Labeling in the Linen Closet (with FREE printable labels!)

Even though we are gearing up for another move in a few short months, there are still a few spots in this house that I want to work on and tweak for our remaining time here. One of these spots is our Linen Closet! In the first weeks of moving in, I loaded everything into this closet with the intentions that I would revisit it and get it in better working order within weeks. Well…here we are a few MONTHS later, and I am just now getting to it. Truth be told, the closet has been functioning pretty well for us so an organizational makeover didn’t really feel urgent. Still, every time I open the closet doors I get frustrated that I never took the time to re-sort and re-label baskets and identify some better solutions for a few disorderly things. Well, my friends! This is the week I’m tackling the linen closet; and while I’m not going to show you the closet today (come back here on Saturday for the reveal), I did want to share with you some new labels I made to get me motivated and help get everything in order!

Printable Linen Closet Labels | Get Your Closet Organized Today!

I made and shared some Linen Closet labels a few years back, but I was craving a fresh look and some more descriptive labels. So I spent some time this weekend coming up with 36 labels for (most of) the common things found in a linen closet, and I just love them!

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Here are the 36 different categories I came up with. Each label features a picture AND text…and is available in 5 different colors!

Printable Linen Closet Labels | 36 Labels in 5 Color Schemes

These labels are designed to fit onto 2.5″ round labels like the 22830 labels by Avery. So if you need a true print-peel-stick option, it’s all ready for you!Printable Linen Closet Labels | Use Avery 22830 Labels

You guys know the drill by now! If you would like your own copy of these Linen Closet Labels, I have them available for download over in The Organization Toolbox right now! Hop on over and grab your set, then come back to see a whole bunch of different ideas to use them!

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Ultimate Flexibility

As I’ve been making all of these printables for you guys over the last few weeks, one of my main priorities has been to make you truly usable and valuable files. Why spend the time if no one can use them, right? I realize I can’t and won’t be able to get the right categories, font, color, style preference for everyone, but one thing I did do with these files was make them borderless so they can be cut down and used in a variety of ways! Using the Avery 22830 Labels is certainly the quickest and easiest way to make labels with this file. But if you’re anything like me and you don’t want to buy all the different size labels out there, I recommend buying full-sheet sticker paper and trimming the labels down to your preferred shape and size (I’ll show you how below!) But don’t just limit yourself to sticker paper…you can print these labels onto anything you like, including cardstock, photo paper, or magnetic paper…or load the files into your e-cutter software and cut the images out of vinyl. The possibilities are endless!

Cutting the Labels

Once you have the PDF file, simply select which set you want, choose those pages in the print menu, and print them at 100% scale. As I mentioned, the files have no borders around each label, allowing you to cut the labels down into any number of sizes and shapes that work for you! If you don’t own any fancy craft supplies, don’t fret. The easiest option is to use cookie cutters or create templates out of heavy paper and trace them around each label; then cut each out with a scissors. That said, my favorite way to get precise and quick cuts out of a sheet of labels is using dies with my Sizzix Big Shot.

Printable Linen Closet Labels

You’ll notice that quite a few shapes fit around these labels. And if you keep them to about 2.5″ wide, you can easily cut out all nine labels on a single sheet with equal borders/dimensions. To perfectly center the design on my cutout, I use a magnetic plate for my Sizzix Big Shot (#gamechanger). It holds the dies perfectly in place as it all goes through the press!

Printable Linen Closet Labels

A paper trimmer (or scissors!) is another great way to trim these labels down.

Printable Linen Closet Labels

All of these sizes (below) can be achieved on a single sheet of labels. Just pick the measurement that works for you and trim each one to the same size! (Note in the image below: all the rectangles should be cut to 3.5″ tall! #ooops)

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Fun Ways to Use the Labels

I have been on a labeling kick lately, and have been dreaming up all sorts of fun and creative ways to label bins and baskets. I’m going to be sharing a bunch of techniques in the coming weeks, including a few ideas for using these Linen Closet labels today!

Printable Linen Closet Labels


If you have hard, clean, solid surfaces on your organizers, using these labels as stickers is the quickest and easiest method for getting everything sorted and labeled correctly. Literally, just peel and stick it on the right spot!

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Tag Labels

You can also apply these to any size and shape tag or sign to create fun and one-of-a-kind labels!

Printable Linen Closet Labels

I found these chipboard tags at the Target Dollar Spot (#ofcourse). After giving them a quick coat of blue paint, I secured the sticker labels to the front of them and wrapped the extra paper to the back.

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Frame Labels

Don’t feel like investing in sticker paper? You can still create super cute labels by just printing the images onto cardstock or photo paper and loading them into lightweight frames.

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Printable Linen Closet Labels

I started with these inexpensive die-cut wooden frames from Michaels…

Printable Linen Closet Labels

After a quick coat of paint, I secured some cutout paper labels on the backside of the frames using plain ol’ adhesive!

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Securing tags to your bin or basket will largely depend on what it is made out of, if it has slats or handles, and what look you’re going for! In trying to come up with a fun yet sturdy way to attach labels to these Y-weave baskets from Target, it occurred to me that fasteners would do the trick!

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Just pop the fasteners through your label, then through the basket holes, and open on the inside to secure it. I am so giddy over this idea, I can’t wait to use it all over the house!

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Luggage Tag Labels

Alright…my long-time readers will recognize these luggage tag labels in an instant. I made them years ago, and still keep them around since they are just so handy.

Printable Linen Closet Labels

These printable labels even work in these luggage tags (get the tutorial HERE). I just dressed up the tags with a bit of washi tape before loading them into the clear vinyl pocket.

Printable Linen Closet Labels

Printable Linen Closet Labels

I am positively giddy over this set of labels and hope you guys are too! If you do use them, be sure to let me know how you put them to work and if they work out for you! Do you have any other clever ways to use them? Share in the comments below!

Printable Linen Closet Labels

The Organization Toolbox

The Organization Toolbox | 100+ FREE Printable Pages to Help Organize Your Life & Home

I’m spending the first 12 Tuesdays of 2016 filling up my new Organization Toolbox with small organizing projects and helpful printables! If you missed other posts in this series, catch up here:

As I intended, these fun labels have totally gotten me motivated to get our linen closet in order…finally! I’ll be sharing my Linen Closet reveal on Saturday. BUT…be sure to come back and see me on Thursday because I have such a fun project to share with you guys…and I’m doing so with a bunch of new friends! See you then!

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8 Responses to Labeling in the Linen Closet (with FREE printable labels!)

  1. I so need a linen closet! We bought an older house, and while I love the shape/design/layout the linen closet was in such bad shape. The built in pantry was as well. So they got torn out. The good thing about not having them is that I don’t keep a bunch of extra towels/sheets/junk around. Silver linings, right?
    I do have everything in my laundry room cabinets, and I so need to organize them and label everything so my children can find it all! Thank you for making the labels for me… to get on the ball and print them and put them up!

    • Happy Sunday, Kristie!

      I feel so lucky to have had linen closets in our last two houses. Before that, we never had one…and boy it really does help to have dedicated places to put things like towels and extra hygiene stuff. You are right though…with no place to store it…no clutter!

      Even though it feels like our next move is around the corner, I am so glad I took the time to get ours in shape this week…such a difference!

      Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Hi Megan
    Thank you so much for having prepared all these labels for us to share. It would be funny to label my linen closet in English ! I have one I just put in order this summer even rolling some of the towels. The problem is the height between the shelves so it would be nice to put a name on the different things inside. Have a nice week. Michèle

    • Hi Michèle!

      Yes, having English labels in your house would probably be a little funny…except that the pictures might be able to help you out 😉 Sorry I am not able to make prints that you would be able to use…but hopefully you can get some ideas for you to try in your own home!

      Happy Sunday!

      • Hi Megan, you made me smile when you wrote that the pictures could help me ! 🙂 I do understand all the names written on the labels and all your posts in English, I do write my comments in English with no help at all. I do love English and I speak your language quite fluently. I suddenly realize that maybe you thought I translated everything which would be really tough ! 🙂 Have a nice Sunday, our is very stormy. Michèle

  3. Wow those are great! I am TOTALLY jealous of your label making skills. What software or program do you use to make these?!

    Love all of these ideas and the fastener idea is genius!

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

  4. Hi Megan,
    I am new to your blog as I just recently purchased a Cricut explore and am LOVING your blog helping me learn, so thank you!!
    Wondering what font you used for these labels? I love it!

    Thanks again for your very helpful information, I’ve been cruising your blog reading everything for over an hour now lol!

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