I am so excited for this room reveal post. For one, it seems like FOREVER since I’ve done a room reveal post because I  haven’t really quite “finished” off a few of our few remaining spaces yet. AND, this room has been one of my all time favorites to work on, so I am excited to get all the photos up here in one big ol’ post!

If you’re new around here, earlier this year, I set off to give my (now) 3-year-old son’s nursery a big-boy makeover. Not only were we ready for a less-baby/more-little-boy room in general, we were all pretty done with the whole owl theme. I loved it for a good long time, but when I was done with it, I was really done with it. Here’s is where we started. If you want more details about the nursery, you can see the full nursery reveal HERE.

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-001

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-002

After toying around with a lot of ideas and a lot of different directions, I finally settled on a funky, modern and fresh space that would (hopefully) grow with our little guy. I planned to give it a subtle jungle theme, but only in ways that could be easily swapped out when we both tired of it! Here was my plan for the space:

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-003

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-004

The final room doesn’t much resemble the mood board in its details, as I made some different choices along the way based on fun finds, thrift storage purchases, and random projects…BUT I still love creating a mood board so I have some direction to follow, and it keeps me on track for the overall feel and look of the space.

If you’re a regular reader, then you have seen my progress along the way, but now I’m going to show you how the entire room came together! (Psst – If you’re looking for links to the tutorials, I have them all down at the bottom of this post for quick and easy reference!)

As you walk into the space, the first thing that greets you is Henry’s “big boy bed,” which was actually my sister’s old bed, still in perfect condition. I hemmed and hawed a lot about painting it black as its wood color doesn’t match the other wood pieces in the room, but I decided to keep it for now. I love it’s quaint little charm.

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-005

I combined colorful sheets with a bright white coverlet, funky throw pillows, and a wild green quilt I made myself to create a whimsical display. Above the bed, a rhino head surrounded by an old mirror frame packs a graphic punch!

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-006

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-007

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-008

As you move around the room from the bed into the far corner of the room, you’ll find one of my favorite spaces in our whole house – our reading nook. Complete with an overhauled rocking chair, a new-construction ottoman, a made-over credenza, updated window treatments and new art, it’s a cheerful and comfy spot to spend the afternoon reading books with my little guys!

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-009

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-010

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-011

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-012

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-013

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-014

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-015

On the wall right inside the door, is Henry’s dresser and hutch, which was given a fresh new life once we ditched the changing pad and diaper pails! Now bright accessories, some jungle friends, and pics with Mommy and Daddy make for a welcome sight from both the bed and the rocking chair!

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-016

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-017

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-018

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-019

Sorry for the picture overload, but I just love all the big elements, as well as all the small details, in this room! Sometimes I finish a room and think, hmmm…”I missed the mark somewhere” or “something needs tweaking,” But this space came together almost effortlessly, and I am just so thrilled with the final result. That almost never happens to me, lol!

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-020

I DIYed pretty much this entire space! All the tutorials are included below for your convenience! Be sure to check them all out as there are some great projects in this space you may have missed!!!

Customizing Roman Shades

DIY Drawer Organizers

Wild and Colorful Bedroom Hutch

Reading Nook Reveal

Green Color Block Credenza

Rocking Chair Makeover

Mid-Century-Modern Ottoman

The Quickest and Cheapest Pillows Ever!

Pillowcases from a Body Pillow

Wild Green Quilt

Zippered, Quilted Pillow Sham

And a few other sources (if I missed anything, let me know and I’ll get back to you!)

  • Wall Color: Frost by Behr
  • Bed – from my parents’ house
  • Multi-color sheets – Target
  • White coverlet – Marshalls
  • Large wooden elephant – HomeGoods
  • Animal artwork – Zeppi Prints
  • Glass lamp with dotted shade – Target
  • Wood box book ends – Target
  • Yellow rhino and elephant bookends – from my parents’ house
  • Round glass lamp – Target
  • White tree sculpture – Marshalls

I hope you all enjoyed watching this room come together as much as I enjoyed putting it together. This room also marks the last full room makeover in this house. Sure, I have some finishing up and tweaking to do in other spaces throughout the house, but there are no more huge overhauls left to do here, which is kind of a strange feeling! But don’t worry, I still have plenty of room reveals to show you – there are quite a few spaces I just haven’t gotten to photographing yet. Stay tuned 🙂

For this room, though, I’m calling it Mission: Big Boy Room complete!

Henry's Big Boy Room Reveal-021

Later this week, I’ll have a second take on one of my all-time favorite projects. This is one of those “it turned out better than expected…again!!!” so don’t miss it!!!

See You Soon!