Happy New Year’s Eve Friends! Sorry I kind of disappeared on you last week. We were busily preparing for Christmas morning, and then have been enjoying some downtime ever since. The good news is that Mrs. Clause got all of her Christmas projects made, done and under the tree in time; AND we had an amazing Christmas. The bad news is that she is pooped and needs some time away from the sewing machine and garage workshop! I did want to pop on today, however, to look back at our year of crafting and DIY projects!! When I went to compile the pictures from this last year, I was AMAZED at how much I was able to squeeze into the year.

Are you ready for a walk down memory lane? Hold on to your seats…here we go!

In January, I started the year off nice and easy with a flannel quilt for my friend’s new baby and a busy box for Henry. I then did a mini master bedroom makeover, taking it from pink, orange and brown to tans and blacks.

In February, I revealed our Valentine’s Day mantel (one my favorite projects of the year) and designed and implemented our new meal planning system with my Magnetic Menu Board – this project has taken off more than I ever dreamed it would have (you find all the details in Part I and Part II)! I then showed you how I made some simple artwork for my walls as well as my son’s owl-themed nursery. I also made a personalized coloring tote as a gift for a little girl! And lastly, I shared my tips on what to make (and what not to make) for new babies and took on a new design project in my niece’s bedroom!

In March, I made some very simple thank-you gifts, showed you my Craft Room, shared all the details of Henry’s Owl-Themed Baby Shower, created a new way to store ribbon, re-painted an old coat rack for storage in the  baby’s room, and helped clean out and instal new furniture in my niece’s bedroom!

April was all about monsters – making lots and lots of monsters in preparation for my son’s Monster of  a First Birthday Party. You can see all my monster-related posts HERE!

In May, we started to wind things down in Virginia in preparation for our next move. I gave you a home tour of the rest of our house before it got packed up (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly), I showed you how to pull together a dinner party in 24 hours, and then made some cute gifts: a DIY Toddler Toy Box (Part I and Part II), a Coloring Apron, and a Spring Planter. In May, I also started contributing to Positively Splendid with this 3D Paper Flower tutorial!

In June, we were stuck living in a hotel waiting for our house to become available. During that time, I revealed every nook and cranny of my niece’s pink and orange bedroom makeover. You can see all the posts HERE! I also found a new way to store all of our electronic cords (in an ornament box!) and created another really popular project: The DIY Drink Holder (from an old can!).

In July, we moved into our new house in North Carolina and set straight to work making it our home. We started with painting our entire house in 4 days, after which we revealed our really ambitious paint job here on the blog. The blog also got an overhaul to match our new house, and I shared my tips for doing your own blog design. Lastly, I created these no-slip headbands to help keep my frizzy hair off my face during the hot summer days!

August was a big month around here with unpacking, organizing and decorating in full gear. We installed cabinets and a counter into our spare bedroom to become my craft room, and I shared exactly how I organized the space here. I turned my son’s old crib bumpers into window valences for his new room, with the help from my mom during her visit. While she was here, we also made some bold window cornices and chair slipcovers for our dining room. The dining room got a few other additions with some new cloth napkins, a hanging lantern planter, and some artwork on the walls. I also (somehow) squeezed in time to paint our garden bench a fire engine red and “tile” our backsplash with a vinyl decal pattern! I also made this cute reversible bag for a new friend’s birthday.

The playroom got most of the attention in September. I painted a small table and chairs I found at the ReStore in red and chalkboard black. I then created a Magnetic Learning Station from a lot of supplies found at the hardware store. I then made a bunch of luggage tag labels to organize all of our toy baskets, and created some simple star printable artwork to complete the display. I also created the Purse Portfolio to help me keep all my decorating samples and specs straight, and finished out the month creating our new end tables!

October was another really, really busy month around here. The big reveal was our Family Command Center – the new heartbeat of our home. You can read all the posts for this big project HERE. The other big undertaking was that we (finally) landscaped our front yard and then got it ready for fall the very next week! I also made a color-block sandbox from a bookcase as part of the DIY Wayfair Challenge. Inside, we re-finished a china cabinet hutch to become a bookcase and then salvaged an old window to become an oversized mirror. These two pieces completed our entryway and our holiday display area. It got a funky display for fall this year. Last but not least, I made some Mickey Mouse shirts for a birthday gift and made a family of Super Hero costumes for Halloween!

In November, our family room got some much needed attention. With the arrival of our new couch, we were able to finally put the finishing touches on some projects for this space, namely the new Media Stand (from the china hutch base) and a new DIY ottoman. I also made some very cute Thanksgiving jars for our holiday table centerpieces.

December was all about the holidays and giving you all a “virtual” Holiday Home Tour. I started in the family room with simple and cozy silver and grey touches, then showed you our festive red entryway/mantel. Our bathroom was turned into a mini North Pole, while outside was given splashes of red to make it look festive! Our dining room and kitchen were done in teal and green tones, while the baby’s room and other nooks of the house didn’t escape my holiday touch! In addition to showing you our house, I also showed you a really neat DIY USA Wall Art gift idea, and showed you the Cookie and Craft Night I hosted with my girlfriend!

PHEW!!!!!! What a year. I’m not sure what took more time: all those projects or writing that post! 😉 And believe it or not, there are some things that got done around here that I haven’t yet had the chance to show you…like the Laundry Room and the Baby’s Room (both of which are all done and I’ll be showing you in the New Year!).

Thank you to each and every one of you who come around here regularly or even just every so often, who leave lovely comments, “pin” or “like” my projects, and/or reach out to me via email or Facebook! This blog has brought me so much joy and satisfaction over the last year, and I look forward to bigger and better things in 2013! Thank you for making me part of your week and part of your life – Happy New Year!

See You Soon!