Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! As I mentioned last week, I’ve had a major stroke of inspiration in the Office/Craft Room and I spent part of the weekend hard at work in there. I CANNOT wait to show you what I’ve done. I should have some pics ready for you later this week! Until then though, I wanted to wrap up a little project I started a few weeks ago and am just so excited to cross off the good ol’ To Do List!

Under the Media Hutch-024

This is a tiny little DIY/organization story that began over a year ago when we first scored this severely dated, but solid oak, china hutch from a local consignment shop. Not only could I see the awesome potential as a place to put our TV far out of reach of our Little Guy’s hands, but I knew it was coming home with me simply for the oodles of storage in the cabinets below.

Under the Media Hutch-025

Making over this unit was one of the first major DIY projects I took on when we moved in last Summer. You can see the reveal HERE, the tutorial HERE, and how I styled it HERE. But that’s pretty much the last you saw or heard of this unit, but I had more plans for her!

Under the Media Hutch-026

When this unit was painted and moved in and all the components were hooked up and functioning, I tossed all of our media and TV accessories in, shut the doors, walked away, and moved on to other projects that were a bit more pressing. Finally, I found the time in recent weeks to tackle the inside of this cabinet…

Under the Media Hutch-027

You see, I am the type of a girl that will buy a pair of pants or a jacket simply because it has an awesome, whimsical, patterned waste band or lining (well, it has to fit too 😉 Sure I love pattern in my house on pillows and curtains and walls, but I absolutely love giving something classic and simple a major pop of wow on the inside. It’s a detail that some will never see, but just knowing that a visual party lies within brings a smile to my face!

Wanna see what I mean?

Under the Media Hutch-028

I have a little obsession with the MacBeth Shelf Liners you can find at Marshalls and TJMaxx. I tend to snatch up the papers with colors and patterns that match my house whenever I see them, and my collection has gotten a little, um, excessive. Adding a strong dose of this hex paper was a good way to use up my stash while getting the look I was going for!

Under the Media Hutch-014a

This paper is really great quality and really easy to work with. I find it’s super forgiving, so if you end up with a mis-matched seem or a wrinkle, it’s pretty easy to fix as well as super hard to tell if you don’t bother! I followed the old adage: measure twice, cut once. Once my paper was the correct size, I found it easiest to roll up the cut and just remove a few inches of the backing. Place the sticky side down on your surface, making sure all your surfaces line up just right. Then peal the backing off and un-roll your paper as you move down your surface. This allows you to keep it straight and work out bubble and wrinkles as you go.

Under the Media Hutch-029

I was planning on just doing the horizontal surfaces but really wanted to see more of the pattern so I papered the back too. I’m super tempted to paint the insides of the doors and that final brown slat in my lemon-lime paint, but my husband said no. Not sure I’m willing to give up that fight yet 😉

Under the Media Hutch-030

Once papered (which took about an hour or so), I loaded up the space with our newly organized media boxes. Our newly organized DVDs went on the left. You can read how I organized them HERE.

Under the Media Hutch-031

Our gaming accessories and bigger DVD box sets went in these “new” storage boxes and got tucked in on the right. See more about this organizing solution HERE!

Under the Media Hutch-032

Behind the center doors is our Wii Fit board, a tray that holds extra remotes, and a caddy that holds all of our portable DVD players and cords. I LOVE how all of our movie and game-related “stuff” is all in one pretty place!

Under the Media Hutch-033

With just a few hours worth of projects (papering the shelves, organizing the DVDs, and updating the storage boxes) using all supplies I had on hand, the inside of our media hutch is now as pretty and functional as the outside. It was a fun project to work on and cross of the list, even if we are the only ones who ever see it!

Under the Media Hutch-034

Thanks for stopping by today. As you read this, I am probably snapping pictures of my latest Office Update. I should have some photos here for you on Wednesday. See you then!

See You Soon!