My baby boy is really great at sitting by himself, and it so fun (for me and him!) to plop a box full of toys in front of him to play with. He will entertain himself for a good while, taking out each item, inspecting it, tasting it, tossing it over his shoulder, and moving on to the next one! When the box is empty, Mommy fills it back up and we start all over again!

For the longest time, I was using a kitchen tupperwear. Then I went out to our “Garage Sale”pile, and found this old box! Perfect! There was only one problem with it!
It was the perfect size for him, only a tad girly. I had a hunch that some contact paper and vinyl shapes would be just the ticket to making over this Baby Busy Box!
I first covered both the box and the lid with plain black contact paper. As it’s been a minute since I’ve covered school books with it, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work with. I was able to cut to size using the grid on the back, and re-position it as needed to get out air bubbles or straighten it! This took me probably 30 minutes.
I had plans to do a bee theme (Busy Box – Busy Bee…get it?) But then I found this ZooBalloo cartridge in my stash and thought the animals were so fun! 
I cut out the letters for his name and then a bunch of other animals for the sides. The longest part was poking out all the eyes from the vinyl! Sticking them on was a piece of cake!
In less than 2 hours, I had He-Man’s Busy Box back filled with all his favorite things. 
What’s all in there? Well, there are the usual rattles and cars and blocks. But his absolute favorites?
Measuring spoons, cups, and spatulas. I’m telling you friends…he will entertain himself long enough for me to make AND eat lunch AND even clean it up! All because of these friendly little kitchen tools!
The bag clip is the absolute favorite!
I am absolutley thrilled with how this little box turned out. And I up-cylced something I was going to get rid of – BONUS!  And I’m sure He-Man’s got nothing against pink roses…but I think this is much better!

See You Soon!