One of my favorite things in the world is a good cup of hot coffee (so much that I included “coffee lover” in my main bio and write a monthly post titled “Coffee Break”!) And while we like to have a full-pot brewing option, we also keep our Keurig machine setup, plugged in, and stocked with K-Cups for those quick coffee fixes. But K-Cup storage can be a challenge…one we have to solve every time we move into a new kitchen. Today, I’m sharing the latest way we’re storing coffee K-Cups, as well as a bunch of other solutions that might work right in your kitchen!

Coffee pods in a clear organizer

The Best Place to Store K-Cups

Although every single kitchen layout is different, there is indeed a “best” place to store your coffee K-Cups: close to your machine…wherever that is.

Megan brewing a cup of coffee on Keurig

When setting up and organizing a kitchen, one of your primary goals should always be efficiency. In the same way that utensils go near the stove and leftovers containers go near the fridge, so too should you place any required coffee supplies (e.g., filters, K-Cups, stirrers, sugar, etc) near the coffee machine(s) themselves.

Even if your kitchen isn’t particularly spacious, keeping the machine and supplies together eliminates even the smallest hassle and can save you valuable time and energy…cup after cup, day after day!

Common K-Cup Storage Locations

Okay, so you are ready to place your K-Cups near your Keurig (or other pod-brewing) machine, but where that setup actually exists from kitchen to kitchen does indeed change based on the layout.

Across our 9 different homes, our Keurig has typically sat on the counter, but the available nearby storage is always a bit different. Sometimes we have a drawer, sometimes a cabinet, and sometimes we have to use the counter itself.

Here are some great K-Cup storage locations you should consider for your kitchen!

In a Drawer

I love using the drawer (directly below the machine) for Keurig K-Cups because it keeps them totally out of the way yet gives you easy access come coffee break time.

You don’t necessarily have to use a fancy organizer (although I love this one). Oftentimes, you can just place the pods directly into the base of a drawer or a simple drawer organizer can keep them from sliding every time you open and close the drawer.

Coffee supplies in a kitchen drawer

In a Cabinet

Using the kitchen cabinet directly above your Keurig coffee maker is another great solution. Like a drawer, this gives your countertop a less-cluttered appearance but still keeps the pods accessible at all times.

When using an upper cupboard for pod storage, always try to use the lower shelves (for easy reach). But keep in mind: the width and height of your cabinet shelves may limit what kind of organizer you can use (always measure carefully!)

On a Shelf

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you might be able to place a shelf above or below your Keurig machine. This can essentially create the same functionality as the cabinet solution discussed above.

When using a shelf as a K-Cup storage solution, I always recommend employing a more decorative storage option so that it’s pleasant to look at on a regular basis.

On the Wall

Most K-Cup storage solutions tend to sit on top of surfaces such as a drawer, shelf, or cabinet; but a wall display rack can be another excellent solution when you don’t have these kitchen features (or countertop space) to spare.

A wall organizer can be mounted within the backsplash area, above a coffee station, or even on a nearby blank wall.

On the Counter

Although I prefer concealed solutions, you can most certainly store your coffee pods on the counter right next to your machine. While this is certainly the most efficient storage method of all, it can also produce a busier, more cluttered countertop.

In this scenario, I recommend trying to find the most streamlined K-Cup organizer possible in order to reduce the amount of clutter in and around your coffee station.

K-cup storage on countertop

In the Pantry

I will include this final solution only because it certainly should be considered if you don’t have any nearby drawers, cabinets, or shelves. You can most certainly place some sort of coffee pod organizer or storage container on a pantry shelf. But unless your machine is fairly close by, this solutions really works best when your Keurig is only sporadically used.

TIP! I do like to keep “overflow” K-Cup stock in the pantry. Very rarely does whatever organizer you choose hold every last pod you purchase. To keep your “display” organizer always stocked and ready for you or your guests, consider keeping boxes of back supply on hand!

The Best K-Cup Storage Organizers

I’ve hunted around for some of the best coffee pod holders available. Below are my picks based on functionality, price, and aesthetics; and some of them I’ve even used in our own kitchens!

Best K-Cup storage products
  1. Coffee Pod Carousel – This K-Cup holder has been our preferred solution for most of our coffee setups. Not only does it look sleek and stylish, but it efficiently holds a lot of pods in a really user-friendly way. I love that it can be placed right next to the coffee machine, on shelves, or even within a cabinet.
  2. Storage Caddy – This box stack is our current storage solution (and this one is similar). We needed a streamlined way to store both pods and tea bags on a large open shelf. This clever, two-tier design keeps everything easily accessible but not visually busy either.
  3. In-Drawer Pod Organizer – This in-drawer organizer is super sleek and such a clever way to store pods out of sight. The at-a-glance design is perfect if you like to keep several varieties on hand.
  4. Below Machine Storage Drawer – If you are especially short on countertop space and don’t have a cabinet, shelf, or drawer to use, an under-machine drawer really is the perfect solution. It keeps your machine and pods within a single footprint, and is the most space-efficient solution of everything listed here. I prefer drawers with a solid front to reduce visible clutter.
  5. Wall-Mounted Organizer – Using the wall for storage is a great space-saving solution but it can also add visual cutter. This modern design will keep your pods easily accessible in the sleekest, least-noticeable way possible.
  6. Vertical Counter Organizer – This K-Cup organizer is another great way to store cups on a countertop or shelf, especially if you like your pod varieties sorted out. Keep in mind that this type of display will take up a lot of physical (and visual) space so is likely best when there is ample room for your coffee setup.
  7. Lidded Canister – A large glass canister is always a functional and stylish option, perfect for countertop or open shelf storage. However, it can be difficult to fish out different flavors, so it is best when you keep just a few options on hand.
  8. Pretty Basket – If a large glass canister (above) isn’t quite your style, a pretty basket can serve the same function. Like the glass jar, it can be difficult to keep varieties sorted out; but I love the casual-yet-stylish nature of these counter-top baskets. (If you have a themed “coffee bar” setup in your kitchen, I can’t get over how cute this basket is!)
Megan holding a K-Cup storage box

Figuring out the best place to store K-Cups in YOUR kitchen will likely take some trial-and-error. Hopefully the location ideas and product suggestions I provide here will help you find just the right spot so brewing and enjoying your favorite cup of the day is as easy as ever!

See You Soon!