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  1. I have never commented on any of your posts… but this one I wish I had used this when doing my kitchen cabinets two years ago. Great work!

  2. Love this! Do you have a post about the cabinets? My hubby would like to do something similar in our next house when we PCS this summer. Thank you!

    • Hi there!

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

      I first wrote this post ages ago when we first installed the cabinets:

      We bought the cabinets at either The Home Depot or Lowes, I honestly can’t remember which one…and we bought them during a Labor Day sale which cut down on the cost. We’ve since gotten rid of the dark stock countertop shown in that post and have replaced it with white countertops from IKEA.

      Hope that helps a bit and let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. I brought home large kitchen drawer divider from Ikea that I was positive would fit in my “junk” drawer. And it did, but not until I razored off the rolled top edge! It was very inexpensive, so I didn’t mind too much. Aloha, Teney

  4. I am so excited about this post!!! 🙂 I found these exact same organizers at the dollar spot at Target about 3 months ago. I was smitten with how you could stack and slide them, and I have a weakness for all things plastic, clear, storage so bought what they had left (which was not much). I organized my daughter’s bathroom drawers with them, and it turned out wonderful! (Although I need to add the double-stick tape, because they currently slide a little.) Anyway, I wanted to buy more and of course cannot find them at Target Dollar spot – so I am elated I can buy through Amazon, and will be sure to do so through your link!!! Thanks for sharing! I am ready to organize my husband & I’s bathroom drawers with these!!!

  5. Hi Megan, wow! I’m blown away and so impressed with your creative and “can do” attitude. And then the patience to do all the configurations to make everything fit so nicely and perfectly. We just moved into a new home, our forever home. The only room upstairs will be my sewing room. The room sits over the garage and the only downfall is that the walls are slanted. I also have a small storage room within the room. I think I will use that for Christmas decor, luggage and whatever I can store in there neatly. My question is, have you ever dealt with slanted walls and, if so, how did you make it work for you. If you have a chance, will you please check out my short video of the room and give me a few pointers. I would really appreciate that. I really enjoy following you. Your blog posts really come in handy when I’m trying to organize. I read about the installation of your base cabinets with your husband and, wow, you guys answered every question I had about installing those cabinets. We will be installing cabinets in the sewing room and at least one base unit in the pantry. Thanks for reading my entire message. Sorry its so long. 😏😊 Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  6. So organized. I am organizing my new Carolina and bought similar 6×9 containers from target. I jujitsu have to figure out to organized. This will make it so much easier. I was also wondering where you got the organizer for your cricut blades. Thanks

    • Hi Rylee! Try searching “ Everything Mary Plastic 5 Compartment Storage Box” at on the Joanns website. Not sure if it’s the exact brand but it looks pretty similar!

    • Hi there!
      I have my Cricut blades stored in a box that comes in this set. One of the boxes has the long compartments.
      Hope that helps!Megan

  7. Wow! Now that’s some lovely organized drawer eye candy! Like you, I also find that organized spaces are so beautiful to look at. As a fellow crafter too, I’m always curious about what other crafters find are their most used tools. I noticed you had a brayer in your office supplies drawer. I’m curious, what do you use the brayer for? I haven’t used one since my days in art school in my printing class. I used them to evenly apply the ink to my wood cut or linoleum cut board prior to printing. I really value your blog and the perspective you bring to prioritizing organization! Thanks Kristin

    • Hi Kristin!
      Thanks so much for this comment…I love that you were “looking through my drawers” lol!
      It’s funny, I use the brayer a ton…but probably not what it’s intended for. I use it to smooth/stick paper and vinyl to my sticky Cricut mats. I will also use it to smooth out wrinkles/bubbles in wallpaper or vinyl on projects (when the scraper might be too rough). I’m actually surprised how often I pull it out!
      Happy Tuesday!Megan

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