Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I spent a lot of it painting out in the sweltering heat, but am so excited to see a project I’ve been waiting to start finally head toward the finish line – I hope to have the final results up here for you sooner than later!

Speaking of painting projects, I am SO SO SO excited to share this furniture makeover with you today. This post has been a long time coming – I bought this piece back in January and painted it shortly after it came home. But I couldn’t just show it to you until I had the rest of the Master Bedroom a little further along. But now that I’ve spent a few posts getting you up to speed, I can show you this little beauty!

I bought this (very) ugly ducking of a dresser for $100 from a fantastic used furniture shop in Raleigh, NC. I thought it was a great deal – it was solid wood with dovetail-jointed drawers, it was the exact size I was looking for, and it had a French Provincial nod to tie in with another piece we bought last fall (that I haven’t shown you yet!). I think my husband and friends, however, thought I was C.R.A.Z.Y! I can’t really blame them…she wasn’t exactly pretty and in really, really rough shape:

But I had a vision. And like a million other bloggers, designers and decorating gu-ru’s have said before me, “never underestimate the power of paint!” And this time, I would also add, “and the power of new hardware.” Amen. I would have never dreamed this little icky yellow dresser could ever look this fabulous:

I’m gonna save the full tutorial on how I transformed this little beauty until after I show you her Big Sister, because I did both pieces at the same time. For now, though, I’d just like to revel in her sweet little glory, because she was a good bit of work to bring back to life!

The color selection/process was kind of interesting. My comfort zone was to go white, but I didn’t want do a third piece of white furniture (see one and two); AND I thought it would be too stark for the vibe I was going for in this room anyway. I didn’t want to spend more money on paint since I (seemingly) have a paint store (of leftovers) in my garage. So, in an effort to use up what I had, I mixed equal parts Sherwin Williams Alabaster White (from this project) and some Martha Stewart’s Driftwood Grey (the darker of our two stripes in the living room) which resulted in this lovely light grey/icy blue color. Out in the garage and daylight, it looks really grey. But in this room, where the walls are painted a grey-ish blue, the piece looks more icy blue…

…and next to our Seaglass-colored curtains, it’s almost a perfect match! So perfect that you think I matched paint samples to the curtains – but I didn’t – it was pure, pure luck! Love it when that happens!

Aside from eliminating the yellow and replacing it with fresh grey, the dramatic change for this dresser was really a result of swapping out the scrolly, old hardware with fresh, sleek new handles!

With the dresser moved back into the bedroom, I could finally get to work moving some items around the house to accessorizing this little baby. These tall grey lamps (from HomeGoods) started out in our living room but were just the completely wrong feel. They work much better in the bedroom where we have a more swanky feeling going on. I also moved the gorgeous silver tray (that used to sit on top of our ottoman) here to coral a few frames, books, and other night-stand accessories.

My favorite addition is the printable quote from the Luminares. If you want a copy for yourself, I’ll have the free printable for you here on Wednesday 🙂

This little transformation was so gratifying. This is clearly the most roughed up piece of furniture I’ve ever bought and attempted to give new life, and I think I succeeded!

This side of the room is complete – yay! This little dresser has a big sister that is done but just in need of a few more accessories before I show you. But I’m close, so it won’t be long! AND, after months and months and months of searching, I just found a companion piece to this little dresser for my side of the bed! I’ll show it to you on Friday!

Have a great start to your week!! See you back here soon!

See You Soon!