins or containers.

Printed Pantry Labels alongside a white snack bin

NOTE! I’ve worked with a lot of clear printable papers and am always bothered by the hazy sheen many of them have. The clear glossy paper of the AVERY 22822 Labels is awesome. It is truly clear and glossy, and prints beautifully.

White snack bins with black printed Pantry Labels

Make Your Own Label Shapes

Keep in mind that you can feed any paper into your printer to use with these Printable Pantry Labels. So if you prefer paper versions of the labels (to go into Bin Clips or other label holders), simply print onto cardstock and trim down to size using a scissors or paper trimmer.

White basket holding snack foods with a "Salty" label

Y-Weave Basket | Gold Bin Clips | Pantry Labels

Likewise, you can easily make labels in any shape you need using scissors or punches. For example, to make round sticker labels to fit the tops of these Oxo Containers

Oxo Pantry Canisters

…first print the Pantry Labels onto full-sheet Clear Sticker Paper. Then use scissors, a punch, or die-cuts (which is what I used) in whatever shape you need.

Printed Pantry Labels being cut with a circle framelet

White Oxo kitchen canisters with printed Pantry Labels

Upload PNGs to Other Label Templates

If you want to use different peel-and-stick pre-made labels such as squares, circles, or other rectangle designs (like these awesome ones with gold foil frames), you can do that too!

  • Download the Word version of the corresponding AVERY template directly from Avery’s website (or whatever label brand you’re using).
  • Drag-and-drop the PNG versions of each Pantry Label into the label placeholders on the template. To see an example of how this works, watch this video.
  • Once you’ve populated your label pages with whatever labels you need, simply print and go!

TIP! This is a great way to still use the AVERY 22822 Labels but include ONLY the labels you need (versus printing out all the pre-formatted ones as they are).

How to Make Your Printable Labels Waterproof

When I first made these beautiful labels years ago using the AVERY 22822 Labels, I didn’t make any efforts to waterproof them. And they lasted for years without any running or bleeding. The truth is, pantry canisters and containers are very rarely washed; and if they are, you can do so in a way that doesn’t completely saturate or ruin the labels.

Printable Pantry Labels on white pantry containers and baskets

That said, it is now easier than ever to create waterproof labels with your home printer. My favorite papers for waterproof labels are Avery Waterproof Film Labels Full Label Sheets (white) and Neato Clear Sticker Paper (clear).

If you’d like even more information on how to create waterproof labels, see my full tutorial HERE!

A variety of waterproof sticker papers and printable vinyls.

BONUS! Use These Pantry Labels with a Cricut or Silhouette Machine

Although these files are designed to be print-and-go, I couldn’t help but provide the SVG files that can be used with your favorite e-cutter such as a Cricut or Silhouette.

It’s important to know that making these Pantry Labels with an e-cutter will require more work; but the benefit of this method is that you can change the colors of the labels (within Cricut Design Space), make the labels any size, and cut them from any material!

  • After downloading the SVG versions of the Pantry Labels, upload the ones you need into Cricut Design Space (see full instructions for uploading your own files here).
  • If you need labels other than what’s provided, use the included Canva template to make additional matching SVGs (instructions above).
  • Adjust the size of the labels for your specific pantry containers.
  • Use your Cricut machine to cut out the labels in your desired material:
    • If you’d like to cut the labels from vinyl, see my full instructions HERE.
    • If you’d like to make these labels with the Print Then Cut function, see my full instructions HERE.

how to make vinyl labels with a Cricut

Get This Kit!

The Printable Pantry Labels are now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

It is my sincerest hope that these files help you make all the pretty pantry labels of your dreams with total ease! Thanks to editable text, four file formats, and a plethora of ways to put them to use, you really can have chic, lasting labels for all over your kitchen in mere minutes. Are you ready to start upgrading the look AND function of your pantry?!?

Printable Pantry Labels on white pantry containers and baskets

See You Soon!