The time of year is fast approaching when you need all sorts of gifts for all sorts of people. Teachers, scout leaders, coaches, new neighbors, high school grads, college grads…and that’s just naming a few! Not only can it be hard to come up with ideas for everyone, but all these gifts can also take a toll on your pocketbook. But with just a few inexpensive supplies and 10 minutes of time, you can whip up handy, adorable, and easily-customizable DIY Ribbon Key Fobs for everyone on your list. Today, I’m showing you how it’s done!

DIY Ribbon Key Fobs

These DIY Ribbon Key Fobs are so quick and easy to make; they take just about 10 minutes from start to finish. Buy a few yards of webbing and ribbon, then work assembly-line style to make a whole set in a short span of time.

DIY Ribbon Key Fobs

Supplies Needed

To make these DIY Ribbon Key Fobs, here is what you need:

  1. Belt webbing in the color of your choice
  2. Ribbon in the colors/patterns of your choice (the ribbon’s width should be equal to or less than the webbing)
  3. Key fob hardware* in the same width as your webbing (these now come in a wide range of colors and finishes, so pick whatever works best with your ribbon colors)
  4. Key fob pliers,* also known as a glass-cutting pliers (this tool makes all the difference, but a hammer can work too)
  5. Tools (not shown): ruler, scissors, sewing machine, and coordinating threads

*If you don’t already have the key fob hardware OR pliers, THIS bundle is a great option for getting started!

Step 1: Measure & Cut

Start by deciding how long you want your key fob to be. This is purely a personal preference, but do keep in mind most people like to use them around their wrist.

However long you decide, double that length to determine the webbing and ribbon measurements. My key fobs measure about 6” when finished, so both the webbing and ribbon were cut to 12” long.

Step 2: Sew Together

Next, center the ribbon on top of the webbing. You can pin the ribbon in place if needed, but you will most likely be able to hold the two together with your fingers as you sew.

Using thread that blends with your ribbon & webbing, sew down the length of the ribbon on both sides, securing it smoothly to the webbing.

TIP! So the threads don’t show on either side of the key fob, consider matching your spool thread to the ribbon and the bobbin thread to the webbing. 

Both the ribbon and webbing can fray really easily, so before adding the key fob hardware, carefully melt the ends with a flame. The ribbon and webbing melt fast and can quickly become uneven, so take care to melt slowly and evenly!

To keep the ends even when adding the hardware, I recommend sewing them together first. Fold the key fob in half with the ribbon facing outward; then sew back and forth a few times across the end (about a 1/4 “ in from the ends).

Step 3: Add the Hardware

With the two ends cleaned up and sewn together, it’s time to slide them into the key fob hardware and finish it up!

DIY Ribbon Key Fobs

Adding the hardware is a one-step application: just slide the ends of the key fob into the hardware and clamp it shut with a key fob pliers. Take care to keep the ribbon ends centered in the hardware as you close it up.

TIP! If you don’t have a key fob pliers, a hammer can do the trick (just make sure you protect the metal with a soft cloth). That said, I don’t recommend regular pliers because they can put a good dent into the key fob hardware.DIY Ribbon Key Fobs

Once you add the hardware, your key fob is done! Make as many as you need, and even consider making extras since they are great last-minute gifts!

DIY Ribbon Key Fobs

These key fobs are fun gift for all sorts of recipients: teenagers celebrating their Sweet Sixteen (to put their “new” car keys on!); friends buying a new house; new neighbors moving into the neighborhood; high school grads heading off to college, etc.

Consider customizing them in school colors for new school grads and teachers…or pick fun and playful patterns for simple and sweet birthday gifts. To really up the personalization, try adding snaps, buttons, or embroidered names/messages to the ribbon+webbing combo (before adding the hardware). There are so many fun possibilities!

DIY Ribbon Key Fobs

Dress up your keys or make thoughtful little gifts for anyone in your life with this simple project. These DIY Ribbon Key Fobs are so fun and simple to make; and I promise once you start making them, you won’t be able to stop!

See You Soon!