Last Friday, I showed you these sweet see-through bags we’re now using and loving, with the promise that I’d follow up with the detailed tutorial so you could make some yourself! Well, I’m back today to deliver on my promise!

Small Toy Storage Bags-021

I whipped up four of these super cute bags, and I would have made more but I ran out of the clear vinyl. Each one took about 20 minutes and is made from half of a fat quarter (yep – that means from one fat quarter, you can get two bags!!!!) They measure about 9.5″ square” and close with a Velcro top. Although they don’t have a boxed out bottom (which you could easily add!), they can lie flat or stand up (depending on the contents inside!). I had these scrap fat quarters on hand (thanks, Big Sister!) – they were so fun and fresh and I knew they’d make the perfect addition to our other playroom storage.

Small Toy Storage Bags-004

Small Toy Storage Bags-014

This really is a great project to use up some scraps or fat quarters! You can even mix and match different fabrics on each bag for a patchwork look!

For one bag, you will need:

  • Cotton fabric (11 x 18″)
  • Clear, medium-gauge vinyl  (11 x 8″)
  • Velcro (~12″)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Basic sewing supplies: Cutting mat, ruler, rotary cutter, scissors, sewing machine, iron, straight pins

I started with a fat quarter and cut it in half width-wise, so I had 2 cuts, each measuring 18 x 11″:

Small Toy Storage Bags-005

Cut the 18 x 11″ rectangle into three sections (shown below):

Small Toy Storage Bags-006

Next, cut clear, mid-gauge vinyl into two 4 x 11″ strips.

(Note: you need two strips of vinyl for each bag!)

Small Toy Storage Bags-007

Start by placing one of the 5 x 11″ strips right-side-up and laying a vinyl strip on top, lining up the top, bottom, and right-side edges. Stitch down the length of the strips with a 1/2″ seam allowance (below, top). Once sewn, flip the vinyl open so that the fabric is on the left and the vinyl is on the right (all right sides facing up). Top stitch close to the seam down the length of the fabric (below, bottom left). This will not only give a cleaner appearance, but will force the bulky vinyl to lay flat (below, bottom right).

Small Toy Storage Bags-008

Repeat with the other 5 x 11″ fabric rectangle and the other strip of vinyl. You should then be left with the 8 x 11″ cotton rectangle and two cotton+vinyl rectangles.

Next, attach the cotton+vinyl rectangles to the larger rectangle along the long edges, also top stitching at each seam. When all sewn together, you should end up with one long rectangle that goes cotton => vinyl => cotton => vinyl => cotton.

Small Toy Storage Bags-009

With right-sides-together, fold the rectangle in half width-wise and pin along the sides. Sew down each side with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Trim out the corners and flip right-side-out! The vinyl seam can be stiff – really press it flat (with your fingers!) to make the bag lie flat-ish.

Small Toy Storage Bags-010

To finish out the raw edges at the top, fold the bag edge toward the inside of the bag 1/2″ and press. Then fold over again so that the pressed edge meets the vinyl seam about 2″ down. Pin in place around the perimeter of the bag.

Small Toy Storage Bags-011

Top stitch around the perimeter of the bag (along your first stitch line) to secure the top fold in place. Make sure you catch the fold on the inside of the bag in your stitching all the way around. This can be a bit tricky thanks to the stiffness of the vinyl (don’t judge my crooked sewing lines – it definitely got easier the more I made!)

Small Toy Storage Bags-012

I then flipped my bag back inside out (which actually wasn’t necessary but how I snapped the picture) and added Velcro on either side. Make sure your Velcro is centered on the fold on both sides of the bag. I then secured the Velcro with my sewing machine. (Note: I found it helpful to leave an inch or so of space between the end of the Velcro and the side seam of the bag. Velcro can be pretty tight, so to open the bags, it’s helpful to be able to wiggle your fingers in there!)

Small Toy Storage Bags-013

These really were fun, quick, and simple to make! Now we have great little bags that can hold all sorts of itty bitty toys and games.

Small Toy Storage Bags-015

They are perfect for the playroom, but would also be great for toting games, toys, or even snacks in the diaper bag, purse, or a kid’s backpack!

Small Toy Storage Bags-002

I really debated if the see-through pouch was necessary, but after a week or so of using these, I am so glad I included it. It makes finding just the right game or toy a cinch; and it helps Henry put things back in the right spots when we’re done playing! You can see how we use and store these bags in my Tiny Toy organizing post here!

Small Toy Storage Bags-003

I hope you’re week is off to a great start. I’m working on some really fun projects and have some great things to show you this week. See you back here Wednesday!

See You Soon!