Every now and then I make a change or update to our house (or something in it) and don’t think or intend to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Then, over time, I start to rack up questions or comments about a particular change, and it occurs to me that other readers might be curious about the update too! So is the case with the feet on the Kallax shelves in our new playroom. Figuring out just how to add feet to an IKEA Kallax wasn’t the easiest process (I found lots of pictures but no how-tos), so it’s no wonder I’m getting questions! Well, today I’m showing you just how easy and affordable it is to give your shelves (no matter where they’re from!) a quick boost!

How to Add Feet To Ikea Kallax

Why would I want to add feet to the Ikea Kallax?

As most of you all know, I love love love a good cube storage system for a variety of things but most especially toys. When I saw the layout of our new basement (even before we moved in!), I knew a line of Kallax shelves along the far wall would be a phenomenal solution for organizing and storing all of Henry’s toys and craft supplies. We had just enough room to fit two 4×2 units and one 2×2 unit, and I loved the focal point and ample storage they provided! While they functioned perfectly and looked just fine, I didn’t whole-heartedly love the units sitting right on the floor.

I thought the addition of feet would give the shelves more of a furniture-like appearance and make them appear larger in the space (which would ultimately help that wall of the room look more balanced with that weird ledge). Below is a snapshot of the shelves shortly after moving in, before we installed the feet.

playroom with toys organized in a wall-length storage cubby unit.

How to Choose Your Feet

At first, I had dreams of adding cute, stylish feet to the shelves. But when I started to add up the costs for 12 feet (4 for each unit), they were proving more expensive than the shelves themselves. Not willing to give up on my vision, I searched around online and ended up back at IKEA, specifically in the kitchen section, and discovered the Capita feet were a truly affordable option.

The only bummer, at least to me, is that you need to weigh your preference between color and height. The chrome-colored feet only come in the 6-6.5″ height, whereas the white (which are a bit cheaper) only come in the 4-4.5″ height. I ultimately chose the taller height, but really would have preferred white.

When I first asked Greg to help me install these feet, I think both he and I were mentally prepared for a tedious project. He may have even questioned if it was going to be worth the hassle (to me, of course, it’s always worth the hassle!) However, we were both pleasantly surprised that within 20 minutes, all 12 feet were installed and the shelves were back upright! This project is simple and fast…here’s what you need!

Supplies NeededHow to Add Feet to an IKEA Kallax

1-  Kallax shelf | 2- IKEA Captia Chrome feet: 6″ height, 4″ height | 2 – White feet: 4″ height  4- |Electric screwdriver | 5 – Level (optional)

There are two really great things about Capita feet. The first is that the mounting plates come with the legs themselves, so there is no extra cost associated with adding the feet (typically, you have to buy the feet and the plates separate). Everything you need, including the screws, is included in the set! The second thing I love is that the mounting plates are flat (versus the contoured ones at the hardware store), so you can mount them to a flat-bottomed unit without having the hardware/plate bulge and show. #IKEAdoesitagain

How to Add Feet to an IKEA Kallax

Start by determining where you want your legs to be. Then, using an electric screwdriver, secure the plate to the shelf with the included screws.

Hardware plate screwed to the bottom of an Ikea Kallax Unit

The feet kit comes with a large black “washer,” which is used to make the feet just a touch taller. If you want, twist this piece onto the exposed bolt first, and then twist on the leg. And that’s it! Yup…it’s that easy!

How to Add Feet to an IKEA Kallax

Repeat on all four sides…

chrome feet screwed into the bottom of a white Ikea Kallax unit

…and then put your shelf back into place! Twist or untwist the legs to level the shelf as necessary.

How to Add Feet to an IKEA Kallax

One thing to note (especially if you are going to do this in a space where kids will have access to the shelves) is that the feet make the shelves a tad unsteadier than if they were sitting flat on the floor (simply because they are higher and don’t have as solid of a base). We used the mounting hardware that comes with the Kallax to secure the shelves to the wall.

How to Add Feet to an IKEA Kallax

While I had hunch the feet would really change the look of the shelves, I was quite surprised at how different the space felt with the shelves just a few inches higher.

How to Add Feet to an IKEA Kallax

I love that the whole wall has a little more of a finished appearance, and should we ever need it (I sure hope we don’t!), there is now extra storage beneath the shelves too! #alreadytoomanytoys

How to Add Feet to an IKEA Kallax

Here’s a quick look at the before and after. Not a huge change…but one I’m really glad we went for!

Before and After | Feet on an IKEA Kallax

It’s little changes like these that make off-the-shelf items a little more unique and custom for your space and needs!

Other Great Furniture Feet for the IKEA Kallax

If you really want to up the style factor and budget is no issue, there are places (like Pretty Pegs) that make super stylish legs that fit right into the IKEA mounting plates. The customization options really are endless!

Here are some more fun and functional ideas for adding feet to the Kallax:

Collage of furniture feet for IKEA Kallax

1- Modern Woodgrain Feet | 2 – Round Metal Feet | 3 – Metal Feet | 4 – Modern Iron Feet | 5 – Gold Iron Feet | 6 – Hairpin Feet

So there’s a quick little tutorial on how to add feet to an IKEA Kallax to start off your week! I hope you all had a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here Wednesday when I’m chatting a bit more about one of my favorite companies!

Ikea Kallax unit modified with chrome feet

By the way! IKEA Kallax shelves aren’t just for the playroom! See how feet give these same shelves some added style in our new foyer makeover and our playroom!

See You Soon!