Happy Friday Friends!!!! As promised, I am back today with a few more DIY craft goodies from Henry’s Little Boy Room. Since I’ve been talking about this room for two weeks now (yikes!), I’m pretty sure you are all ready for me to get on with it already. So as not to drag it out any longer, I thought I’d lump in the final few crafts from the owl gallery wall  into one quick post!

I’ve already showed you how I made the owl paint chip art and the LOVE artwork…but let’s look at a few more items up on this wall!

I picked up this cardboard “H” from a local shop. I really, really agonized over what to do with it. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint it, decoupage it, cover it in twine, cover it in ribbon, stencil it, embellish it – you get the idea. (I can be a little much, huh? It’s just a cardboard letter  – jeesh!) I decided to wait until most of the wall was done and up to determine what would look best. Sure enough, a strong dose of royal blue was wanting, so I painted it using some leftover paint from our dining room. To give it a little something, I hot glued green and white stripe ribbon around the edge.

I told you in my original post that my goal for this room was to update it using no money at all. In addition to paint, I spent about $15 on new projects for this room (most were done using supplies I already had!) The letter above was about three of those dollars…and these owls below were about $10. I found these iron owls in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby. I really, really needed something long and horizontal on the wall and knew it would be perfect.

Again, I hemmed and hawed and hemmed and hawed about how to jazz these owls up. God forbid I just put something on the wall the way I bought it 😉 I didn’t want to paint it, so here’s what I did!

I grabbed some colored card stock that matched the room and some double stick tape.

I traced the owls onto the cardstock and then cut them out with scissors.

I covered the back of each owl with double-stick tape…

And then attached all my owls to the back of the iron art piece!

The cardstock provided the right amount of color I was craving!

Now, let’s also chat about that pinwheel that sits in the very top right corner of the wall! I was on the hunt for simple and free ideas to fill up some spaces. Browsing Pinterest, I came across this adorable pinwheel, complete with pattern, and thought it was perfect! I didn’t want to do it in cardstock as I wasn’t sure how it would hold up. Instead, I used fabrics from the room and ultra-hold Heat’n’Bond to make my two-sided pinwheel pieces.

I hot glued them all to the center, per the instructions…and finished off the top with a big button! It’s held to the wall with thumb tacks 😉

The rest of the items on the wall came from Henry’s nursery in our last house!

The owl Henry name frame was made using the banner from his baby shower. My sister made it using the Hoot’n’Holler cricut cartridge!

I made the pennant banners to hang over his old windows using some of the leftover paper owls and owl fabric from the room. One of these banners was re-purposed in his new room up in the corner of the wall. The other was dismantled to make the easy swap photo gallery!

Both the “owl always love you” frame and his baptism frame are from his original room too! I just re-painted the frame from black to green to blend in with everything else better!

So what was the last dollar I spent in the room? See that little blue lantern hanging in the corner? Sorry I didn’t get a better photo of it. It’s an owl lantern from the Dollar Spot at Target. It was gives a coat of blue spray paint and hung on a curtain rod hook.

Phew!!! And that’s everything on this new gallery wall in Henry’s little boy room! It was so much fun thinking up, creating, and assembling everything that went onto this wall. I really, really forced myself to use only supplies I had on hand, and ended up spending about $15 to complete all the projects!

We have a busy busy busy weekend ahead – full of lots of projects and lots of fun family outings too. We are wrapping up some big furniture re-dos for the master bedroom, and I am dying to get them back into the house ASAP. Before I show you those, however, I want to show you this year’s Valentine’s decor! I’ll have some pics up for you on Monday!

See You Soon!