It is really no secret around here that my number one strategy for keeping our home picked up and organized is baskets. In fact, Greg would probably say I’ve never met a basket I didn’t like. And while we certainly have our share of bins and baskets around our home, there are certain ones I find myself reaching for time and time again to hold a host of different things. If you’ve gotten on the basket bandwagon but don’t have the time or energy to shop around for just the right ones, I’ve got you covered! Today, I’m sharing my all-time favorite baskets for organizing!

Baskets for Organizing

What Makes a Good Basket?

There is no shortage of good-quality, versatile baskets on the market these days. In fact, bins and baskets are now available at almost every home store, in any style, and at every price point. There are certainly plenty to choose from, but not every basket out there is a good investment. Here’s my criteria for finding a “good basket.”

  • First and foremost, it should hold what you need it to.
  • Second, it should nicely fit onto whatever shelf, cubby, or spot you are going to place it without cramping or leaving too much wasted space.
  • Third, it should be easy to use and hold up to that use.
  • Fourth, it should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • And finally, it should be reasonably priced and easy to find.

The 8 baskets I describe below are all of these things: good-sized, sturdy, attractive, useful, easy-to-find, and budget-friendly; and I use them over and over and over! Read on to find out exactly why I love each of them so much, and see the different ways I use them around our home(s)!

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The IKEA DRONA bins are made to fit the IKEA Kallax (and former Expedit) shelves perfectly. They are wide, deep and tall, and they hold so much stuff! Although they are made out of sturdy cardboard covered in fabric, I’ve found they hold up pretty well to heavy items and a lot of wear-and-tear. They are an amazing price ($4 each!!!), but are primarily available only at IKEA stores. Keep in mind, IKEA only carries certain colors (that rotate seasonally) so finding just the right shade for your space can be tricky.


2. Target Y-Weave Baskets

I use these Y-weave baskets from Target in almost every room in our house. They are sturdy and easily cleanable because of their strong plastic structure. They look great, and are available year-round in an array of colors and sizes. From toys and craft supplies to kitchen items, toiletries, linens, and more…these are my go-to!

TIP! These baskets regularly go on sale around the New Year and Back-to-School time, so wait to stock up during these sales!


3. Book Bins

Although typically used to organize classrooms, these book bins come in handy for all sorts of items around the house. I found some in the Target Dollar Spot years ago, but have scooped up several sets since. Not only are they a perfect size for holding books, toys, and craft supplies, but they are also great for storing a variety of foods and snacks in the pantry or refrigerator. Their slender and short size are ideal for tight spots!


4. mDesign Clear Acrylic Bins

Clear acrylic bins are a versatile and stylish option for storing everything from foods and toiletries to cleaning items and craft supplies. Not only do they look great alone on shelves, but they can also be tucked into larger drawers to create customized compartments. I love the mDesign brand because they are super sturdy, very budget-friendly, and come in a very wide variety of sizes and styles!


5. Sterilite Snap-Lock Boxes

Sterilite Snap-Lock boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you will easily be able to find the best one for whatever you’re trying to store. We like to use the smaller ones to hold LEGO sets and the larger ones to keep craft supplies accessible and stackable. They are also great for holding puzzles, games, and small toys.


6. Crates

When I went hunting for large, durable, wipeable, and CHEAP baskets for our garage, these were what I came home with. And much to my surprise, we keep finding great uses for them! My favorite thing about these crates (besides their size, cost, and dedicated spot for a label) is that their plastic design makes them easy to clean out. A quick spray down with the hose and 20 minutes in the sun and they are clean! We primarily use these out in the garage and in our workout spaces, but I also think they would work great for toys and other hardier items!


7. Clear Flip-Top Boxes

I use small flip-top boxes to store almost all of my small craft supplies. From sewing notions and trims, to paints and glues, glitter and punches, I have twenty of them inside my craft cabinets alone. I love that they stack and fit my shelves perfectly, but I mostly love that they are clear! Quite often, I don’t like clear storage because they don’t conceal “messes” (which can be bothersome to the eye). But in the case of craft supplies, I love that I can look at the boxes and find just what I’m looking for, even if they aren’t labeled. The flip-tops allow me to quickly and easily access items without having to empty the box! And since I don’t have to take the lid off, it doesn’t get lost or thrown out by accident. I have found clear plastic boxes are best for craft supplies, but we also regularly use them for toys, snack items, hygiene items, and DVDs.

NOTE: I hesitated to add my beloved flip-top plastic boxes to this round-up because mine (the version you see in the pictures below) were bought overseas in Okinawa (at their version of the Dollar Store). When there 10+ years ago, I stocked up on nearly 30 of them and continually use them all over our house. While you mostly likely won’t be able to get the exact same ones, these are similar.


8. STORi Clear Plastic Bins & Dividers

I have been buying STORi plastic drawers, dividers, and other organizers for years, and I am constantly impressed by their quality. Their drawer dividers come in a myriad of sizes (meaning you can create an arrangement that works perfectly in your drawer) and are even stackable, which is great for deeper spaces. These products a great value for the quantity and can help create order in the smallest of spaces.


I do hope you find these links and ideas helpful! Do you agree/disagree with any of the baskets on my list? Do you have others that you turn to over and over? Please share in the comments so we can all check them out!

See You Soon!