Little by little, I’ve been trying to swap out a lot of our commonly-used disposable products with reusable versions. This has included things such as silicon food storage bags, canvas shopping bags, plastic snack containers, and freezable lunch boxes. Lately, I’ve been purchasing more bulk-style cleaners too, which I then decant into my own stylish (and reusable!) glass spray bottles and label with custom waterproof stickers. And today, I’m sharing those labels with you! Let me show you this comprehensive set of gorgeous printable cleaning labels that you too can use anywhere around the home!

Glass cleaning spray bottles with red, blue, and turquoise printable cleaning labels.

Making Your Own Cleaning Solution Bottles

Whether you like to make your own cleaning products, want to reduce the amount of disposable plastic bottles you purchase, or simply love the aesthetic of custom cleaners, switching to reusable glass bottles can benefit both the environment and your wallet!

Glass spray bottles shown with colorful printable cleaning supply labels.

Now, with this comprehensive set of printable cleaning labels, you can more easily identify these products under your sink, while adding some serious style to your space!

(And you guys know my point of view on pretty labels by now: if you love the way something looks, you are much more likely to use it…which is reeeeeaaally helpful when it comes to cleaning habits!)

Glass cleaning spray bottles with red, blue, and turquoise printable cleaning labels.

I’ve designed these printable cleaning labels in 3 different color schemes, including both the colorful, modern aesthetic shown above, and the very trendy “farmhouse” style in black-&-white (shown below).

Glass soap dispensers with black-and-white printable labels against a stone kitchen backsplash..

Regardless which version is right for you, each set is ready to download, print, cut…

Glass soap dispensers with black-and-white printable labels.

…and apply directly to your favorite jars or bottles!

White shampoo and conditioner bottles on a white carpet with black-and-white printable labels.

Video Tutorial

I go into full detail on everything included in this latest printable kit and how to use it down below; but if you’d like to watch how these Printable Cleaning Labels come together (including a water test!), watch the short video below! (If this video isn’t loading for you, watch it HERE.)

Supplies Needed

Here are the supplies and products featured in this project:

A Note On Printer Type

Printable papers, waterproof or otherwise, are always specific to certain types of printers. The AVERY Waterproof Film Labels are intended to be used on a laser printer (this is the one we have) or pigment ink printers. The ink will not be waterproof when printed with an inkjet printer. I realize most households don’t have a laser printer, so consider asking around your neighbors, family, or even someone’s business. If you only have an inkjet printer, this is the best waterproof paper I’ve found.

The Printable Cleaning Labels Bundle

This newest download features 54 ready-to-print labels for the most common DIY cleaning products, as well as laundry room essentials. All labels measure 3×3″ square and are formatted 6/page. Each full set of labels is available in three different color combinations: Basics, Pretty, and Black-and-White.

Printable cleaning labels in color and black-and-white. Sample cleaning label designs

Below are the 54 labels included in a ready-to-print format. Don’t see a label you need? Full pages of blank editable labels are also included in all 12 colors to allow you to type in the names of any homemade cleaning products or special supplies you keep on hand!

54 Ready-to-print labels

Whether you simply want to label your hand-poured glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, tub-&-tile scrub, and disinfecting wipes…or need stylish labels for all your bins under the kitchen sink or in the laundry room, this kit has so many applications!

Colorful printable cleaning labels.

All label color schemes are bundled together into one convenient download. Click HERE to learn more about the Cleaning Labels Bundle or download your files immediately below!

How to Make Waterproof Labels for Your Cleaning Products

When I make labels for a pantry or even under a bathroom sink, I rarely worry about waterproofing them since they don’t really get splashed.

But when it comes to cleaning supplies, dish soap, laundry detergent, and more, you will want your labels to be waterproof so they don’t smudge, bleed, or peel off.

I have spent the past few weeks testing a lot of waterproof sticker paper options and will dive deeper into my results later this month. For now, I’ll direct you to my two very favorite (and well tested) papers: AVERY’s Waterproof Film Labels (which come in lots of different shapes, as well as full sheets) and AVERY’s Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets.

Avery Waterproof Labels shown with Avery Self-Laminating Sheets.

With these two products, you can create fully waterproof labels, in either a matte or glossy finish, that will not peel off or bleed in any way. However, I do want to highlight a quick distinction:

Glass cleaning spray bottles with red and blue printable cleaning labels.

  • Matte – The AVERY Waterproof Film Labels alone will give you really gorgeous color in a flawless matte finish. The results will be a lot like what you see on your favorite lotion and soap bottles. In my testing, this paper does not scratch off when dry; however, when it is soaking wet, you can scrape off the color with a fingernail. However, I had to really scratch…so for “common household use,” this matte option will be more than sufficient.
  • Glossy – I have not been able to find a glossy waterproof paper that matches the durability of the AVERY Waterproof Film Labels. So to make this paper super glossy and highly scratch resistant, I recommend “laminating” them with these self-adhesive laminating sheets. This extra step is quick and easy, and will go a long way in adding durability to your printable cleaning labels.

Download the Files

Start by downloading the Printable Cleaning Labels files above or directly from The Organization Toolbox. (All Access Pass holders can login HERE.)

Editing & Printing the Labels

Once downloaded, open the file, then choose the colors and specific labels you want. Use the editable text boxes to create any other labels you need.

Screenshot of Editable Printable Cleaning Labels

When ready, load your favorite waterproof paper into your printer according to its specifications. Again, these labels are pre-formatted to fit onto the AVERY 3″ square Waterproof Film Labels, but you can also print them onto solid sticker paper and cut them apart on the included lines.

Preparing the Labels for Application

For Matte Labels

Once the labels are printed, you can simply peel them off the paper backing (if you used the ready-to-peel 3″ square labels) or slice them apart on the included lines using a paper trimmer or scissors.

Black-and-white printable cleaning supply labels shown with a paper trimmer.

For Glossy/Laminated Labels

Once the labels are printed onto the waterproof paper, you will then apply a single AVERY Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheet on top of the labels (refer to the video tutorial to see how to do this). Make sure there are no bubbles, and the contact paper-type covering is fully adhered to the labels underneath.

Printable cleaning labels shown with Avery Waterproof Film Labels and Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets.

Once “laminated,” you can then proceed with cutting out each label with a paper trimmer or scissors.

Colorful printable cleaning labels being cut with a paper trimmer.

Prepping the Bottles

With your custom labels printed, laminated (if desired), and cut apart, it’s time to apply them to your spray bottles.

To ensure really good adhesion, I recommend wiping down every container with rubbing alcohol and allowing them to fully dry before proceeding.

Glass spray bottles shown with hands cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

Applying the Cleaning Labels

Then, peel the paper backing off the label and place just the center of the label onto the center of the container.

Hands applying a red waterproof printable cleaning label onto a glass spray bottle.

When you are satisfied with the placement, smooth the sides of the label down in each direction so there are no bubbles or creases. Repeat with all remaining labels and bottles!

Glass cleaning spray bottles with red, blue, and turquoise printable cleaning labels.

Fill With Your Own Cleaning Solutions

With your bottles freshly labeled, your final step is to fill them with your decanted products, homemade cleaners, and/or favorite cleaning recipes and ingredients.

All-Purpose Cleaner Spray Bottle shown with Grove and Mrs. Meyer's concentrate.

I don’t yet make my own recipes or all natural cleaning products, but I do like to buy concentrates and add my own warm water. Concentrates, such as Mrs. Meyer’s or Grove Collaborative, are budget-friendly, don’t have harsh chemicals, and store more compactly than larger bottles!

All-Purpose Cleaner Spray Bottle shown with Grove-brand concentrate.

Labeling Tips & Tricks

  • Would you rather all your labels in the same color? The editable pages feature 6 labels in a single color, so feel free to type in any labels you want onto those pages instead of using the pre-typed versions.
  • While these labels will remove cleanly from your jars, they are NOT repositionable. If you don’t like your initial placement, you will likely have to re-print the label in order to try again. So take your time!
  • Most cleaning bottles are round. To keep them from rolling around as you apply the labels, twist the spray top or dispenser so it’s in contact with your work surface.

Glass soap dispensers with black-and-white printable labels.

Re-Use What You Have

One final tip: if you don’t want to invest in “fancy” bottles, use what you already have!

After seeing that prices for nice shampoo and conditioner bottles were a bit more than I wanted to spend, I noticed my existing bottles were large and pretty nice looking…

White shampoo and conditioner bottles in a marble shower.

So I used a hair dryer and this trick to remove the clear sticker paper label already on the bottle…

White shampoo and conditioner bottles on a white carpet shown with a hair dryer.

…before replacing the labels with my own pretty versions!

White shampoo and conditioner bottles with black-and-white printable labels.

This trick could be easily applied to any spray bottles, dispensers, or containers you already have!

I have been wanting to make Printable Cleaning Labels like this for so long, and I am super thrilled with how they turned out! I am now so ready to label everything from the toilet cleaner and bathroom cleaners to our dishwasher supplies and laundry essentials. You better bet this project kicked off an entire under-the-sink makeover, which I’ll be sharing soon! Until then, I can’t wait to see how you use this newest download!

See You Soon!