On Wednesday, I shared that we have about 4-5 months left in this little house of ours’ before we pack up and move to our next assignment. (By the way, thank you SO much for your kind comments on that post. I loved reading your encouraging, funny and compassionate words!). As such, it’s time for me to start posting the last few room reveals that are remaining. I’ve already documented our Dining Room, Office/Craft Room, Little Boy Room, Command Center, Laundry Room, and Guest Bathroom…you can find all those posts HERE. Today, I’m excited to give you a full tour of our Master Bedroom…easily, the room in our home that I most proud of! (As usual with these kinds of posts, all the links to the various projects, as well as the resources are at the very bottom of the post!)

Here are the “before” photos that I snapped the day we moved in almost three years ago. The room is a cramped, awkward, dark, west-facing room that has an even darker and more cramped en suite bathroom and a single closet.

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-001

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-002

We painted the walls Winter’s Day by Martha Stewart before moving in. We actually didn’t have a lot of bedroom furniture when we unloaded (pretty much just a bed). We started picking up pieces here and there…but for almost the whole first year we lived here, it looked like this. (And I hate to say it, but these are NOT dramatized photos…this room was a true MESS as I worked away on other parts of the house first!)

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-003

And here is how the bedroom looks now!!! Oh my gosh, you guys, I am just so proud of this space. This room was not a weekend makeover…it took me a really long time to pull everything together. But I could not be more thrilled with the final result. While the room doesn’t have the bright, vibrant, preppy feel that I have throughout the rest of our home, it’s the perfect serene, hotel-like space my husband and I really wanted.

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-004

Even though I just showed you the whole space, I want to give you a grand tour starting from the door. You walk in through the door into a small awkward hallway that opens up to the whole room. Behind that left wall is the hall bathroom. To the right is our master closet which I forgot to snap photos of. Oooops!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-005

In this little tiny hallway are our fabric-covered laundry baskets for darks/brights and whites. These bring some balance to the room, provide another spot for our theme pattern, and add extra seating for putting on shoes (or piling up clothes to be hung in the neighboring closet 😉

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-006

Straight ahead is the mini French provincial dresser that serves as my husband’s night stand and extra clothing storage. On the windows, I doubled up store-bought curtain panels in grey and icy blue. I love the two-tone look here; it’s one of my favorite things I did in this space!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-007

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-008

In the center of the room is our storage platform bed (each side has three big drawers!). Having drawers under the bed has been awesome in this tight room. We “upholstered” the plain wood/laminate headboard with floral fabric, and loaded the bed up with coordinating DIY pillow shams and throw pillows, along with a bright white duvet.

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-009

Above the bed is another one of my favorite projects in the room: a spray-painted mirror. The sparkle and detail of that mirror completes the entire room! I made that little sequin pillow for the holiday years ago, but it just works for me (even though it nods a tad lavender), so it has stayed year round!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-010

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-011

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-012

I searched high and low for a complimentary night stand to the mini dresser on Greg’s side of the bed. I had no idea how hard it would be to find something the same height and width and still match the vibe of the room. After having no side table for almost a year, I finally found this mirrored console table (on sale) from Target!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-013

Santa brought me a wide-angle lens and photography lights for Christmas, so I am finally able to capture some of the harder angles of this room for you! I know wide-angle lenses can sometimes give a funny perspective, but I’m excited to finally be able to show you how this side of the room looks all together.

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-014

As we move around the room to the far left wall of the bedroom, you’ll find the other big dresser makeover I did for this space!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-015

This sad, old pecan dresser was given an ultra modern makeover with paint and new hardware and is still one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house. I just adore this view!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-016

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-017

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-018

The door in the corner leads to the small en suite bathroom, which I will show you another day. Don’t get too excited – it’s not that glorious 😉 But this shot sure is!!!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-020

I mostly view my decorating as just a hobby. I’m not trained and I experiment a lot, and often feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. Every now and then, friends or readers encourage me that this hobby could be something more, but I always downplay their enthusiasm because my spaces aren’t “that good.” When I saw this before/after shot put together (below), I could (almost) see what others have been so encouraging about. I am just so stinkin’ proud of this room!!!!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-021

Okay, here we go with resources and tutorial links! If I forget something or you have a question, leave me a comment or shoot me an email!

Paint color: Martha Stewart’s Winter’s Day / Dressers paint color: DIY mix of Martha Stewart Driftwood Grey and Sherwin Williams Albacore / Laundry baskets: Ross (and DIY) / Bed: West Elm Storage BedGrey dressers (big and little): Thrifted / Grey lamps: HomeGoods / Round mirror: Kirlands’ Emily Circles Mirror (and DIY) / Rectangle mirror: HomeGoods / White quilted coverlet: Crate and Barrel outlet / White duvet cover: HomeGoods / Mirror half-round table: Target (online, can’t find it anymore) / Silver candlesticks and vases: Marshalls / Lucite lamp: HomeGoods / Floral fabric: Fiori Climbing Vines in Seaglass from Hancock FabricsStriped fabric: Fiori Stripe Fabric from Hancock FabricsSteal blue throw pillows: HomeGoods / Sequin pillow: DIY / Dresser hardware: Lowes / Chunky white candlesticks: Thrifted / Wooden trash can: Yard sale / Black curtain rods: IKEA

Links to all DIY projects and tutorials for the Master Bedroom can be found below!

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Phew! I love putting these posts together because all my projects, links and resources are in one tidy spot. Plus, sometimes designs don’t come together very easily, so it’s nice to see where I started with this space and how it turned out! I hope you all enjoyed the tour. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted about the master bedroom, so I hope you like seeing a different space after so much craft room talk 😉 If you have any questions, let me know!

Master Bedroom Final Reveal-022

Have a great weekend, everyone! On Monday, I will have the full tutorial for the sewing desk I revealed earlier this week. I think you’re going to love what I did when you see how easy it was! See you then!

See You Soon!