It’s no secret that I love to organize. I love taking on a room, closet, or drawer and emptying it out, item by item, and then slowly and methodically putting it all back together in a more logical and functional manner. In my very own home (and in every friends’, clients’, or family members’ home that I’ve worked in), time and time again I rely on one tried-and-true organizing secret: put it (whatever it is) in its own designated bin, basket or container. As I look around my house, it’s almost alarming how many bins, baskets and containers we own. But the reason I keep scooping these organizing essentials up is because they work. They work for adults and kids; they work for everything from office supplies to tools; and they work in every single room of the house. Today, we’re going room by room, and I’m going to show you over 70+ storage ideas using baskets and bins to keep your home tidy!

70+ Storage Ideas Using Baskets Around the Home

Before I dive into the storage ideas using baskets, let me quickly chat about why I love using bins and baskets so much and why they work so well!

  • Variety – You can buy bins/baskets in almost any finish, size, and style you can think of; and with sufficient research, you will be able to find the perfect container for any shelf, nook, cubby, or spot. (TIP! Always keep shelf/cubby measurements in your purse because you never know when you might stumble upon the perfect-fitting solution!)
  • Versatile – Almost anything can be tossed into a container. From small things such as craft supplies and LEGOs, to big things like shoes and toy trucks…bins are something that can be moved from room to room and used in endless ways.
  • User-Friendly – Anyone can throw things into a basket…even my 4 year old. (TIP! Some sort of label system ensures the right things end up in the right bins.)
  • Increase Usable Space – Large open shelves and/or cabinets not only look cluttered and disorderly when items are just piled up; but it’s also difficult to use up all the space you have if things are falling all over the place. Using baskets, even on open shelving, allows you to use every inch there is.
  • Simple Clean Up – I like a tidy home…it’s just who I am. But I don’t like to spend forever cleaning up. With designated bins and baskets for most loose items in our home, not only does everything have a place, but putting everything away takes minutes. You better bet that inside all of our bins and baskets is controlled chaos, but at least things are corralled and easy to find.
  • Reduce Bulk – I get rid of bulky or flimsy packaging whenever I can. Cardboard food boxes, game boxes, craft supply packaging…it all gets thrown out and the items get loaded into permanent, designated containers. Getting rid of cardboard packaging also keeps things looking less cluttered and makes more room for storing everything you need.
  • A Place for Junk! Not everything that comes into your home will have a perfect and logical home. There are just some things that need to get stuffed somewhere just to get it off the kitchen table. We have designated junk baskets and drawers in various spots throughout the home. If we can’t find what we’re looking for, chances are high it was tucked into one of our junk landing zones!

Okay – are you ready to see 70+ storage ideas using baskets to organize your home? Just click each picture to see the solution in  more detail. And…yep, every single of one these images if from one of our 8 homes – and I actually didn’t include every single basket system we’ve employed. Not sure if I’m proud or embarrassed by that! 😜

In the Entryway

In the Playroom

In the Kitchen

In the Craft Room

In the Bathrooms

In the Laundry Room or Linen Closet

In Bedrooms & Nurseries

Storage Ideas Using Baskets: In the Garage or Storage Space

Storage Ideas Using Baskets: Inside Closets


Storage Ideas Using Baskets: Inside Drawers

Wow, right? So many possibilities! I could actually keep going. There’s a few good ones I didn’t get to…like the countertop box we use to catch coupons and receipts…a basket right inside the door for Henry to put all his shoes in as he walks in the door…the snap-tight boxes we use for all our snacks and cereals! My husband says I’ve never met a basket I didn’t like – I’m starting to see why he teases me!

So…are you a basket/bin/container user? If you are, I’d love to hear your favorite bin/basket uses. If not, I hope I gave you 70+ reasons for giving them a try and/or 70+ ideas for using them more effectively! I promise, they are worth the investment and will make your home a tidier place indeed!

See You Soon!