Hello Everyone! I am popping in today to wrap up all the posts from Henry’s “little boy room” makeover! I know we’ve been talking about this room for quite a few weeks now, but one of the neatest things for me with this blog is to stop, look back, and see how a room evolves from start to “finish.” I know for me, I often get caught up on the day-to-day chores, tasks, projects, and errands that I sometimes don’t stop and look at (and appreciate) what I’ve accomplished! Anyone else with me here? Well, this is my moment to stop, and look, and appreciate…and smile.

It’s amazing to me that 7 short months ago, this room was a big, beige empty box. And in the few months since our move in day, not only have we breathed a ton of life into this space, but have also already made some wonderful family memories dancing, changing, playing, reading, cuddling, soothing (and so much more!) in this room. In a few short years we will leave this space and another family will move in to make their own memories. Even before then, this room will likely evolve to meet the needs of our family. But for now, we love this cheery little room…and love even more the little man who gets to live in it! Let’s take a peak at it one more time, start to finish!

This was the room on move-in day. Like I said, a big, beige box!

It’s a good size room with great natural light. So much potential waiting here.

Before our stuff arrived, we set right to painting, starting with the ceiling in this fantastic shade of green.

With the ceiling dry, we tape out and painted vertical tone-on-tone stripes.

The end result was a fantastic neutral palette with a bold pop on the ceiling. You can read more about our paint colors and techniques HERE.

Right away, my mom and I sewed some quick projects for this space. I hemmed up his crib skirt to make it fit better; and we turned his old crib bumpers into window valences. You can read about both HERE.

While we worked away on the rest of the house, the room sat like this for quite some time.

Once I was ready to get working on the room again, I started with my own vinyl wall decals.

I then made this cute easy-swap “polaroid” gallery to hang next to his crib.

With the addition of these two projects, this corner of the room felt complete.

I then turned my attention to the opposite wall, creating a cute owl paint chip art piece, the LOVE artwork from fabric scraps, and a few other accessories.

All of these projects with a few additional accessories came together to create a fantastic wall display!

A few other accessories were transformed and brought in from his old nursery to finish off the room.

And here’s a few final before and after shots! The view from the door:

The crib corner up close:

View from the chair:

View of the side wall:

I hope you all have enjoyed seeing the elements of this space unfold. This room was such a treat to work on, but am also happy to have it done (for now 😉 so that we can sit back and actually enjoy it.

I promise – this is the last owl post for a little while 🙂 And while I’ve  been showing you these last few projects from this room, I’ve been readying my next room reveal! On Friday, I’ll be showing you the first glimpse of our fresh and preppy Laundry Room! I think you’re gonna love it!

See You Soon!