Hello, hello! I hope everyone is having a great week. I’ve got another owl-related project to show you today. I have a few more cute, easy art projects to show you over the coming week (just a few more, promise!) and then we’ll move on to the next room reveal. Next up, though, is this really quick and easy “Polaroid” Gallery!

In my room reveal post, I mentioned that I have such a difficult time framing photos of our little guy. It seems that by the time I take the photos, print them, and frame them…they are out-dated because he grows and changes SO fast! When I saw this idea somewhere on the web or Pinterest, I knew it was the perfect solution to getting some of our family photos up on his wall.

I started with an old frame – by the way, I have a ton of these frames – I’ve used them here, here, and here…and I still have 5 or so left. I pulled one out of the stack in the garage and painted it the same green as the ceiling.

I then used a ruler and pencil to mark four evenly spaced spots for my nails. When you do this, keep in mind that the photos will hang down…so the top nail can be at the top of the frame, but the bottom nail should be four or so inches up so that the photo hangs just to the bottom of the frame (not off the frame). Does that make sense?

I then carefully nailed in some small nails at all the points I measured out. Take some care when doing this. Depending on the quality of your frame, it can crack (mine did :(.

I then wrapped some navy blue and white twine around the nails on either side to create a “clothes line” of sorts. Make sure your string is as taught as you can get it!

Next, I made some “polaroid” pictures using just some black and white photos (printed off my home printer) and some white cardstock. Here’s what you do: cut your white cardstock 3″x4″. Next, print out your favorite photos in 2″x2″ squares. Cut out the photos and mount them toward the top of the white cardstock rectangle so that they look like polaroid photos. When you are ready for a change, you can just remove the photo and swap it for another one.

To hang my photos, I used small curtain clips I had on hand (these are from IKEA). The photos could also be hung with paper clips, mini clothespins, etc.

I had some extra paper owls (leftover from the baby shower), so I thought I’d mix them in with the photos to tie the whole thing into the room.

The frame is hung up right beside the crib – close enough for the little guy to see, but far enough from his reaching hands!

This was a perfect little project for next to his crib; and like the other projects in this room, I did the whole thing using materials I had on hand. What’s really nice though, is that we finally have some photos of us up in the house!

On Friday, I am going to finish up the gallery wall tour with a few last little projects that made the wall feel more complete. See you then!

See You Soon!