Today I am sharing one more quick little project from our on-going living room update! A while back, when we finished our new side tables, we were hesitant (obviously) just to put our drinks right onto our newly-finished solid wood tabletops. As I was adding “coasters” to our never-ending To Find List, a lightbulb went off, and I ran out to the garage.

Although I am a purger, I am always very, very slow to get rid of craft and decor items. Here’s why! I bought these tiles 5 years ago (yes, you read that right), while we were living in Okinawa. I think they were $0.50 or $0.75 per tile. I scooped up a bunch and have been lugging them around the country ever since. You know, because someday, I’ll be able to use them!

The colors were spot-on with our living room decor scheme, and they were the ideal size and shape to be coasters. Although I had 5 different patterns to choose from, I went with the polka dots and two-toned stripe; they just seemed to compliment each other the best!

To make them a little more friendly with our wood table tops, I simply cut out felt squares and hot glued them to the bottoms of each tile.

In less than 15 minutes, I had two coordinating sets of tile coasters!

These have worked out perfectly – well, once we taught Henry not to pull the felt squares off the bottom of them!

They’re chic, simple, color-coordianted, quick and FREE! Cheers to that!

Have a great weekend everyone!


See You Soon!