Hello Monday! Yikes – the weekend flew by way to fast, and here we are again! As promised, I am back today for one last Laundry Room post to show you all the pretty final details that went into this happy and hardworking space!

Just a reminder of where we started! Here’s the emptied room, all ready for organizing! I wish I could say that I really started here, but you might recall that this room became a drop zone for all things junk – so I had to empty the room bit by bit before I got started!

My next step was to bring in all sorts of shelves, boxes, bins, and buckets in order to make this room functional.

With the room organized, I got right to decorating it, giving it some “Megan” personality! Let’s finally see all those pretty details up close!

Here’s a distance shot of the laundry room as it sits of our dining room (to the left) and our kitchen (to the right). It’s so happy and cheery in there, I tend to keep the door open and light on so I can get a glimpse of all that patterned goodness!

The center of the room holds a small counter, perfect for folding laundry, filling food bins, washing out paint supplies, etc.

I transformed an old tool caddy into a simple and tidy bin to hold things frequently used items – laundry detergent, trash bags, dryer sheets, scissors, etc! You can read more about how I transformed this tool box HERE.

The bulletin/white board got a little DIY love in the form of a stretch of my patterned contact paper. This paper is busy but fantastic, and a spot of it here is just what the room needed!

This little section is used on a daily basis and the items here just bring a smile to my face!

Underneath the counter, I made a small little lined curtain with grommet rings for hooks, which is hung on a little cafe rod (attached directly to the bottom of the counter)! This little project took about 30 minutes. Not only does the bold fabric bring a sense of visual uuumph to the room, it also hides our laundry and recycling bins (which was out at the curb the day I snapped this photo!). Having the recycling right off the kitchen does make it easy to recycle and keeps those items from piling up on the kitchen counter. Having this little curtain to hide that ugly bin underneath is a win win!

Up above the counter, sink and washer/dryer, I lined up 6 large ITSO bins from Target to hold all things cleaning and extras. Light bulbs, Britta filters, Windex, Pledge, Bleach, etc etc etc are all tucked up in those numbered bins. (Psst – you can read how I numbered them HERE!).

A framed printable above the sink helps my husband and I keep track of what’s in all those bins. I shared the printable file with you last Friday – you can see it HERE!

Tucked back in the corner of our Laundry Room is our pantry. Our kitchen doesn’t have an actual pantry, so this became our solution – and to be honest – this has changed my attitude toward putting groceries away and cooking dinner! Now I can see all our food in one easy spot, rather than having to dig around really high cupboards.

On the bottom shelf, we have bins to hold clean and dirty dish towels, wash cloths, swiffer pads, etc. I showed you how I labeled these bins HERE.

Two more ITSO bins from Target hold our baking and coffee supplies. Do you like those labels? You can get your own set HERE!

Up above that, we have a lazy susan (painted blue to match the room!), to hold all of our oils, vinegars, sauces, and sprays.

And up above that, I have a few more customized bins (that hold extra paper products), and all of our dried food containers.

I shared with you how I’ve (temporarily) given up on food labels for these jars, and simply use a dry erase marker to jot down the contents in each jar!

Last but not least, behind the door, we have a hanging rack to hold our mop, broom, and Swiffer vac. Our new addition, a steam mop, stands on its own 🙂

So, there she is – in all her preppy, blue and white, organized glory! I love how everything came together to make such a happy space. I love being in that little room!

Last but not least, how about a few before and after shots??

And a quick shot of the progression of getting it done!

See You Soon!