Hello, hello. Ho hum…the holiday weekend has come to an end, and it’s time to get the week off and running. I thought I’d pop on really quick today to share a fun, quick and easy organization trick I’ve been using in our laundry room/pantry.

On Friday, I showed you how I was storing all of our dried goods in these Oxo containers I’ve picked up from Marshalls and HomeGoods over the course of several months. You probably expected me to whip up some cute labels for these bins, and to be honest, I planned to. I “researched” lots and lots of adorable labeling ideas only to end up here!

Here’s my biggest issue with labels on these kinds of containers: our foods rotate pretty frequently. When the couscous jar is empty, it might get Bisquick next time around and so on and so on. I like this flexibility – it means that my jars are always full of what we’re eating and using right now. Because of this, any type of printed/permanent label was not going to work.

So then I thought about all those cute dry erase or chalkboard labels, both of which would allow me to swap out content names pretty easily. But then I thought about my other main concern with labels: washing. Because we swap out foods, I also like to wash these containers pretty frequently, and I just have not found a dish-washer safe labeling system that I am confident in.

So…to help out my husband who was having a difficult time discerning what was in all the name-less, label-less jars, I started labeling them with a dry erase marker. It was meant to be a temporary solution, but to be honest, it works so well that it’s now our “permanent” solution. In addition to contents, I also jot down the water:grain ratio (where applicable) as I tend to throw that info out with the boxes!

Is it the prettiest solution out there? No way. Would I love to see a row of pretty, glossy, printed labels across my shelf? Absolutely! But sometimes (and only sometimes ;), function trumps cuteness – and for us, this is one of those “sometimes”!!

See You Soon!