For over a year now, I’ve been cranking away on project after project to update and decorate our current house. As most people do, I’ve been jumping around from room to room, working on whatever nook or cranny I feel passionate about at the time. Over the last 12 months, I’ve popped in here and there with photos and updates of our main living room/family room/play room; and while I love every project I’ve completed for this space, each post has ended with s similar sentiment: the room just isn’t where I want it; it doesn’t have the fresh and liveliness I crave in a space; and I just can’t seem to get it to a place where I walk in and instantly love it. I mentioned this all in a post here. I think this is the  (horrible) photo of the living area you last saw.

See what I mean? Dark, drab, blah and confused. I love the striped wall and our blue couch and the fabric on the cornice boxes, but everything else I did in this space just was’t right.

One of the biggest challenges I made for myself is the direction I went in the playroom: RED…

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE RED. And more so, I love the grey, red and white combo I had going in our playroom. But the problem is that this little play area is part of one big room with our family room. And no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get the red to make sense with the other half of the room. The modern red, white and blue thing wasn’t working for me, and I couldn’t find a great red fabric to pull into the other side of the room without it looking too “Americana.”

Reds are tricky, my friends. And it was driving me bonkers. I spent too so much time staring at this space, playing with photos and accessories, and searching for ideas online. Oh, and I don’t even want to tell you how many red fabric swatches I brought home to test out in this space. Completely frustrated, I turned to where I should have gone sooner: back to the inspiration boards I created for this space, well before we even moved in.

“Hmmmm,” I said to myself. “No red on that board.” Light bulb. Oh friends, red was never in the plan for this space. No wonder this room wasn’t coming together right – I never had a plan that included some of the choices I made along the way. Don’t get me wrong, straying from the plan can sometimes bring about awesome things. But not so in this case at least.

Where did the red come from, you ask? Well, remember this red garden bench? I was so smitten with it (and had tons of paint leftover) so I painted the play table to match; and from there, the red snowball started rolling. Again, if this room were a separate, closed-off room, I wouldn’t have changed a thing – I loved the red and grey THAT much. But this overall room scheme really wasn’t working for me, and some changes HAD to be made.

I still wasn’t convinced I was ready for a big overhaul (again, I just assembled this red playroom within the last year) until I came across some fabrics I couldn’t tear myself from. I shared this photo on Instagram a while back…

I’m not sure exactly when, but sometime between the painting of the office towers turquoise and my husband arriving home last week, I decided to just go for it. I stopped trying to “fix” where I went astray with the red and put in the time to make the room exactly what I wanted it to be. Yes, it meant a little more sewing and a little more painting (all amidst the Office over-haul), but now the room has the vibrancy and freshness I was craving from the beginning.

I’m not quite ready to give you the full tour, but here’s a big ol’ sneak peek!!!

I was sad to see the red go (really sad, actually), but now this room makes so much more sense. From this small glance I’m showing you today, it may seem like I did a ton of work to overhaul this room. You might be surprised to know that I spent about $50 and 3 days taking the room from red and disjointed to blue and beautiful. In my book, this was both time and money well spent. Next week, I’ll show you all the details on how exactly how I changed everything…it was a lot easier than you might think!!!! Until then, I hope you have a great weekend!!!!


See You Soon!