The Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack

It was almost exactly a year ago when I sat nervously at my computer, getting ready to launch The Organization Toolbox. Of all the posts I’ve written over the years, I was the most nervous about that one. I worried that no one would like my printables…or use them. I worried people wouldn’t subscribe to get them, and I worried I was wasting my time. I had all these ideas and plans for tools, forms, and systems I wanted to create…but until that launch, I had no idea if any of them would ever come to fruition. In the year since that launch, thousands of readers and visitors have subscribed to gain access to my printable library; and many of you have even taken the time to write or message me to let me know how much you love and use them. I knew that I loved making and using printables and coming up with systems and processes to make my life easier. But until the success of The Organization Toolbox, I never realized how much I genuinely enjoyed creating those same systems and products for you guys! Week after week, month after month, my confidence was bolstered and I finally found the courage (and time!) to put a plan into motion to launch all those printable ideas overflowing in my mind!

Today is another launch day that has filled me with a lot of nervousness, but also a lot of excitement. Today I launch a total labor of love…a pack of over 200 pretty printable pages to help you organize and improve function in each and every area of your kitchen! I can’t wait for you guys to check out all the goodies in my Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack!

Ready to organize your kitchen? These 200+ printable pages can help!

The Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack contains pretty printable pages in my signature style to help you organize your kitchen, streamline your meal planning and grocery shopping processes, and ultimately create a kitchen that is a prettier, more organized, and better functioning place to cook, eat, entertain, and more! The bundle includes 4 printable packs plus 3 bonus kits (because I just couldn’t stop creating fun new things for you guys!) You can check out ALL the details, sample pages, and pricing HERE, but here is quick snapshot of what’s included!

4 Printable Kits

Meal Planning Kit  Meal planning is a tried-and-true method for reducing meal-time stress, keeping pantry/fridge clutter at bay, and sticking to a grocery/food budget. This kit includes dozens of meal planners, trackers, and shopping lists to provide you with countless options and ultimate flexibility.

Recipe Organization Kit  Having your recipes sorted, organized, and accessible is key to reducing meal time stress, streamlining your meal planning process, and efficiently generating complete grocery lists. The recipe categories, inventories, recipe cards, stickers, and tabs in this kit are all color-coordinated and designed to create one comprehensive Recipe Binder.

Food Labels & Inventories Kit – The printables in this kit will help you to inventory, track, label, and organize the foods you have on hand, enabling you to generate grocery lists and prepare meals easier and more efficiently. This kit also includes pages and pages of printable labels for everything in your pantry!

Coupon Organization Kit – Having a comprehensive system to sort, organize, and access your coupons is the key to effectively using coupons and ultimately saving money. The printables in this kit are designed to be used together to create a Coupon Binder. The color-coordinated cover sheets, dividers and tabs will help you quickly sort your recipes and make finding exactly what you need while shopping quick and intuitive.

Get your Pantry sorted and organized with the worksheets in The Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack - 200+ printable pages to organize and improve function in every area of your kitchen! Get your Recipes sorted and organized with the worksheets in The Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack - 200+ printable pages to organize and improve function in every area of your kitchen! Get your meal planning and grocery shopping on track with the worksheets in The Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack - 200+ printable pages to organize and improve function in every area of your kitchen! Get your Coupons sorted and organized with the worksheets in The Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack - 200+ printable pages to organize and improve function in every area of your kitchen!

Did you Say Bonus Kits?

I sure did! I just couldn’t stop coming up with fun things to include in this bundle, and these three mini bonus kits are the most fun of the bunch!

Mini Cleaning Kit  – You guys have been asking for it, and I am happy to respond! This mini cleaning kit has  “Clean Routine” worksheets as well as fun cleaning stickers for your planner/calendar. This kit is a mini version of a full Spring Cleaning Kit coming down the pike soon!

Dinner Party Planner – This kit is a great way to track all of the details of any parties or events you’re hosting. There’s a one-page planner for small events, as well as an expanded 12-page planner for larger gatherings!

Fun Extras – I wanted to provide a variety of binder covers, spines, dividers and tabs to help you create a fun, unique and personal kitchen resource binder. There are 10 bright and fun covers to choose from to give your kitchen binder some extra pizzazz!

For more details, pricing, and sample pages, click HERE!

So…you’ll notice this post is a little short on my usual pictures because well…#Christmas and #baby! However, in the coming weeks, I’m going to have several tutorials on how to use the various printables in this kit, including how to assemble the ultimate Recipe/Kitchen binder, how to use the spice/pantry labels, as well as more about the cleaning routine I’ve developed so keep your eyes out for those.

Until then, I’d love if  you popped over to check out all the goodies I’ve created for you…and if you’re an email subscriber, be sure to check your email for a coupon code before you check out 😉

He’s Here!

That moment when the baby you thought you’d never get is placed onto your chest and into your heart forever…

We are a big happy, overwhelmed, exhausted mess over here, but I wanted to pop in really quick to let you know that our sweet baby boy has finally arrived!

Samuel Joseph Duesterhaus was born this past Thursday evening, weighing in at 8 lb 6oz, 20.5″ long. After trying my hardest to walk and wish myself into labor, we opted to induce delivery a few days after my due date. Having been induced with Henry, it was the very last thing I wanted; however, the day and the delivery couldn’t have gone better. We’re now home and recovering and completely smitten with our new little guy. And Henry – we knew he’d do great…but the genuine love, care, and interest he has already shown Sam has made my Mama heart burst over and over again!

Thank you so much to all of your for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers! We’ll be hunkered down here for a little while as we adjust to our new pace of life so posts will be sporadic. But I will be back next Tuesday with my kitchen printable project reveal, so be sure to pop back in then. Happy New Year, sweet readers!

P.S. If you haven’t taken my annual Reader Survey yet, I’d love if you did so here!! Thanks so much to all of you who have already provided invaluable feedback!

2016 THIHM Reader Survey!

Your feedback is invaluable to me! I appreciate you taking a few minutes to provide your thoughts on the projects, posts and initiatives on The Homes I Have Made!

Hello and Merry Christmas, sweet readers! I hope you and yours’ had a wonderful holiday full of joy, merriment, relaxation and happy memories. We are still anxiously awaiting Baby Boy’s arrival and trying to soak in every bit of family time and holiday cheer as we can in our remaining days (hours?) as a family of three. I also want to thank you all for your thoughts, suggestions and support on my last post. It’s always so nice to hear from you guys on what you really think and I was so comforted and excited by everything you all said! Hugs!

I’m trying to lay low as much as possible; but as promised last week, I wanted to pop in with my annual end-of-the-year Reader Survey. I have conducted a survey here on the blog for the last few years; and each time, I am always amazed at what valuable feedback I get from you all! With each answer you all click and type, I gain insights to your reader experience, ways I can improve, and awesome ideas for upcoming content. I am so excited to read what you all have to say this year!

I tried to keep the survey quick and to-the-point this year so it should only take you a few minutes. For those of you visiting the site directly, you should be able to log your responses right in the form below. If you’re in a blog reader, you’ll need to click over to the site to enter your responses. Lastly, if you’re having trouble here on the blog for some reason, you can also visit the survey HERE!


I SO appreciate you taking the time to give me some feedback on everything I share here on the blog! In the next month or so, I’ll be back to share the results and give you some updates and sneak peeks of things to come in 2017! Until then…continue enjoying your holiday and Happy New Year!

Christmas Coffee Break

Happy Tuesday-Before-Christmas, Friends! I hope you are all enjoying the final few days/weeks of this fun holiday season and are ready for all the gift-giving and merriment that is just a few days away! I had intentions for a different blog schedule this week; but in all honesty, I think I am ready to cry “Mercy!” I usually hit some good blog burnout this time of year and take some time off by now. Although I could feel the fatigue creeping in a few weeks ago, I tried to keep going strong knowing I would be taking some time off once baby came. This past weekend, I found myself stuck between wanting to knock out a ton of things before baby came (yep, still not here!) and just wanting to sit and relax, soak in and savor every moment of this exciting, scary, overwhelming, and special time for our family. The later sentiment rightly won out so I didn’t snap any photos of our holiday home or prepare my end-of-year survey. Instead, we went to see Santa, watched a Year Without a Santa Claus (my fav!), made some cookies, and finished up some shopping. So I didn’t leave you hanging here at the end of the year, I thought I’d pop in with one more coffee break post before checking out on Christmas/maternity break! Read on to find out the latest on Baby, the blog and other life happenings!

Taking a few minutes to slow down, catch up, and share some thoughts about home, life, baby and more!

Bump Update

I am 39 weeks today and the little babe is still cooking. Between Henry being 3 weeks early and all the Braxton Hicks contractions I’ve been having for a month, I’m admittedly shocked to still be pregnant. I thought for sure he would be here before Christmas; but with just days to go, I’m starting to think I might be opening presents with a still very round belly! I’m not horribly uncomfortable (although the numb hands I’ve had for the past month due to pregnancy-induced carpel tunnel are NOT fun!); I just really wanted him to be here for Christmas. We are now heading into a situation where we could be in the hospital on Christmas Eve or Day. We have all sorts of contingencies in place for Henry and for Santa/presents, but I am still hoping we won’t need to use any of them. As many of you long-time readers know, my birthday is on Christmas, so my family knows a thing or two about Christmas babies. And while I think it would be super special to share a Christmas birthday with this little one, I just can’t shake the visions I have of our family of 4 around the tree on Christmas morning. I know, I know…babies come on their own time…but any prayers and good vibes to get this baby out before Christmas would sure be appreciated 😉

Last week, on a whim, I hired a photographer to do a maternity photo shoot. Anyone who knows me knows that this is SO outside my personality. But in recent weeks I’ve been reflecting a lot on what a difference a year makes. I can distinctly remember my mental state last Christmas. I was pretty much completely out of hope, feeling betrayed and frustrated by my body’s inability to get pregnant. The readings at church this time of year were painful to listen to, and I couldn’t look at a pregnant belly without holding back tears. Now a year later, I have wiggles and kicks (and heartburn!) alive inside of me, and we are practically consumed with the anticipation, hope, and excitement of how our family is about to change. This year, I feel so grateful for this body of mine and for the chance to get to carry another baby. If our journey has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t know what the future holds. So while I don’t love the way I look or feel, capturing this crazy wonderful time on “film” suddenly felt right. We haven’t gotten the photos back from the photographer yet, but I will likely share on Instagram once we do 🙂

Christmas Blog Content – Where Do You Stand?

I am beginning to think I should start taking December off of blogging each year. Every single year I struggle SO much with blog content in December. I am usually burnt out from various projects, commitments (and moving!), and putting together holiday content just overwhelms me for some reason. I don’t know how other bloggers churn out SO much holiday content at the end of a full year AND amidst all the hustle and bustle this time brings. Scrolling my Instagram feed sure is inspiring but it makes me tired just looking at all those pretty pictures, lol! I find myself wanting to post organizing posts and other house updates, but worry they would get lost or overlooked among all the holiday content. This is the second year in a row that I really couldn’t bring myself to deck our halls like crazy. Last year our whole life felt so temporary and this year, well…#baby. Admittedly, seasonal decorating really isn’t my “thing,” and the clutter and fuss (and cost!) of it all weighs on me. But as a blogger, it feels like some strange responsibility that I am neglecting. I also can’t get on the bandwagon to decorate my house super early, which puts me behind the curve when that content needs to be posted. I’m starting to wonder if my energies would be better spent in December taking some time off, preparing content and posts for the New Year and making site/backend updates rather than forcing myself to keep up in a race I don’t really feel like running. I’d really love to hear your perspectives as readers! Do you love all the holiday content that is overflowing blogs and social media right now, or is it all just too much to take in? I bet you can guess which camp I’m in 😉

The Next Few Weeks

Next week, I plan to have my annual end-of-the-year reader survey up for you all to take. I do hope you will take a few minutes to give me some feedback, as I take it all to heart in order to make this platform as fun and helpful to all of us! Some of the most successful things I’ve done here on the blog came directly from ideas and suggestions from you all so I can’t wait to read what you all have to say this year! Look for that next Tuesday.

Beyond that, I am planning on taking some time off over the next month or so to snuggle our sweet new baby boy. However, I don’t have intentions of disappearing all together…I hope to pop in here in there with a few announcements and posts. It will take me a little bit of time to find a new rhythm to life and the blog; but once we do, I’ll be sure to update you on when exactly I’ll be posting since I know many of you check the blog directly on post days. I so appreciate your understanding, encouragement and support as we navigate this new and exciting time!

(Pssssttt – Although I am sure I’ll be popping in before then, be sure to check back here on January 10th for the reveal of my big kitchen printable project that I am so excited about! You won’t want to miss it!)

THIHM Around the Web

Last but not least, I thought I’d close out for the week with a quick little round-up of my posts and projects that have been featured around the web in the last 2 months. I realize it’s a little late for some of these projects this year, but you can always pin or bookmark for next year! Click right on the photos to head to the post:


I hope you all have a very, very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Send lots of good labor vibes my way, and keep an eye on Instagram for first news of little man’s arrival! Much love to all of you and see you back here soon!

A Practical Approach to Stocking the Freezer Before Baby

We are in the final few weeks before Baby arrives – eeeek! (Honestly, sitting here at 38 weeks, I sure wouldn’t mind if he made his appearance any time now!) This pregnancy has flown by…in fact, I can still remember thinking during Henry’s first week of full-time school back in September that I had SO much time to knock out a ton of to-dos before my due date rolled around. From a bunch of organization projects in our new house and designing my soon-to-launch kitchen printables to finishing the nursery and sewing a bunch of fun things for baby, perhaps my expectations were set a bit high. #guilty On top of everything else I had planned, I also really wanted to have a fully stocked freezer of healthy, wholesome and easy meals that we could eat in the first few weeks after Baby’s arrival. While I had very high hopes that I would do some massive freezer meal preparations, I was just never able to carve out the time in our busy schedule to make it happen. But that doesn’t mean we are wholly unprepared! Today, I thought I’d show you my easy and practical approach for stocking the freezer before baby arrives without having to do a massive shopping/prepping marathon. Whether you have a baby coming too or would just like to dip your toe into having a better stocked freezer, hopefully these tips will get you moving in the right direction!

*this post contains affiliate links

First, let me preface this post with the disclaimer that I am NOT a freezer meal maven. If you’re looking for some serious freezer meal tactics, I’m not your girl. In general, I don’t like to have too much stocked up because 1) we don’t have a ton of freezer space; 2) I don’t like stocking up on things that will never get eaten (i.e., forgotten things stuffed in the back of the freezer); and 3) doing massive shopping/prep sessions overwhelm me. That said, baby coming or not, it’s always handy to have a few meals in the freezer ready to go for busy (or lazy!) nights, and I have found some great ways to keep a steady stock at all times.

What’s My Secret?

It’s pretty simple:

Whenever I make something that freezes well, I double/triple the recipe and freeze the extra into additional meals.

Yep. It’s that straight-forward and simple. Whenever I am making a meal, in our regular meal rotation, that I know freezes/re-cooks really well, I will simply double or triple the recipe while I am making it. We have one “serving” for dinner that night, and then I package and freeze what’s remaining (usually before it’s cooked) into meals that are suitably sized for our family. Here are a few quick reasons why I love this approach so much:

  • There is very little extra work. Oftentimes, a full recipe is enough to make 2-3 meals for just Greg and I. Instead of half-ing the recipe for our small family OR eating extras as leftovers, I’ll package up the meal (before cooking/baking) into smaller meals to stock the freezer. And if a single recipe isn’t quite enough for a additional meals, doubling or tripling it rarely requires extra work. If I am making something labor intensive (like lasagna or stuffed chicken), I might as well make it worth my time and make as much of it as I can!
  • I don’t need to shop for lots of extra ingredients. Frequently, making a recipe leaves me with extra or leftover ingredients. By doubling/tripling the recipe, I use up what I’ve bought for that recipe rather than letting it sit in the fridge/pantry (where it will often expire before I get a chance to use it up).
  • I don’t need to carve out extra kitchen time. I don’t particularly enjoy meal prep as it is, so I certainly don’t want to spend a random/full day in the kitchen if I don’t have to. As such, I only double/triple recipes at the time I am already preparing them for that day/night’s meal. Again, if it’s time I am already planning on spending in the kitchen, why not make the most of it!

My Favorite Freezable Recipes

The internet is FULL of handbooks, workbooks, cookbooks and round-ups of the “best” freezer meals. So if you are trying to really get into freezer meals, I would suggest searching “Freezer Meal Cooking” on Pinterest. As much as knocking out a ton of meals all at once kind of appeals to me…it works better for me and our family when I simply stick to meals we already make and love and just prepare extra of them. As such, I suggest you go through your recipes and identify ones that freeze well and start there. If you need some ideas or are just curious, here are the recipes/meals I find myself freezing over and over:


  • Lasagna – I typically make a single recipe of my Mom’s lasagna and split it into 3 mini versions using these freezer-safe and over-safe dishes.
  • Real Simple’s Baked Ziti – I love this recipe because it makes a TON (easily 2-3 meals), is easy to make, and nutritious!
  • Creamy Rosemary Penne Pasta Bake – This one is pretty labor intensive and requires ingredients I don’t often buy. So whenever I make it, I triple it and freeze up the extra into disposable baking pans.

Other Freezable Dishes

  • Rachel Ray’s Lazy Greek Chicken – We LOVE this chicken dish, but I find the recipe labor intensive. As such, I will typically prepare/stuff 6-10 chicken breasts at a time and then wrap them and freeze them individually (before they are cooked). Once thawed, they cook in just 20 minutes. I then pair them with freezer rolls and a bagged salad to get a nutritious meal on the table without having to really cook!
  • Pulled BBQ Chicken/Beef/Pork – A single recipe usually makes enough for several meals. Since this one is typically cooked before you package it up, all you have to do is heat it up in a microwave and pair with buns and a bagged salad for dinner! I often do a big recipe in the crock pot and then package up 2-3 serving portions into Ziplock bags and store them flat (less bulk!).
  • Slow Cooker Asian Chicken (for lettuce wraps) – I make this recipe ALL the time. Not only is it quick and easy (hello crockpot!) but it makes a lot and freezes well. It’s a nice change to pastas and other dishes that typically come from the freezer. Once heated up, I just serve it with lettuce leaves and cut up veggies. Couldn’t be easier!
  • Sausage & Beef Barley Soup – This is another recipe that makes a ton without even doubling it, making all the chopping and browning of meat worth it. We usually get 3-4 meals from a single recipe and it’s also my go-to for families who just had a baby!
  • Chili – Obviously.
  • Meatloaf – I typically load extra meatloaf mixture into a muffin tray to freeze it into individual portions. (Once frozen, I transfer the “meatloaf muffins” into a Ziplock bag for storage). To prepare, I pop as many as we need back into a muffin tin, thaw, and bake according to recipe directions.


This is one of my favorite tricks and really makes getting dinner on the table fast! A lot of the dishes I make are pastas or stir-frys that taste “fancy” because of a sauce that is simply added to basic ingredients at the very end.  I have a few I now make all the time; and when I do…yep…I make them in bulk and freeze them in small containers or bags. Here are my go-tos that will get a lot of love in the coming weeks:

  • Rachel Ray’s Artichoke Pesto – We make this in big batches while I have the food processor out. We’ve found it is best served tossed with a hearty pasta (like penne), arugula or spinach, and chunks of Italian sausage.
  • Rachel Ray’s Thai Peanut Sauce – I only use this recipe to make the sauce (again, in big batches). Instead of using it with noodles, we toss it with a stir fry of chicken, onions, carrots, spinach all over brown rice. We easily have this 2-3/month, as it’s my “go to” when I have no energy to cook.
  • Chicken Spaghetti Sauce – We tend to rely on off-the-shelf jars of spaghetti sauce when we’re doing meatballs or sausages. But a few times a year, I will make my Mom’s Chicken Spaghetti Sauce in large batches and store it in smaller portions. I like this recipe a lot because the meat is already in the sauce so all I have to do is cook some noodles (rather than also cook the meatballs, sausage, etc).

Items I Rely On for Storing Freezer Meals

Over the past few weeks/months, I have been slowly adding to our freezer inventory with many of these dishes. I can’t say I’ve made them all (however some ARE on our list for THIS week!). Some are waiting to for when baby arrives, but others have already been eaten because this Mama has been a bit too tired to cook in recent weeks! Still, I thought I’d show you the items I rely on over and over when putting meals into our freezer:

There are a million things to do to prepare for a new baby in the home. Smooth the transition and still get healthy and satisfying meals on the table with this no-fuss, practical approach to stocking the freezer!

  1. Glass Snapware – I LOOOVE these. They are small and sturdy, making them ideal for packing up 2-3 serving sized dishes of casseroles, soups and more. I love that they are both freezer- and oven-safe so (once the food is thawed as necessary), I don’t have to transfer dishes before cooking/baking!
  2. Disposable Bakeware – I’ve started storing casseroles and other things that need to go into the oven into disposable tins in recent weeks. Not only am I running out of my glassware, but the fewer dishes the better once baby arrives!
  3. Gallon and Quart Freezer Bags – Soups and sauces are best stored flat (for less bulk), and I find the Ziplock freezer bags NEVER drip or leak. I also use the Gallon versions overtop my glass and disposable baking pans for extra protection from freezer burn.
  4. Tin Foil – Not only can lids be bulky and breakable (especially on the disposable pans), but so many caseroles need to be covered in tin foil for baking. I often skip the included lids, cover the pan in tin foil and then add a Ziplock bag for good freezer protection + easy stacking.
  5. Dry-Erase Markers  I label my freezer items in various ways (I’ll show you here in a sec!), but for any of my glassware/plastic lids, I love using dry-erase markers. Not only are they quick and easy to grab and scribble the contents directly onto the containers, but they wipe/wash off pretty easily once you’ve eaten the freezer dish.
  6. Avery 5264 Labels – Sometimes a scribble on a lid isn’t quite sufficient to describe the contents and cooking instructions of a meal to so I often rely on these easy-to-print labels. More on these below.
  7. Freezer Inventory and Labels – Depending on how much you freeze and store, keeping track of your freezer meals can be just as important as making and labeling them! So that I don’t need to hunt through my freezer every time I put together a meal plan, my freezer inventories have become a handy part of my freezer meal system (more below!).

Labeling My Freezer Meals

There are a million things to do to prepare for a new baby in the home. Smooth the transition and still get healthy and satisfying meals on the table with this no-fuss, practical approach to stocking the freezer!

(These labels are now available HERE!)

I LOOOOVE having a bunch of these labels printed out and tucked into my Kitchen Binder, ready whenever I need them. When I prepare a meal for the freezer, I simply fill out a label and stick it right onto the Ziplock bag for the corresponding dish. (Note – I found these labels don’t peel off the plastic lids cleanly, so applying them to a disposable cover is a better bet!). No more mysterious dishes in the back of the freezer OR having to look up the recipe once it’s time for cooking!

There are a million things to do to prepare for a new baby in the home. Smooth the transition and still get healthy and satisfying meals on the table with this no-fuss, practical approach to stocking the freezer!

For my small glass dishes that often contain sauces or small servings, I often just grab a dry erase marker and write the contents directly on the lid. A simple wipe with a wet sponge gets the words off every time!

There are a million things to do to prepare for a new baby in the home. Smooth the transition and still get healthy and satisfying meals on the table with this no-fuss, practical approach to stocking the freezer!

Keeping Track of Freezer Meals with an Inventory

There are a million things to do to prepare for a new baby in the home. Smooth the transition and still get healthy and satisfying meals on the table with this no-fuss, practical approach to stocking the freezer!

(Psssst – These inventories are also similar to my Freezer Labels & Inventory post from last Spring. I’ve re-designed and expanded them for my new kitchen printable pack set to release early next month (and they are soooo good!!!) but if you want access to some similar inventories now, get them HERE!)

As I have mentioned in recent months, I’ve been working hard to create a series of systems and printables to help make my meal planning and prep easier. You’re going to find out all the details here soon, but one of the main things I wanted was to be able to plan out our meals without having to really hunt and peck around the house for all my recipes and meals already on hand. As such, keeping track of what meals, what servings, and how many are on hand has been super helpful. As I make each meal and package it up for the freezer, I simply add it to the inventory in my binder. When I sit down to plan out our weekly meals, I can see at-a-glance what is still on hand as we eat things up!

There are a million things to do to prepare for a new baby in the home. Smooth the transition and still get healthy and satisfying meals on the table with this no-fuss, practical approach to stocking the freezer!

(These inventory sheets are now available HERE!)

I have some more cooking and stocking I want to get done in the next few weeks, which is why our meal plan for this week is mostly dishes that freeze really well! Even without a massive cooking day, I can take comfort in knowing I have a tried-and-true method for getting some meals into our freezer. Do you prepare meals for your freezer? What kinds of methods do you use? Any tips to share? Be sure to chime in in the comments!

I know I’ve been yammering on about it for quite some time, but the release of my whole new library of kitchen-themed printables set is just around the corner. I’ve been working like crazy on it and I think you guys will really love (and use!) what I’ve pulled together. Right after Christmas, I am going to be sharing sneak peeks and special pricing for those on my mailing lists so if you’re not on it already, be sure to sign up here:

I hope you all have a great weekend! Next week will be my last week of posts before I take some time off for the holidays/baby (that is if he doesn’t come sooner!). I’m  hoping to (finally) show you some glimpses of our holiday home, as well as launch this year’s reader survey. See you back here soon!

P.S. Be sure to check out my collection of over 200+ kitchen organization printables to get every area of your kitchen, meal planning, and grocery shopping organized and on track!

Ready to organize your kitchen? These 200+ printable pages can help!