When I posted our playroom reveal last week (and indicated that I’d be pulling apart that now completed room in just a few short months!), I didn’t quite expect the flurry of interest surrounding our next move! Although we just found out ourselves where we are heading next, I’ve been waiting to share because our move is just a part of the exciting summer we have ahead! All of our cats are out of their bags, so to speak, with our family and friends, so it’s finally time to share our exciting news with you all too! It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal update here on the blog, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find this one worth the wait πŸ˜‰

Although it really does seem like we just moved into this house, our three years are almost up and the moving trucks will be parked out front again before we know it. This summer will mark our 8th move in about 14 years; and just to recap, we’ve lived in Okinawa, Japan; San Diego, CA; Quantico, VA; Camp Lejeune, NC; Leavenworth, KS; and back here to San Diego again. (If you’d like to see our previous homes, they are all documented here…just no judging those earlier homes!)Β 

Greg is at a point in his career when we assumed a move to the East Coast was probably in our cards, but never did we quite imagine the Marine Corps would send us…home! Greg has been assigned to a job in Northern VA, just south of Washington, DC.

Greg and I were both born and raised in Northern Virginia, and we both even stuck around for college. Although we lived about an hour south (in Quantico) for a year and have “come home” many, many times, we actually haven’t been back to live since before we were married almost 14 years ago. To be moving back…quite literally…to our home town is a little surreal, especially having been gone for so long. But being around so many childhood friends, college friends, military friends, and of course, family (!!!), will be a welcome change after living far away and on our own for so many years. (Now I just need to figure out how to add two hearts to our California and Virginia artwork since we seem to be circling back around!)

I wish I could say that moving home was our most exciting news, but we actually have something even more wonderful to share…

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share that another little boy will be joining our family at the end of the summer! (Cue all the blue confetti!) As many of you know, our journey to Sam was harder and longer than we expected it to be (you can read more about that here). So although we’ve been hoping and praying our family would grow again, we never once assumed it would happen for sure. We feel so blessed that our journey to baby #3 wasn’t nearly as complicated (so far, at least), and my heart feels so full (and admittedly, a little scared!) at the thought of three wild and wonderful boys underfoot!

We told the boys this past weekend by presenting them with Big Brother t-shirts. We then found out the gender all together as a family by opening a box of (secret) blue balloons that we had Party City prepare for us. We didn’t do any sort of gender “reveal” with the first two boys, and we kept this one just to our little family. But I have to admit that the build-up and the surprise and the whole experience was SO MUCH FUN and resulted in one of my most favorite moments as a family ever! #totallyworthit

Henry is over-the-moon about becoming a big brother again…Sam is 100% clueless! We snapped a bunch of pictures to share with friends and family, and the one below is the funniest outtake of the bunch. Although Sam was actually playing peek-a-boo, I have a feeling it might reflect how he really feels about loosing his place as the baby of the family, lol!

So…a move and a new baby will surely make this coming summer one to remember! I’d love to say I won’t skip a beat and you guys will hardly notice, but let’s be real…it’s probably going to be a pretty bumpy and wild ride as we march toward the Fall. I am going to do my very best to keep things running smoothly and on schedule around here (you better bet I still have plans and projects in the works…not to mention LOTS of little boy decor scheming to do!); but if I miss a post or seem to disappear from your Inbox or social media from time to time, it’s probably because I chose to take a nap or catch my breath instead of hustle into the wee hours of the morning like I usually do!

Suffice to say, the next chapter for our family is looking pretty bright, and I can’t wait to continue to share it all with you here as it unfolds!

Happy weekend and we’ll pick back up with our usual home content next week!

See You Soon!