A few weeks ago, when I showed you my craft room, there was one little “issue” I failed to mention!
There it is….right there…


For a long long time now, I have had these two boxes filled stuffed with ribbon and trim. Big spools, little spools, 1/2 yard here, 20 yards there, leftover from a project, saved from a gift bow…every size, shape, and color a girl could need!
This box had become so overrun and disorderly, that I couldn’t ignore it any longer and HAD to find a way to better store my ribbon!
Thanks to these supplies….


I now store my ribbon like this!


Want to see more?

I found lots of clever storage ideas all over the blog-o-sphere and Pinterest….great ideas like these!
But none of these solutions were going to quite work for my space or my stash…
When I saw this picture, I immediately loved the idea of standard size ribbon “bobbins” and set off on a search to find some!
I quickly learned this was not so easy of a task!  After looking around countless web sites, shaking my head at prices on etsy, and toying with the idea of making my own cardboard bobbins (ugh), I eventually found these!
I ordered 200 of them (surely, that would be enough!)…not really knowing what I would do with them once my ribbon was wound!
Once they arrived (they were admittedly smaller than I expected), I set to winding my ribbon. No lies: this took a long time! There was a lot of ribbon stuffed into those two boxes! Thankfully,  my husband was out of town for a few nights…and I could settle in with Downton Abby and wind my ribbon – truth be told, it was very calming and a pleasant way to spend the evenings!
I digress.
My only small issue with these bobbins was figuring out how to keep the ribbon from unraveling. Tape wasn’t working and I didn’t want to use straight pins (ouch!). Then, a light bulb went off (ding!), and I raced to the bathroom to grab these!


Bobby pins were the perfect solution to keeping my ribbon tidy and secure on the bobbins!


Once all my ribbon was wrapped onto these cute little plastic bobbins, I was faced with an even bigger dilemma…what do I do now?  Then another light bulb went off (ding ding!)….next time I was out, I picked me up a couple boxes of these babies at my local office supply store!


I strung all my bobbins (organized by color family) onto a single book ring.


And then hung up all my rings with thumb tacks (although, if we weren’t moving so soon, I would put up more durable plastic hooks!).


I just LOVE the colored ribbons going down my wall, and now I can quickly see what I have on hand when I need some ribbon!
I was so thrilled with this solution for my ribbon, that I went ahead and did the same thing for all my trim (i.e., ric rac, bias tape, piping, lace, cording etc.). Using the same bobbins, bobby pins, and book rings, all my trim is now plainly in sight and handy at a moments notice….


AND…the best part of this system (besides that it looks pretty!) is that I can quickly see that I have plenty of lime green piping or purple ribbon so I don’t need to by any more! Ever. (How many times do you buy something that you already have buried in your stash?)


One quick note…I mentioned that these bobbins were a bit smaller than I expected. In hindsight, I may have considered the bigger ones…but if you’re curious…5 yards of (any width) ribbon fits on these bobbins with no problem. Anything over that, they get a little “rotund.” I had some super spools of 25 yards, and these took 2 or 3 bobbins to finish off the whole spool. 

Lastly, I did have some monster spools of ribbon (100+ yards) that were NOT going to get wound on those tiny bobbins! Thanks to some of those inspiration ideas on Pinterest, I snagged this paper towel holder from Target (on clearance!). I easily loaded up all my big spools of ribbon, and now these are just as handy as all the rest!

That’s all I’ve got for today! Happy Monday!


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