Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead. I finally feel like I am getting into a groove for the first time in months, back to project-ing and blogging at my usual pace – yay! I am all set for a weekend out in the garage painting a fun piece of furniture – I am super excited about it and can’t wait to reveal it here on the blog – hopefully soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to share some fun progress I made in Henry’s “big boy” room makeover. Progress in here has been slow-going, but it hasn’t been because of lack of ideas or inspiration – more a lack of time! This past week, I knocked out some quick and easy updates to one side of his room that made a fun and big difference!

Today, I want to chat about his dresser and hutch…

Henry's Jungle Hutch-001

This dresser/hutch combo used to be Henry’s changing table; but once he was potty trained and we got rid of the changing pad, it just became a landing zone for random things looking for a new home. Last weekend I couldn’t stand the clutter anymore and got to work! I started like I do most makeovers and projects: with a clear surface. Everything came out, including the shelves!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-002

I had THIS inspiration in the back of my brain for some time now, and I knew I had all the supplies in my craft stash to pull off a similar look. So after a few days, some quick and easy projects and styling, here we are now!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-003

So fun, right?!? I’m going to walk you through everything I did – it was all super easy!

I started with the chevron backdrop. I measured the back inside of the hutch and added an inch to both the length and width. I then cut out the appropriate measurements from some black and white chevron fabric I had in my stash. I folded over each edge 1/2″ and ran my sewing machine down each edge to hem all the sides. I then sewed some sew-on 1″ wide Velcro across the entire top and bottom of my fabric rectangle.

Henry's Jungle Hutch-004

I use Velcro a lot around my house, so thankfully I had enough for this project! I like the sew-on/stick-on combo, so I can sew one side onto my fabric and stick on the other side to my solid surface, in this case my hutch. I ran the adhesive Velcro across the entire top and bottom of the inside of the hutch and then attached my fabric rectangle using the Velcro I had sewn directly onto the fabric. I pulled everything nice and taught so the fabric laid smooth. I was amazed how much brighter the whole unit felt already!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-005

Next, while catching up on some TV shows, I sat and made a bunch of large pom poms using yarn from my mother’s immense yarn supply. These were really fun to make, although it took me a few tries to get the hang of it. I used THIS tutorial (and find Michaels coupons here). To string them together, I used some basic white string and a needle, knotting the pom poms at 8ish” intervals.

Henry's Jungle Hutch-006

The pom pom bunting is hung on the hutch using mini clear command hooks!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-007

My next little project was to give some new life to some old wooden animals!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-008

Next, it was all about shopping Henry’s room, his toys, and the house to find just the right accessories to finish off this nook!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-009

Some frames from his old gallery wall were given some new and updated images: one with Mom and one with Dad!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-010

This picture of Henry with his Dad is one of my all-time favorites. It was snapped at “take your child to work” day – they both have their own copy of the picture with the same Winnie the Pooh phrase on it. The wooden alligator is from one of Henry’s play block sets!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-012

The hat box with the animals on it is actually a busy box I made for him when he was a baby. Now it’s a memory box that holds special letters and mementos. I was SO excited when I realized it matched his new room theme – what luck! So it came out of the closet and now sits on the hutch for all to see!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-011

A few other accessories from his room and around the house round out the overall look. The H was from his old gallery wall; the plant used to be out in the dining room, and the lamp was a Target find that had been banished to the garage every since his matching partner got broken! He’s much safer and happier up here!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-013

I absolutely love this little hutch transformation. Now, it’s no longer an eye sore in the room, but a fun and useful display space! It’s wild and fun and everything I hoped Henry’s new room would be!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-014

My favorite part is that I stuck to my no-spending Lenten promise and did this entire thing using stuff already in our house! Not bed, huh?

Henry's Jungle Hutch-015

Finishing up this hutch really lit a fire in me to get the rest of the room moving. I have two big project reveals for this space (hopefully) coming up here soon! While I work away, I hope you all have a great weekend!

Henry's Jungle Hutch-016

See You Soon!