Happy New Year, friends! Can you believe 2013 is over and a New Year is upon us? Wowza…2013 flew by so fast – I swear it was just February! Over the last 12 months, I feel like I really found my groove with projects and posting here on the blog, and I have so much enjoyed growing my readership and connecting with you, my wonderful and kind readers, here on the blog and on social media. I accomplished some big projects that I am so darn proud of, and I feel like I made huge strides in turning our bland military housing unit into a personal, fun and fresh space to live in. Before I dive head first into 2014, I (like everyone else around the blog-o-sphere!) wanted to pause and reflect on my favorite projects/posts of 2013. (Note – these aren’t necessarily my highest-traffic posts, just my favorite projects from the year!)

Top 13 of 2013-001

Striped Outdoor Rug. I made this awesome striped outdoor rug with paint and a drop-cloth from the paint department. It took a little bit of focus and patience, but the final result was so catching and fun! Paired with my red garden bench and two-toned blue star, I finally pulled our front porch together!

Top 13 of 2013-002

On-the-Go Second Birthday Party. I love to throw parties, and I especially love all the crafting and party prep that’s involved in the weeks before the big day. When my car-and-train-loving son turned two, I decided on an all-transporation-themed party. My favorite part was the food table with all sorts of party-themed treats and a great hanging backdrop!

Top 13 of 2013-003

Tiled Garden Planter. With the Spring came an urge to pretty up some planters. I tried my hand at tiling and grouting for the first time with this simple but oh-so-stunning herb garden. All these months later, my herbs are going pretty strong and the planter is one of my favorite additions to our home!

Top 13 of 2013-004

Office Storage Towers & Gold Polka Dot Wall. Okay, I am smooshing two favorites into one here. This photo below is of one of my favorite spots in our entire house. The media-towers turned organization central was one of my most gratifying furniture transformations EVER. Add to those blue beauties the fun gold polka-dot wall, and it’s a show stopper for this color and pattern loving gal.

Top 13 of 2013-005

Preppy Playroom Makeover. I was having a lot of trouble tying our entryway, playroom, and living room spaces together in a way that felt right for our family and my design preferences. One day, I made a leap to change the playroom color scheme from red to turquoise and it’s made all the difference. This preppy playroom really gave me the push to make some energizing changes to the adjoining spaces!

Top 13 of 2013-006

Linen Closet Makeover. This was one of those “drop everything and work on only this” type projects. It had gotten so out of control that at one point over the summer, I stopped everything I was working on and focused for 3 days on this closet. This is now one of the best functioning spots in our house. Be sure to pop over to see the before shots and get your own printable labels!

Top 13 of 2013-007

Fall Porch Makeover. We ushered in the Fall by (finally) giving a new life to a very old table by cutting it in half to make a console table. We added some free chairs from a neighbor and a few new pillows and our porch was given a more subdued and classic look for Fall.

Top 13 of 2013-008

Lemon Lime Console Table & Gallery Wall. Okay, another two-fer. This lemon-lime console table might just be one of my favorite items in our house because the color is so full of energy and levity. It just makes me smile every time I see it. Above the table, I hung all white frames with colored shots of our family to brighten our entryway and greet guests to our home.

Top 13 of 2013-009

Doll-Sized China Hutch. Okay, this one might surprise you to make my favorite list for the past 12 months; but honestly, this little project was so much fun to work on. I don’t often get to make things for little girls, and this project allowed me to use a side of my creativity I don’t often tap into. From finding the “china hutch”units to styling the shelves, every step of this project was different for me and oh-so-fulfilling to see it come together! I think my niece was pretty excited too!

Top 13 of 2013-010

A Modern French Provincial. Okay, I know I just said the yellow console table and the turquoise media towers were my favorite transformations; but honestly, our big grey dresser is truly my favorite piece of furniture in our house right now. Getting all the details for this beauty took me some time, but I’m glad I exercised patience, because our room has (finally) turned into the glamorous sanctuary we’ve always wanted it to be…and this piece is at the center of it all!

Top 13 of 2013-011

Office Makeover. I feel like I really closed out the year with a bang around here. After months of slow progress and indecisiveness, I put the finishing touches on our office makeover and I am just smitten with the final result. Without too much money or effort, we now have a really great place to study, work and blog!

Top 13 of 2013-012

Bedroom Mirror. Even though I haven’t shown the final room reveal, our Master Bedroom received a few sparkly touches that brought it from “just okay” to “WOW!” Most notably, the mirror above the bed received a spray paint treatment that made all the difference in the world! This project goes down as a favorite because it worked out just as I thought (no crazy DIY surprises!) and the results are simply stunning!

Top 13 of 2013-013

A Blue, Silver & Turquoise Christmas. I’d be remiss not to include this year’s holiday decorations on my favorite list. I worked so very hard to pull this main room together for the holidays, and I love the results so much. I’m antsy to get Christmas put away, but you better believe I’m excited to pull out all these elements again next year!

Top 13 of 2013-014

I feel like there are so many other fun projects I could include, but these are the ones I am really oh-so-proud of. So much work and so much effort go into some of these design decisions, so it’s very exciting to see them turn out and bring such joy to our lives and a sense of home to our family!

Just to close for now, I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! I for one love the fresh and exciting feeling that comes around every January. I love having a clean slate, making goals for the coming year, and dreaming about all the unexpected that lies ahead. I have lots of fun things planned for our home, our lives, and this blog, so be sure you continue to come around. Thank you so much to each and every one of you that make time for me in your day/week/month/life. I know there are so many blogs out there and so many projects to see and try, but I am honored you take the time to visit and look at mine! Many, many thanks.


P.S. I’m taking the rest of the week off to be with family. I should be back to regular posting starting next week!

See You Soon!